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25 hours ago jiayl@chromium.orgRevert r292047: Replace compiling flag "-O3" with ... master
27 hours ago jiayl@chromium.orgReplace compiling flag "-O3" with "-O2" to avoid a...
2014-09-05 michaelbai... Revert "Define DEV_URANDOM for posix"
2014-08-07[MIPS] Add build support for MIPS64 in libsrtp.
2014-07-23 michaelbai... Define DEV_URANDOM for posix
2014-07-16[MIPS] Make srtp_driver compile for MIPS
2014-04-03 primiano@chromium.orgAdd support for arm64
2014-02-14 mallinath@chromium.orgAdding rdbx_get_packet_index to export list
2014-02-12 torne@chromium.orgFix license description in README.chromium.
2013-07-31 mallinath@chromium.orgAdding RTP header validation checks to srtp_protect...
2013-07-24 mallinath@chromium.orgChanges to README.chromium
2013-07-19 fischman@chromium.orglibsrtp: enable building for iOS devices using armv7
2013-03-21 sergeyu@chromium.orguse standard uint/int types for posix systems
2013-03-21 mallinath@chromium.orgUpdating srtp to the latest of sourceforge repo
2012-12-26 jschuh@chromium.orgMake libsrtp compile for Win64.
2012-12-13 Add *, created as part of Chromiu...
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