2013-10-30 pkasting@chromium.orgSet executable bit on dos2unix.exe. master
2013-10-17 mmoss@chromium.orgAdd back module paths from old python_26 configuration.
2013-10-16 mmoss@chromium.orgRemove old python from path.
2012-04-24 pkasting@chromium.orgAdd the svn:executable property to these .bat files.
2010-11-20 bradnelson... Switching to python26. git-svn
2009-03-18 dglazkov@google.comAdd Python path to environment.
2009-03-07 dglazkov@google.comAdd Dos2Unix to a third_party/cygwin.
2008-10-10 kuchhal@chromium.orgSet exe bit on exes and dlls.
2008-10-08 evanm@google.comCheck in wdiff.exe, needed by my (forthcoming) --wdiff...
2008-09-22 tc@google.comMerge in trunk @r2248-2267 to the branch because I...
2008-09-05 evanm@google.comRelocate cygwin into deps/. Step 1 of 2.