2014-03-26 wtc@chromium.orgAdd PK11_ExportDERPrivateKeyInfo and PK11_ExportPrivKey... master
2014-03-22 wtc@chromium.orgUpdate to NSPR 4.10.4.
2014-03-21 eroman@chromium.orgAdd NSS exports for Windows.
2014-03-17 wtc@chromium.orgUpdate NSS to NSS_3_16_RTM.
2014-03-12 eroman@chromium.orgAdd PK11_PubUnwrapSymKeyWithFlagsPerm() to NSS exports.
2014-03-04 eroman@chromium.orgAdd PK11_GetKeyLength to NSS exports.
2014-02-25 wtc@chromium.orgRevert r228205.
2014-02-21 wtc@chromium.orgUpdate to NSS 3.15.5 and NSPR 4.10.3.
2014-02-18 wtc@chromium.orgFix compilation of NSPR and NSPR for aarch64
2014-01-21 wtc@chromium.orgUpdate third_party/nss to 3.15.5 Beta 2.
2014-01-16 eroman@chromium.orgAdd SEC_SignData to NSS exports.
2014-01-14 wtc@chromium.orgRemove LDAP support from NSS.
2014-01-10 mallinath@chromium.orgExport CERT_CompareName method.
2014-01-09 wtc@chromium.orgDelete nss/lib/softoken/rsawrapr.c.
2014-01-09 wtc@chromium.orgUpdate third_party/nss to NSS 3.15.4.
2014-01-06 wtc@chromium.orgExport CERT_DistNamesFromCertList and CERT_DupDistNames.
2013-12-08 wtc@chromium.orgExport four ASN.1 templates:
2013-11-14 wtc@chromium.orgUpdate to NSPR 4.10.2.
2013-11-13 wtc@chromium.orgUpdate to NSS 3.15.3.
2013-11-08 eroman@chromium.orgAdd SECKEY_GetPublicKeyType to windows exports.
2013-10-30 wtc@chromium.orgUpdate the patch file for r231825 (https://codereview...
2013-10-30 agl@chromium.orgNSS: Typo fix for non-x86 builds in generic poly1305...
2013-10-30 eroman@chromium.orgExpose PK11_GenerateKeyPairWithOpFlags to windows build...
2013-10-23 wtc@chromium.orgSupport ChaCha20+Poly1305 cipher suites.
2013-10-11 scottmg@chromium.orgDisable optimization in prdtoa.c under VS2013.
2013-09-13 eroman@chromium.orgAdd NSS export for PK11_ImportSymKeyWithFlags.
2013-08-29 mef@chromium.orgExport additional NSS functions for NetworkingPrivateCr...
2013-06-27 wtc@chromium.orgExport all the HASH_ functions.
2013-06-27 wtc@chromium.orgUpdate NSS to NSS_3_15_1_BETA2.
2013-06-17 wtc@chromium.orgRNG_SystemRNG should fail rather than falling back...
2013-06-17 wtc@chromium.orgFix a typo in the header include guard of secmod.h.
2013-06-13 wtc@chromium.orgExport HASH_Begin, HASH_Create, HASH_Destroy, HASH_End,
2013-06-10 wtc@chromium.orgCall abort() if NSS cannot read from /dev/urandom.
2013-06-04 wtc@chromium.orgUpdate to NSS_3_15_RTM.
2013-06-01 wtc@chromium.orgAllow NSS to be built with NO_NSPR_10_SUPPORT.
2013-06-01 wtc@chromium.orgRemove CVS keywords from NSS source files.
2013-05-15 wtc@chromium.orgFix the invalid read (heap-buffer-overflow) error in...
2013-05-15 rsleevi@chromium.orgEnable libpkix to handle AIA chasing when compiled...
2013-05-15 wtc@chromium.orgExport SGN_Digest and VFY_VerifyDigestDirect.
2013-05-14 wtc@chromium.orgExport HASH_ResultLenByOidTag.
2013-05-09 wtc@chromium.orgAdd the patch for
2013-05-07 wtc@chromium.orgFix the remaining heap-buffer-overflow (read) error...
2013-04-30 wtc@chromium.orgFix a memory leak in SECITEM_FreeArray.
2013-04-29 wtc@chromium.orgExport the functions needed by the libSSL in NSS 3.15.
2013-04-24 wtc@chromium.orgUpdate NSS to NSS_3_15_BETA2.
2013-04-22 wtc@chromium.orgMake most of the RCS/CVS keyword changes in NSS_3_15_BE...
2013-04-22 Added export of CERT_GetCertKeyType for ssl platform...
2013-04-19 wtc@chromium.orgChange the NSS and NSPR source tree to the new director...
2013-03-29 wtc@chromium.orgPK11_DecryptWithSymKey and PK11_EncryptWithSymKey have...
2013-03-26 wtc@chromium.orgMake CKM_AES_GCM usable.
