2014-07-18 davidben@chromium.orgSwitch openssl forwarding target to 'none'. master
2014-07-15 agl@chromium.orgRemove header files in include/openssl.
2014-07-14 agl@chromium.orgOpenSSL: forward to BoringSSL.
2014-06-09 agl@chromium.orgPull in more changes from OpenSSL 1.0.1h.
2014-06-05 agl@chromium.orgOpenSSL: fix copy of ssl3.h
2014-06-05 agl@chromium.orgOpenSSL: add CVE fixes from 1.0.1h
2014-05-20 brettw@chromium.orgDisable the chromium_code config in the GN build on...
2014-05-14 davidben@chromium.orgRefactor ssl3_send_client_verify.
2014-05-12 davidben@chromium.orgAdd SSL_get_client_certificate_types.
2014-05-08 haavardm@opera.comNew tls channel id version for OpenSSL
2014-05-06 haavardm@opera.comRevert of New tls channel id version for OpenSSL (https...
2014-05-06 haavardm@opera.comNew tls channel id version for OpenSSL
2014-05-01 davidben@chromium.orgMove ECC SSL extensions to the end in OpenSSL.
2014-05-01 davidben@chromium.orgTidy up OpenSSL padding extension code.
2014-05-01 davidben@chromium.orgFix limit checks in ssl_add_clienthello_tlsext and...
2014-05-01 rsleevi@chromium.orgWhen building OpenSSL as a component build on OS X...
2014-04-28 brettw@chromium.orgAdd missing comma to GN build file.
2014-04-18 davidben@chromium.orgInclude the 'void' in CRYPTO_is_NEON_capable.
2014-04-11 brettw@chromium.orgFix typo in comment in GN buildfile.
2014-04-11 brettw@chromium.orgAdd GN build file for OpenSSL.
2014-04-09 haavardm@opera.comAdds support for compiling OpenSSL on mac.
2014-04-08 wtc@chromium.orgChange TLSEXT_TYPE_padding to the IANA-assigned value 21.
2014-04-08 wtc@chromium.orgFix a malformed patch file.
2014-04-01 davidben@chromium.orgRemove junk that got added to the last openssl diff.
2014-04-01 davidben@chromium.orgFix const-correctness problem with r260918.
2014-04-01 davidben@chromium.orgUpdate criteria for determining when to False Start.
2014-02-27 agl@chromium.orgAdd which forwards to the GYP file.
2014-02-11 agl@chromium.orgDisable NEON Poly1305 code.
2014-02-07 agl@chromium.orgSet correct value for RC4_INT on x86_64
2014-02-05 wtc@chromium.orgA direct dependent of this project should also use...
2014-01-10 sergeyu@chromium.orgCompile OpenSSL for NaCl
2014-01-07 agl@chromium.orgOpenSSL: add support for the TLS padding extension.
2013-12-12 yyanagisawa... #including the correct header for ssize_t.
2013-11-21 agl@chromium.orgOpenSSL: prefer ChaCha20 ciphersuites.
2013-11-18 agl@chromium.orgAlso remove chacha_vec.c from x86.
2013-11-14 agl@chromium.orgUpdate patch files and gyp from r235188.
2013-11-14 agl@chromium.orgDon't use poly1305_vec.c on 32-bit x86.
2013-11-12 agl@chromium.orgPatch updates for r234628.
2013-11-12 agl@chromium.orgNEON fixes.
2013-11-11 agl@chromium.orgUpdate patch files to reflect previous changes.
2013-11-11 agl@chromium.orgChange asm files to have a .S extension.
2013-11-11 agl@chromium.orgAdd missing include to Poly1305 code.
2013-11-11 agl@chromium.orgCompile the NEON asm with -fpic.
2013-11-08 agl@chromium.orgForcing the EABI hard-float attribute off.
2013-11-06 agl@chromium.orgthird_party/openssl: add ChaCha20+Poly1305 support.
