2015-04-27 noel@chromium.orgFix libjpeg_turbo svn r64 libjpeg6b compat issue master
2015-04-27 noel@chromium.orgAdd a reference to the instructions used to update...
2014-09-13[MIPS64] Add build support for MIPS64 in libjpeg_turbo.
2014-09-04 torne@chromium.orgMark libjpeg-turbo's license as OK for android.
2014-08-29 rmcilroy@chromium.orgAdd ARM64 SIMD support to libjpeg_turbo
2014-08-26 thakis@chromium.orglibjpeg-turbo: Update README.chromium to note that...
2014-08-18 thakis@chromium.orglibjpeg-turbo: Remove .func / .endfunc directives.
2014-08-07 blundell@chromium.orgAdd support for iOS to libjpeg.gyp.
2014-05-23 noel@chromium.orgUpdate libjpeg_turbo to use clz for bitcounting on ARM
2014-04-14 noel@chromium.orgUpgrade libjpeg_turbo to 1.3.1 (r1219)
2014-04-12 noel@chromium.orgRemove unsued win/jconfig.h file
2014-04-02 rmcilroy@chromium.orgFix warning about always_inline attribute in libjpeg_turbo.
2014-03-27 raphael.kubo... Stop using "prefix_dir" in libjpeg.gyp.
2014-03-26 rmcilroy@chromium.orgAdd target_arch=arm64 support.
2014-03-15 raphael.kubo... Allow libjpeg_turbo to configure (using gyp) on FreeBSD.
2014-02-18 earthdok@chromium.orgDisable assembly optimizations in MemorySanitizer build...
2013-12-09 wangxianzhu... Revert the previous 2 temporary changes.
2013-12-09 wangxianzhu... Temporarily revert "update neon config in libjpeg turbo"
2013-12-09 wangxianzhu... Temporary limit NO_GETENV on Android only
2013-12-03 thakis@chromium.orgupdate neon config in libjpeg turbo
2013-12-02 wangxianzhu... Disable libjpeg turbo getenv()
2013-10-13 noel@chromium.orgZero unused DHT huffman values at creation time
2013-10-13 noel@chromium.orgBetter handle SOS CSi values and order
2013-01-18 tfarina@chromium.orgRemove <(library) usage from libjpeg.gyp.
2012-08-01 steveblock... Make 'License' field in third-party metadata required
2012-07-19 steveblock... Remove logic for using system libjpeg from libjpeg_turb...
2012-07-19 hbono@chromium.orgUpdate libjpeg-turbo to r856.
2012-06-28[MIPS] Add build support for libjpeg_turbo for MIPS.
2012-06-27 hbono@chromium.orgarm: Always build the NEON SIMD code when targetting...
2012-05-31 hbono@chromium.orgMake the default to not use system lib for all builds
2012-05-30 cevans@chromium.orgPull in r830 from upstream.
2012-05-11 hbono@chromium.orgUpdate libjpeg-turbo.
2012-04-27 wistoch@gmail.comenable libjpeg for chromium x86 android build
2012-04-06 fbarchard@google.comadd 64 bit gyp builds for OSX and Windows.
2012-03-12 thakis@chromium.orgRevert r124240. git-svn
2012-03-01 thakis@chromium.orgBuild fix for linux32 after my last change to this...
2012-02-29 thakis@chromium.orglibjpeg_turbo: Filter out "section flags ignored on...
2012-01-31 fbarchard@chromium.orgJPEG_DECODE_ONLY macro reintroduced to allow just the...
2012-01-31 scottmg@chromium.orgDisable ULDI on reference to libjpeg_turbo (vs2010)
2012-01-18 hbono@chromium.orgUpdate libjpeg-turbo to 1.2.0.
2011-12-08 hbono@chromium.orgUse os_posix in gyp file, this patch was tested on...
2011-11-29 hbono@chromium.orgUpdate libjpeg-turbo to r722.
2011-10-20 ivankr@chromium.orgFix type 'settings' to 'none' in gyp file for libjpeg.
2011-10-12 phajdan.jr... Cleanup: no need to redeclare use_system_yasm.
2011-09-27 agl@chromium.orgMake libjpeg-turbo PIC-clean on 32-bit Linux.
2011-08-18 skyostil@chromium.orgFix build error on ARM targets without Neon support.
2011-08-18 skyostil@chromium.orgAllow building libjpeg-turbo for ARM targets which...
2011-08-15 hbono@chromium.orgReapply warning fixes.
2011-08-08 hbono@chromium.orgUpdate the LICENSE file of libjpeg-turbo.
2011-08-03 hbono@chromium.orgFix Windows build.
2011-08-03 hbono@chromium.orgUpdates libjpeg-turbo to 1.1.90
2011-07-08 fbarchard@chromium.orgtwo warning fixes for the benefit of visual c when...
2011-05-17 hbono@chromium.orgSupport Motion JPEG
2011-04-30 maruel@chromium.orgDisable warnings in VS since they won't be fixed anytim...
2011-04-28 hbono@chromium.orgFix yasm warnings in libjpeg-turbo.
2011-03-16 hbono@chromium.orgSupport the 'use_system_yasm' variable (libjpeg_turbo).
2011-03-14 cdn@chromium.orgFormatting the readmes in deps to follow the proper...
2011-02-17 hbono@chromium.orgFix invalid reads in libjpeg-turbo (libjpeg-turbo side)
2011-02-07 hbono@chromium.orgAdd PRIVATE flags to global symbols.
2011-02-03 craig.schlenter... Cherry-pick a fix from r324 of the libjpeg-turbo stable...
2011-01-18 hbono@chromium.orgRefactor the GYP file for libjpeg-turbo.
2011-01-13 craig.schlenter... Remove workaround for gyp issue 102 and use libjpeg_tur...
2010-11-22 hbono@chromium.orgAdd build files for libjpeg-turbo.
2010-11-01 hbono@chromium.orgAdds libjpeg-turbo to our repository.