2013-02-14 wtc@chromium.orgDefine _AMD64_, MP_CHAR_STORE_SLOW, and MP_IS_LITTLE_ENDIAN
2013-02-14 wtc@chromium.orgFix RC4 reads/writes outside array bounds.
2013-02-08 wtc@chromium.orgUpdate to NSS 3.14.3 Beta 1 for the TLS CBC constant...
2013-02-05 mattm@chromium.orgMerge NSS_3_14_2_RTM.
2013-02-04 wtc@chromium.orgSupport big-endian processors. Eliminate the dependency...
2013-01-31 wtc@chromium.orgUse the ARM assembly code in mpi_arm.c for iOS.
2013-01-29 wtc@chromium.orgUpdate to NSPR 4.9.5 Beta 2, part 2: actual changes.
2013-01-29 wtc@chromium.orgUpdate to NSPR 4.9.5, part 1: MPL 2 upgrade only.
2013-01-28 wtc@chromium.orgAdd an optimized 32-bit implementation of the NIST...
2013-01-17 wtc@chromium.orgIt is not necessary to disable Visual C++ warning C4334...
2013-01-14 ronghuawu@chromium.orgExpose more functions for webrtc.
2013-01-12 ronghuawu@chromium.orgExport SECKEY_CopyPublicKey for windows.
2013-01-10 jschuh@chromium.orgMake all nss targets build on Win64
2012-12-27 jschuh@chromium.orgMake nss compile on Win64
2012-12-13 wtc@chromium.orgUpdate NSS to NSS 3.14.1 RC0
2012-12-08 wtc@chromium.orgUpdate to NSS_3_14_1_BETA2.
2012-12-06 wtc@chromium.orgFix gcc compiler warnings "cast to pointer from integer...
2012-11-24 wtc@chromium.orgUpdate NSS to NSS 3.14.1 pre-release snapshot 2012...
2012-11-21 wtc@chromium.orgFix a compilation error under GCC 4.6.3 with the -O3...
2012-11-20 wtc@chromium.orgExport NSS_SetAlgorithmPolicy.
2012-11-19 wtc@chromium.orgMerge the patch for the NSS 3.14 regression
2012-11-16 wtc@chromium.orgUse the oserr argument of PR_SetError to narrow down...
2012-11-09 wtc@chromium.orgUpdate NSS to NSS 3.14 pre-release snapshot 2012-06...
2012-11-08 wtc@chromium.orgUpdate NSS to NSS 3.14 pre-release snapshot 2012-06...
2012-11-01 whesse@chromium.orgAdd support files for building NSS and NSPR on linux.
2012-10-26 thakis@chromium.orgAdd back file content that mysteriously disappeared...
2012-10-25 wtc@chromium.orgRevert NSS 3.14 because it seems to cause the crash...
2012-10-20 wtc@chromium.orgFix a compiler warning in sftk_forceTokenAttribute in
2012-10-19 wtc@chromium.orgUpdate NSS to NSS 3.14 RC1.
2012-10-04 thakis@chromium.orgMinor readme tweaks suggested at https://codereview...
2012-10-03 badea@adobe.comExclude mpi_amd64.c from the sources list when building...
2012-10-01 thakis@chromium.orgAdd readme entry for
2012-10-01 thakis@chromium.orgMerge
2012-09-26 wtc@chromium.orgUpdate NSS to NSS 3.14 pre-release snapshot 2012-09-25.
2012-09-22 wtc@chromium.orgChange the license headers to MPL 2. MPL 2 is in
2012-08-31 mattm@chromium.orgFix DER_EncodeTimeChoice handling of dates before 1950 and
2012-07-10 stuartmorgan... Add iOS build support to nss.gyp
2012-06-25 mattm@chromium.orgAdd PK11_DoesMechanism to NSS exports_win.def
2012-06-14 wtc@chromium.orgUpdate NSS to NSS 3.13.5 (from NSS 3.13.3).
2012-06-14 ddorwin@chromium.orgAdded some exports required for using NSS for symmetric...
2012-06-07 rsleevi@chromium.orgUpdate patches/ with new modifications
2012-06-07 rsleevi@chromium.orgAddress a post-review comment following r140895
2012-06-07 rsleevi@chromium.orgFix a memory leak in cert_PKIXMakeOIDList, which is...
2012-05-21 rsleevi@chromium.orgFix incremental_chrome_dll=1 builds on Windows
2012-05-19 thakis@chromium.orgnss: Fix mac components build breakage.
2012-05-19 rsleevi@chromium.orgSpeculative fix for mac shared FYI bot
2012-05-18 rsleevi@chromium.orgAddress post-review comment from r137477
2012-05-16 rsleevi@chromium.orgSplit the nssckbi target off from the 'nss' target.
2012-05-09 wtc@chromium.orgFix compiler warnings.
2012-03-12 thakis@chromium.orgmac: Don't build nss with -fvisibility=hidden when... git-svn