2012-02-07 dalecurtis... Windows Chromium FFmpeg binaries for r120671 master git-svn
2012-01-25 scherkus@chromium.orgWindows Chromium FFmpeg binaries for r118716.
2011-11-29 scherkus@chromium.orgWindows Chromium FFmpeg binaries for r111997.
2011-11-14 scherkus@chromium.orgAdd --no-seh to linker command line when building Windo...
2011-11-10 acolwell@chromium.orgWindows Chromium FFmpeg binaries for r109319
2011-11-02 scherkus@chromium.orgWindows Chromium FFmpeg binaries for r107826.
2011-10-27 scherkus@chromium.orgWindows Chromium FFmpeg binaries for r107489.
2011-10-18 scherkus@chromium.orgWindows Chromium FFmpeg binaries for r105977.
2011-10-15 scherkus@chromium.orgWindows Chromium FFmpeg binaries for r105638.
2011-10-15 scherkus@chromium.orgWindows Chromium FFmpeg binaries for r105638.
2011-10-14 scherkus@chromium.orgWindows Chromium FFmpeg binaries for r105521.
2011-10-03 acolwell@chromium.orgUpdating Windows FFmpeg binaries for CUES in front...
2011-08-24 scherkus@chromium.orgUpdating Windows FFmpeg binaires for ogg duration fix.
2011-08-17 scherkus@chromium.orgRemove libvpx from FFmpeg in favour of ffvp8.
2011-07-19 ihf@chromium.orgffmpeg: July sources.
2011-06-22 ihf@chromium.orgUpdate ffmpeg windows Chromium binaries.
2011-05-02 scherkus@chromium.orgChromium FFmpeg Windows binaries for ffmpeg@r83550...
2011-02-27 scherkus@chromium.orgFFmpeg Windows binaries for Chromium.
2011-01-19 fbarchard@chromium.orgffmpeg binaries for chromium
2011-01-10 fbarchard@chromium.orgffmpeg patch updates for WAV duration and vorbis memory...
2011-01-06 scherkus@chromium.orgAnother attempt at updated Chromium FFmpeg binaries...
2011-01-06 scherkus@chromium.orgChecking in updated Chromium FFmpeg binaries due to...
2010-11-29 fbarchard@chromium.orgffmpeg binaries for chromium ogg data patch
2010-11-16 fbarchard@chromium.orgfix vorbis match, merging overrun fix with overflow fix
2010-11-13 fbarchard@chromium.orgvorbis decoder fix from upstream ffmpeg r25726
2010-11-09 fbarchard@chromium.orgffmpeg chromium binaries for ffmpeg nov 4 version
2010-11-06 fbarchard@chromium.orgffmpeg with libvpx v0.9.5-28-g4d1b0d2
2010-11-05 fbarchard@chromium.orgffmpeg chromium binaries
2010-10-12 fbarchard@chromium.orgffmpeg update to oct 10 version
2010-09-22 fbarchard@chromium.orgffmpeg relinked with updated libvpx a8a38bcf10f2beba39a...
2010-09-20 fbarchard@chromium.orgffmpeg binaries with vp8 bss reduces in size
2010-09-14 fbarchard@chromium.orgffmpeg chromium binaries with vp8 encoder and wav decoder
2010-09-04 fbarchard@chromium.orgffmpeg with libvpx 0.9.2
2010-09-02 fbarchard@chromium.orgfix for libvpx thread race
2010-09-01 fbarchard@chromium.orgchromium ffmpeg with updated libvpx for lucid threads
2010-08-30 fbarchard@chromium.orgffmpeg binaries relinked with libvpx
2010-08-17 fbarchard@chromium.orgffmpeg patch to remove dll dependency on avcore-0.dll
2010-08-16 fbarchard@chromium.orgchromium binaries with simplified config
2010-08-13 fbarchard@chromium.orgffmpeg binaries for chromium with aug 11 update to...
2010-08-11 fbarchard@chromium.orgffmpeg binaries linked with new libvpx
2010-07-28 fbarchard@chromium.orgffmpeg binaries reduced in size
2010-07-27 fbarchard@chromium.orgffmpeg binaries for chromium with vp4 seek to first...
2010-07-27 fbarchard@chromium.orgbinaries for chromium ffmpeg with vp3 patch for faster...
2010-07-20 fbarchard@chromium.orgffmpeg july18 update of chromium binaries
2010-06-18 fbarchard@chromium.orgffmpeg roll forward to june 16 version of ffmpeg-mt...
2010-05-19 scherkus@chromium.orgCheckign in VP8/WebM-enabled FFmpeg binaries for Chromium.
2010-04-30 fbarchard@chromium.orgmake.conf configurable u-boot vmlinux text base
2010-04-23 fbarchard@chromium.orgfixes for ffmpeg aac and mkv
2010-04-22 fbarchard@chromium.orgffmpeg chromium binaries for ffmpeg_patch_13_r22931_vp3...
2010-04-06 fbarchard@chromium.orgffmpeg chromium binaries for windows
2010-03-26 fbarchard@chromium.orgffmpeg updated binaries
2010-03-04 fbarchard@chromium.orgffmpeg binaries for chromium
2010-03-02 fbarchard@chromium.orgffmpeg update binaries for chromium to patch 10
2010-02-22 fbarchard@chromium.orgFFmpeg binaries with O2 and static pthreads for chromiu...
2010-02-12 fbarchard@chromium.orgffmpeg roll chromium binaries to include code fixes...
2010-02-03 fbarchard@chromium.orgFFmpeg binaries for chromium windows using unpatched...
2009-10-28 fbarchard@chromium.orgPatch 49 of ffmpeg binaries. See third_party\ffmpeg...
2009-09-04 scherkus@chromium.orgChecking in updated FFmpeg binares for Chromium.
2009-08-08 ajwong@chromium.orgNew chromium binaries built with -O2, static pthreads...