2014-07-24 hjd@chromium.orgUpdate Android WebView to use new system ICU master
2014-05-27 jam@chromium.orgAdd missing linker dependency on advapi32.lib for icuuc...
2014-04-10 torne@chromium.orgEnable 64-bit build of host toolset
2014-03-25 jshin@chromium.orgAdd the minimal Tajik locale part 2
2014-03-20 jshin@chromium.orgFix the assembly file for Mac
2014-03-20 jshin@chromium.orgAdd support for QNX Neutrino part2
2014-03-17 jshin@chromium.orgAdd support for QNX Neutrino.
2014-03-17 jshin@chromium.orgAdd the minimal Tajik locale data and update tz data
2014-02-06 jshin@chromium.orgUse Android-specific icudata file
2014-01-21 maruel@chromium.orgThis has to be checked in first so it can be rolled...
2014-01-10 jochen@chromium.orgCorrect gyp toolsets for all combinations of want_separ...
2014-01-09 sergeyu@chromium.orgRename ICU NaCl targets
2014-01-07 wfh@chromium.orgFix icu link warning on Windows
2014-01-07 jshin@chromium.orgAdd icu.isolate
2013-12-20 sergeyu@chromium.orgCompile ICU for [P]NaCl
2013-12-19 jshin@chromium.orgAdd back link_settings for iOS.
2013-12-18 jshin@chromium.orgAdd support for icu_use_data_file=1 to icu.gyp on Windo...
2013-12-07 jshin@chromium.orgUpdate icudt46l.dat and related files.
2013-10-14 bungeman@chromium.orgUse the system stdint.h on Windows.
2013-09-23 jshin@chromium.orgTo use C++ API for BreakIterator in Blink, port getRule...
2013-09-16 scottmg@chromium.orgFix icu compilation on VS2013
2013-08-22 jshin@chromium.orgFix a bug in UTF-16/32 detection.
2013-07-29 torne@chromium.orgFix building icu for android on mac host.
2013-07-24 jochen@chromium.orgOnly depend on libgabi++ for the target toolset.
2013-07-23 jochen@chromium.orgTurn on want_separate_host_toolset on by default, as...
2013-07-22 jochen@chromium.orgSet proper flags when cross-compiling with separate...
2013-07-19 jochen@chromium.orgMake it possible to compile ICU both with the host...
2013-07-16 jshin@chromium.orgICU header move part 3 of 3.
2013-07-16 jshin@chromium.orgMove ICU header part 2
2013-07-16 jshin@chromium.orgMove ICU headers part 1
2013-07-09 jshin@chromium.orgHarden _getKeywords in uloc.c
2013-06-12 jshin@chromium.orgFix the typo in the previous CL for uClibc support...
2013-06-11 jshin@chromium.orgDon't use __timezone when using uClibc
2013-05-09 yfriedman@chromium.orgAndroid: Disable 'sincos' optimization to avoid 'icu...
2013-04-09 jshin@chromium.orgRevert r172827 to fix the FTP directory listing on...
2013-02-14 benm@google.comGenerate shim headers on Android when using system...
2013-02-04 tfarina@chromium.orgNo need to compare library variable against 'shared_lib...
2013-01-18 tfarina@chromium.orgRemove <(library) usage from icu.gyp.
2013-01-10 phajdan.jr... Fix build with system ICU headers.
2013-01-05 jschuh@chromium.orgMake icu compile for Win64
2013-01-03 phajdan.jr... Linux: generate shim headers for ICU.
2012-12-13 jshin@chromium.orgFix a race condition in ICU's locid.
2012-10-11 scottmg@chromium.orgFix compilation errors on VS2012
2012-09-21 jshin@chromium.orgFix a heap buffer overaflow in ucstrTextExtract
2012-08-01 steveblock... Make 'License' field in third-party metadata required
2012-07-13 stuartmorgan... Fix ICU time zone support on iOS
2012-07-12 steveblock... Fix ICU to work with Android's system stlport
2012-07-10 torne@chromium.orgImplement use_system_icu for Android.
2012-07-05 stuartmorgan... Add iOS support to icu.gyp
2012-06-02 wangxianzhu... Remove host target of ICU on Android
2012-05-04 wangxianzhu... Exclude most lang, all region and all curr data for...
