2013-02-05 glider@chromium.orgRevert r180683: Delete deps/third_party/asan master
2012-04-02 glider@chromium.orgUpdate ASan Linux binaries to r153863
2012-03-22 glider@chromium.orgHot-roll ASan for Mac (Clang r153249) to allow the... git-svn
2012-03-13 glider@chromium.orgUpdate the Linux ASan binaries to r152624
2012-02-07 glider@chromium.orgRoll ASan Darwin binaries (Clang r149862)
2012-01-19 glider@chromium.orgRoll new ASan binaries for Linux.
2012-01-18 glider@chromium.orgRoll AddressSanitizer r148387 for Mac OS
2011-12-29 glider@chromium.orgAllow instrumenting mach_override_ptr, because it does...
2011-12-29 glider@chromium.orgRoll the new ASan binaries for Mac OS
2011-12-16 glider@chromium.orgRoll the new Linux ASan binaries (r146734)
2011-12-14 glider@chromium.orgRoll new AddressSanitizer binaries for Linux (Clang...
2011-11-25 glider@chromium.orgUpdate the ASan Mac binaries to r1096
2011-11-21 glider@chromium.orgUpdate ASan Linux binaries to r1085
2011-11-07 glider@chromium.orgUpdate the Linux ASan binaries to r998
2011-11-02 glider@chromium.orgUse otool for more smart address skewing.
2011-11-02 glider@chromium.orgUpdate the ASan Darwin binaries to r988
2011-10-27 glider@chromium.orgNew ASan binaries for Linux (r946)
2011-10-18 glider@chromium.orgBump the ASan Linux revision to r892
2011-10-11 glider@chromium.orgUpdate the Darwin ASan binaries to r859
2011-10-11 glider@chromium.orgUpdate the ASan binaries for Linux to r858
2011-09-24 glider@chromium.orgUpdate the Linux ASan binaries to r808
2011-09-14 glider@chromium.orgHelp the script to locate the .dSYM directories better...
2011-09-12 glider@chromium.orgs/black-list/blacklist
2011-09-07 glider@chromium.orgUpdate the ASan Linux binaries to r757
2011-09-06 glider@chromium.orgUpdate the Mac ASan binaries to r738
2011-09-05 glider@chromium.orgUpdate the Linux ASan binaries to r738
2011-08-17 kcc@google.comadd asan_blacklist.txt with one entry for v8 stack...
2011-08-17 kcc@google.combump asan (linux) version to 702
2011-07-29 glider@chromium.orgUpdated the Darwin ASan binaries to r673
2011-07-27 kcc@google.comnew asan binaries for linux (r654)
2011-07-21 glider@chromium.orgAdded clang++_fasan to distinguish between the clang...
2011-07-15 glider@chromium.orgUpdate libasan for Mac OS
2011-07-11 glider@chromium.orgCreate the default ignore file for ASan on Mac
2011-07-07 glider@chromium.orgAdded libasan for Darwin
2011-07-07 glider@chromium.orgRemove debug prints from asan/scripts/
2011-07-07 glider@chromium.orgAddressSanitizer binaries for Mac OS X: Clang+runtime
2011-06-24 kcc@google.comquick fix for asan binaries/libraries
2011-06-24 kcc@google.comasan binaries for Linux, v467
2011-06-01 kcc@google.comasan r251 binaries
2011-05-26 kcc@google.comnew ASAN binaries
2011-05-26 kcc@google.comchmod +x for asan/scripts/
2011-05-24 glider@chromium.orgLand
2011-05-24 glider@chromium.orgLand