2013-11-05 agl@chromium.orgFix the patch file from r233053.
2013-11-05 agl@chromium.orgAdd patch file missing from r233017.
2013-11-05 digit@chromium.orgsh implementation to avoid unwanted resizes during...
2013-10-29 agl@chromium.orgthird_party/openssl: fix ChannelID patch.
2013-10-29 agl@chromium.orgthird_party/openssl: number patches.
2013-10-29 agl@chromium.orgthird_party/openssl: fix when...
2013-10-29 agl@chromium.orgthird_party/openssl: add OWNERS file.
2013-10-25 qsr@chromium.orgFix comment and variable name in macro definition.
2013-10-23 qsr@chromium.orgFix code style.
2013-10-23 qsr@chromium.orgUpdate Channel ID API to use a callback.
2013-10-22 qsr@chromium.orgUpdating Channel ID to allow computing the key when...
2013-10-22 yhirano@chromium.orgUse C source for openssl RC4 calculation instead of ASM
2013-06-22 mckev@amazon.comUnder some circumstances, certain TLS connections are...
2013-06-01 wtc@chromium.orgFix the shared_library build on Linux.
2013-04-29[MIPS] Add build support for MIPS in openssl.gyp
2013-04-15 yfriedman@chromium.orgOnly make OpenSSL a component for Android component...
2013-04-10 yfriedman@chromium.orgMake openssl a component.
2013-04-02 digit@chromium.orgUpdate the license file path in README.chromium
2013-03-26 digit@chromium.orgRestore the x509_hash_name_alpgorithm_change patch.
2013-03-18 Save subversion subdirectories
2013-03-18 digit@chromium.orgThis CL upgrades OpenSSL to 1.0.1e with a twist :-)
2013-01-24 digit@chromium.orgFix minor linking issues for the full linux_redux build.
2013-01-24 digit@chromium.orgUpdate the openssl sources to the latest Android version.
2013-01-19 tfarina@chromium.orgRemove <(library) usage from openssl.gyp.
2012-12-10 digit@chromium.orgFix x86 linux_redux build.
2012-12-07 digit@chromium.orgSmall patch to fix the "linux_redux" Chromium build.
2012-10-29 digit@chromium.orgUpstream openssl to version 1.0.1c
2012-09-17 agl@chromium.orgFix warnings when building OpenSSL with clang.
2012-08-16 steveblock... Fix a typo in the license metadata for openssl
2012-08-14 steveblock... Add 'License Android Compatible' field to openssl licen...
2012-04-03 thakis@chromium.orgOpenSSL: Disable specific warnings when using clang.
2012-03-08 hclam@chromium.orgOpenSSL: Add support for keying material exporters... git-svn
2012-02-09 jnd@chromium.orgAdd flag to disable DTLS on Chromium's openssl.
2012-01-25 jnd@chromium.orgUpgrade chrome's OpenSSL to same version Android ships...
2011-10-12 agl@chromium.orgInclude POSIX systems that aren't Linux.
2011-09-20 michaelbai... It seemed that linux_chromeos_arm bot still use openssl,
2011-09-19 michaelbai... Small refactorings on openssl.gyp.
2011-07-27 agl@chromium.orgGuard #define with #ifndef
2011-07-22 agl@chromium.orgOpenSSL: include the config directory in the direct...
2011-07-21 agl@chromium.orgThe config should be switched based on the target_arch...
2011-07-21 agl@chromium.orgRemove config/k8 from include_dirs
2011-03-14 cdn@chromium.orgFormatting the readmes in deps to follow the proper...
2010-12-14 evan@chromium.orgFix capitalization in README.chromium.
2010-12-09 joth@chromium.orgChange third_party/openssl default CA certs path to...
2010-11-10 agl@chromium.orgOpenSSL: remove a couple of test files from the build.
2010-11-05 agl@chromium.orgopenssl: fix gyp typo
2010-11-05 agl@chromium.orgAdd openssl 0.9.8o