2012-03-07 wangxianzhu... Use original CJK segmetation rules on Android.... git-svn
2012-03-07 wangxianzhu... Use original CJK segmetation rules on Android.
2012-02-21 thakis@chromium.orgICU: Merge upstream r30255 to fix a clang warning.
2012-02-17 jshin@chromium.orgAdd 4068 to the list of warnings to suppress in VS.
2012-02-17 jshin@chromium.orgTake care of two Clang warnings.
2012-02-16 thakis@chromium.orgicu: Warning tweaks in preparation for the next clang...
2012-02-16 jshin@chromium.orgFix another buffer overflow bug in ICU
2012-02-15 thakis@chromium.orgMove -Wno-switch in ICU to the target that actually...
2012-02-15 thakis@chromium.orgAdd -Wno-switch to ICU.
2012-02-14 jshin@chromium.orgFix two ICU bugs.
2012-02-03 jshin@chromium.orgAdd Malay (ms) locale data to pre-build ICU data file.
2012-01-31 jshin@chromium.orgRevise EUC-JP mapping so that {0x8E 0xE3} and {0x8E...
2012-01-30 jbauman@chromium.orgAdd plain-text copy of license
2012-01-24 evan@chromium.orgSwitch 'settings' to 'none', as the former is deprecated.
2012-01-17 thakis@chromium.orgDisable harmless warnings for 3rdparty code: ICU.
2011-12-08 falken@chromium.orgFix buffer overflow in _canonicalize.
2011-12-05 jshin@chromium.orgUpdate the pre-built ICU data file for the following...
2011-11-29 jshin@chromium.orgUpdate timezone data files to 2011n
2011-10-31 michaelbai... Upstream: Android's ICU change
2011-10-21 jshin@chromium.orgMake unistr.h compile with -Werror and gcc4.6
2011-10-20 mark@chromium.orgUse the OpenBSD header for ICU on OpenBSD
2011-09-14 bradchen@google.comFixing an oversite in my first fix (7891051).
2011-09-14 bradchen@google.comFix for bug 81753, do not read past the end of unicode...
2011-08-25 jshin@chromium.orgRemove a separate ICU data file for CrOS.
2011-07-25 jshin@chromium.orgAdd the pre-built ICU data for Mac.
2011-07-25 chrome-bot... Update the pre-built ICU data files for Win, Linux...
2011-07-25 jshin@chromium.orgAdd the currency display name for JavaScript I18N API
2011-07-25 jshin@chromium.orgFix some ICU locale data
2011-07-20 jshin@chromium.orgFix the Korean find-in-page bug.
2011-06-28 jshin@chromium.orgICU Regex patch.
2011-06-08 joaodasilva... Fixed handling of different decimal separators on Digit...
2011-06-02 jshin@chromium.orgFix an ICU bug found by PSV (static analysis tool)
2011-05-13 jshin@chromium.orgAdd support for FreeBSD to Chrome's ICU
2011-04-30 maruel@chromium.orgDisable warnings in VS that won't be fixed anyway.
2011-04-26 evan@chromium.orgDefine U_STATIC_IMPLEMENTATION on all platforms unless...
2011-04-22 mal@chromium.orgCopy the README.chromium from icu42/.../brkitr to icu46...
2011-04-05 thakis@chromium.orgLanding
2011-03-29 bradnelson... Fixing icu to work with msvs2010.
2011-03-15 bradnelson... Changing icu to use gyp 'copies', rather than use a...
2011-03-14 cdn@chromium.orgFormatting the readmes in deps to follow the proper...
2011-03-11 ctguil@chromium.orgCoverity INFINITE_LOOP Fix.
2011-03-07 jshin@chromium.orgDrop ICU version number from the name of icu data dll...
2011-02-24 jshin@chromium.orgMake ICU build with Clang.
2011-02-24 hbono@chromium.orgDelete svn:executable properties.
2011-02-23 jshin@chromium.orgAdd back U_WCHAR_IS_UTF32 macro to pmac.h
2011-02-23 jshin@chromium.orgAdd the ICU 4.6 locale file (pre-generated) for CrOS...
2011-02-17 jshin@chromium.orgAdd up-to-date README.chromium for ICU 4.6
2011-02-16 jshin@chromium.orgEnable RTTI for ICU.
2011-02-11 thomasvl@chromium.orgRename the variable to not end in "_file" since that...