2014-08-01 thakis@chromium.orgUpdate clang warnings after r287092. master
2014-07-25[hunspell] Script to automatically generate google...
2014-07-17 brettw@chromium.orgMark hunspell as not chromium code in the GN build.
2014-06-21 tfarina@chromium.orgFix for Android GN build.
2014-06-21 tfarina@chromium.orgAdd GN build file for third_party hunspell library.
2014-05-31[hunspell] Fix read from uninit memory.
2014-03-11 glider@chromium.orgFix -Wbool-conversion warnings in hunspell:
2013-06-13 avi@chromium.orgUse a direct include of strings headers in hunspell.
2013-04-30 raphael.kubo... Simplify `gcc_version' check.
2013-04-26 tfarina@chromium.orgGuard gcc_version in a safe condition.
2013-04-24 tfarina@chromium.orghunspell: Update the include path of base/string_piece...
2013-04-22 thakis@chromium.orgIgnore conversions to NULL in gcc too.
2013-02-27 groby@chromium.orgUse up to 8 affixes in Hunspell spellcheck suggestions
2013-01-19 tfarina@chromium.orgRemove <(library) usage from hunspell.gyp.
2013-01-10 scottmg@chromium.orgdisable c4267 for hunspell for building on win x64
2013-01-10[hunspell] Spellcheck 99-character words.
2012-12-21 groby@chromium.orgFix array-out-of-bounds error in hunspell
2012-12-21 groby@chromium.orgBring Hunspell google.patch up to date
2012-12-04 michel@weimerskirch.netFixes non-working secondary Hunspell suggestion mechani...
2012-11-15 rlp@google.comFix word removal in hunspell
2012-08-01 steveblock... Make 'License' field in third-party metadata required
2012-07-23 palmer@chromium.orgRe-add hardening to defend against OOB reads in NodeReader.
2012-04-18 hbono@chromium.orgUpdate hunspell to 1.3.2.
2012-03-30 thakis@chromium.orgAdd -Wno-null-conversion to hunspell's warning flags. git-svn
2012-03-06 thestig@chromium.orgCleanup: Remove obsolete hunspell test.
2012-03-01 thakis@chromium.orgclang: Add -Wno-empty-body to hunspell.gyp
2012-02-28 thakis@chromium.orgMerge
2012-02-27 thakis@chromium.orgFix a clang warning.
2011-12-08 hbono@chromium.orgUse new os_posix define in gyp file
2011-11-17 thakis@chromium.orgRemove 1 exit time destructor from our local changes...
2011-10-06 hbono@chromium.orgFix license headers.
2011-08-14 tfarina@chromium.orghunspell: Include stringprintf.h to get StringPrintf...
2011-08-06 tfarina@chromium.orghunspell: Add base:: prefix to MD5 calls, so I can...
2011-07-19 dilmah@chromium.orgFollowup for commit r93054
2011-07-19 dilmah@chromium.orgPrepare to moving base/stl_util-inl.h into base/stl_util.h
2011-03-14 cdn@chromium.orgFormatting the readmes in deps to follow the proper...
2010-12-09 maf@chromium.orgFix code that causes compile warning.
2010-11-08 hbono@chromium.orgAdd a MD5 checksum to the BDIC header.
2010-10-27 hbono@chromium.orgA quick fix for Bug 60816.
2010-10-14 hbono@chromium.orgAdded a URL to 'third_party/hunspell/README.chromium'.
2010-09-28 hbono@chromium.orgSmall tweak to support building on FreeBSD.
2010-08-18 hbono@chromium.orgUpgrade hunspell to 1.2.12.
2010-07-07 hbono@chromium.orgDeletes obsolete dictionaries under "deps/third_party...
2010-07-02 hbono@chromium.orgRemoves the svn:executable properties.
2010-07-01 hbono@chromium.orgUpdate hunspell to 1.2.11.
2010-06-22 hbono@chromium.orgMerges our hunspell change to hunspell 1.2.10.
2010-05-12 hbono@chromium.orgLands Hunspell 1.2.10.
2009-08-21 jshin@chromium.orgReplace icu38/icu38.gyp with icu/icu.gyp in hunspell...
2009-08-20 mhm@chromium.orgUpdate hunspell imports to use deps location instead...
2009-08-20 mhm@chromium.orgFix common and base gypi paths in hunspell
2009-08-20 mhm@chromium.orgChange icu gyp path in hunspell in deps to point to...
2009-08-20 mhm@chromium.orgCopy original hunspell to deps to begin with updating...