2014-10-28 rouslan@chromium.orgGenerate binary files for updated English dictionaries. master
2014-10-28 rouslan@chromium.orgUpdate English dictionaries
2014-10-28 rouslan@chromium.orgUse LF line endings in English dic_delta files.
2014-03-05 rouslan@chromium.orgAdd Tajik spellcheck dictionary.
2013-04-11[Hunspell] Remove old spellcheck dictionaries
2013-01-10 rlp@chromium.orgAdd 'FLAG num' in tr.aff to fix a crash in heapcheck...
2013-01-08[Spellcheck] Adding Turkish and Estonian dictionaries...
2013-01-08[Spellcheck] Updating Turkish and Estonian dictionaries...
2012-12-27[Spellcheck] Updating hunspell dictionaries to newest...
2012-12-15[Spellcheck] Updating some of the dictionaries missed...
2012-12-15[Spellcheck] Updating dictionaries to most recent versi...
2012-11-16 rlp@chromium.orgUpdating the AU and GB dictionaries to include the...
2012-10-30 estade@chromium.orgAdd a slew of words to English dictionaries.
2012-08-01 steveblock... Make 'License' field in third-party metadata required
2012-05-24 estade@chromium.orgAdd a few new words to en-RR dictionaries.
2012-05-24 hbono@chromium.orgAdd an Afrikaans dictionary and a Faroese one.
2012-05-10 hbono@chromium.orgAdd new dictionaries.
2011-03-23 hbono@chromium.orgUpdate the Portuguese (Brazil) dictionary and adds... git-svn
2011-03-09 estade@chromium.orgRemove obsolete spellcheck dicts.
2011-03-09 estade@chromium.orgUpdate the en-US dictionary.
2011-01-27 estade@chromium.orgFix en-AU and en-GB dictionaries.
2011-01-21 estade@chromium.orgFix names of new Australian and GB dictionaries (.dic...
2011-01-21 estade@chromium.orgSome spellcheck dictionary updates.
2010-09-28 hbono@chromium.orgAdd URLs and license files.
2010-07-08 jshin@chromium.orgUpdate French spellcheck dictionary to 3.7(modern).
2010-07-07 hbono@chromium.orgAdds Serbian and Ukranian dictionaries.
2010-06-25 thestig@chromium.orgRemove svn:executable from files in hunspell_dictionaries.
2010-05-24 hbono@chromium.orgMove hunspell dictionaris out of "third_party/hunspell".