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11 days ago ddorwin@chromium.orgFix FileIO comment and stress the importance of per... master
2014-08-08 jrummell@chromium.orgUpdate comment for InputBuffer.
2014-08-07 xhwang@chromium.orgDrop |data_offset| in cdm::InputBuffer.
2014-08-06 jrummell@chromium.orgRename Host::GetCurrentTime to avoid compile issues...
2014-08-05 jrummell@chromium.orgAdd CDM_6.
2014-07-01 xhwang@chromium.orgImprove comment on OnQueryOutputProtectionStatus().
2014-06-26 sheyang@google.comAdd PROJECT to chromium_deps
2014-05-28 jrummell@chromium.orgModify the list of CDM errors.
2014-05-12 jrummell@chromium.orgUpdate CDM.h to match the latest EME spec
2014-05-01 jrummell@chromium.orgAdd CDM_5.
2014-04-09 xhwang@chromium.orgAdd support for VP9.
2014-03-31 xhwang@chromium.orgRemove CDM_1 and CDM_2 interface.
2014-02-08 xhwang@chromium.orgMake the default audio format kUnknownAudioFormat.
2014-02-05 xhwang@chromium.orgAdd LoadSession() to CDM_4.
2013-12-16 xhwang@chromium.orgAdd File IO to ContentDecryptionModule interface.
2013-11-27 ddorwin@chromium.orgAdd cdm-api-reviews@ and feature-media-reviews@ to...
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