4 days ago Aurimas LiutikasRemove Android support v4 target. 84/69784/1 master
5 days ago Aurimas LiutikasAdd a target to be able to include v13 of Android Suppo... 54/69754/1
12 days ago Ross McIlroyAdd an alpha version of NDK r9e to a separate ndk_exper... 77/69477/2
2014-03-31 Fabrice de... Removed erroneous .gitignore files and re-added previou... 02/69402/2
2014-03-24 Fabrice de... Fixed an issue with clang failing to resolve template... 30/69330/1
2014-03-12 Fabrice de... Workaround for the __builtin_isnan() type error for... 06/69206/1
2014-03-10 Fabrice de... Upgraded Android NDK to r9d. 65/69165/2
2014-01-21 Anton VayvodUpdated the Android support library to the latest versi... 60/68460/1
2013-11-26 Armand NavabiAdd back libs for Android monitor tool. 46/67946/1
2013-11-15 Armand NavabiRemove linkers from build-tools/19.0.0. 37/67837/1
2013-11-12 Armand NavabiUpdate android SDK to 19 / K release. 08/67808/1
2013-09-19 David 'Digit... ndk: adjust crazy_linker gyp files. 19/67219/1
2013-09-19 David 'Digit... Add crazy_linker sources. 13/67213/1
2013-08-16 Anton VayvodAdded Android support v4, v7 appcompat and v7 mediarout... 63/65963/2
2013-08-13 Yaron FriedmanUse android_sdk_root gyp variable for GCM. 60/65660/1
2013-08-06 Armand NavabiUpdate SDK from 4.2 (JB MR 1) to 4.3 (JB MR 2). 45/64845/1
2013-07-01 Chris HopmanAdd android_java target for sdk jar 00/60700/1
2013-05-20 David 'Digit... Add --stl=<name> option to 12/55712/1
2013-04-26 Nilesh AgrawalUpdate ndk to r8e (released March 2013) 87/49387/1
2013-04-17 Frank FarzanCreate android_tools.gyp:uiautomator_jar target. 14/48414/1
2013-03-28 Tommy NyquistStart using java_prebuilt.gypi for android_tools.
2013-03-15 Xianzhu WangUpdate trace-viewer script to r220 29/45329/2
2013-03-09 David 'Digit... Fix NDK cpufeatures NEON auto-detection. 91/44991/1
2013-02-01 Xianzhu WangTemporary local update of systrace script 56/42456/1
2013-01-10 Yaron FriedmanReland ce24ca647c8086cf677b93d0c97c682b9137650b 77/40977/1
2012-12-11 Yaron FriedmanMerge "Revert "Update tools, platform-tools and SDK... master-backup
2012-12-11 Yaron FriedmanRevert "Update tools, platform-tools and SDK to 17" 53/39553/1
2012-12-10 David 'Digit... Update NDK cpufeatures library to provide android_setCpu(). 70/39370/2
2012-12-08 Isaac LevyUpdate tools, platform-tools and SDK to 17 26/39426/1
2012-11-15 Armand NavabiMove cpu_features.gyp to ndk directory.
2012-11-10 Armand NavabiAdd gyp file to build cpu_features static library.
2012-11-10 Armand NavabiRevert "Add arm-eabi-4.6 to ndk toolchains."
2012-11-09 Armand NavabiAdd arm-eabi-4.6 to ndk toolchains. 58/37758/1
2012-11-07 Armand NavabiAdd gcm library and gyp file for all targets that depen... 85/37585/1
2012-08-28 michaelbai... Added 64-bit toolchain for x86
2012-08-15 Armand NavabiAdd README.chromium for license information regarding...
2012-08-13 michaelbai... Upgrade to NDK r8b and 64-bit toolchain
2012-08-09 Armand NavabiAdd add-ons directory to sdk so ant build does not...
2012-08-08 Armand NavabiOverwrite linker in NDK r7 with linker in third_party...
2012-08-07 Armand NavabiFixed checked in NDK r7 by removing the .gitignore...
2012-08-03 Armand NavabiUpdate Android SDK to version with api version 16.
2012-08-03 Armand NavabiAdd Android NDK to android_tools with linkers overwritt...
2012-07-26 Armand NavabiInitial Android SDK and tools (r20, api version 15).