2014-08-22 yfriedman@chromium.orgRemove myself from some android owners files. master
2014-08-22 joaodasilva... Disable garbage collection for gyp_chromium.
2014-08-21 cjhopman@chromium.orgAdd linting for java libraries/apks to gn
2014-08-21[Android] Fix provisioning for perf bots on L and/or...
2014-08-21[Android] Turn heap_profiler_unittests into an apk...
2014-08-21 brettw@chromium.orgFix empty resource IDs file in GN build.
2014-08-21 glider@chromium.orgMove default sanitizer options into build/ so that...
2014-08-21 agable@chromium.orgGet to work correctly on Git repositories.
2014-08-21[Android] Parallelize
2014-08-21 cjhopman@chromium.orgAdd native libraries to gn apks
2014-08-20 brettw@chromium.orgPull new GN, update toolchain definitions
2014-08-20 spang@chromium.orgAdd libxkbcommon-dev to install-build-deps
2014-08-19 erikcorry@chromium.orgFix install-build-deps-android for Trusty
2014-08-19 mmoss@chromium.orgAdd git-svn dependency.
2014-08-19[Android] Fix KillHostHeartbeat for numerical user...
2014-08-19 jamesr@chromium.orgMove blink<->cc bindings to cc/blink
2014-08-18 thakis@chromium.orgDon't disable -Wabsolute-value when building for arm.
2014-08-18 thakis@chromium.orgUse a qualified path for grit/net_resources.h
2014-08-18 spang@chromium.orgMake udev target disappear on linux when use_udev==0
2014-08-18 hans@chromium.orgDisable Clang's warnings about undefined pointer compar...
2014-08-18 scottmg@chromium.orglandmines: use CHROMIUM_OUT_DIR if set
2014-08-18[Android] Fix the location prompt flake in provision_de...
2014-08-18 thakis@chromium.orgDon't pass -target arm-linux-gnueabihf on android.
2014-08-18[Android] Make adb shell commands with single quotes...
2014-08-18 sbc@chromium.orgEnable ARM/linux cross compile to use clang.
2014-08-18 thakis@chromium.orgclang/win: Disable -Wexit-time-destructors for now...
2014-08-18 phajdan.jr... Remove lib32 code from
2014-08-18 thakis@chromium.orgclang/win: Disable -Wexit-time-destructors for now.
2014-08-17 tfarina@chromium.orgRemove ui/ directory from build/secondary.
2014-08-16[Android] Print timestamp + threadid with provision_dev...
2014-08-15[Android] Fix misc minor provisioning issues.
2014-08-15 mikecase@chromium.orgChanged the test package for chrome_document tests
2014-08-15 torne@chromium.orgRefactor lazy JNI registration support.
2014-08-15 gunsch@chromium.orgChromecast: MP2TS stream parser should always be enabled.
2014-08-15 scottmg@chromium.orgRevert 289650 "Roll buildtools, this updates VS2013...
2014-08-14 mikecase@chromium.orgAdded Hera package info in order to run uiautomator...
2014-08-14 stuartmorgan... Reland: Update iOS deployment target to 7.0
2014-08-14 gunsch@chromium.orgAdds chromecast/tools/build to gyp_chromium paths for...
2014-08-14 brettw@chromium.orgAllow the grit GN targets to specify an output name.
2014-08-14 scottmg@chromium.orgRoll buildtools, this updates VS2013 Pro to Update 3
2014-08-14 Gordana.Cmiljanovic... Adding atomic ops for MIPS64.
2014-08-14 ncbray@chromium.orgCreate NaCl build of gtest.
2014-08-14 scottmg@chromium.orgMake landmines work on local builds too
2014-08-14 navabi@google.comDo not use device if it had to be turned off because...
2014-08-14 bartfab@chromium.orgRevert 289403 "Update iOS deployment target to 7.0"
2014-08-13 stuartmorgan... Update iOS deployment target to 7.0
2014-08-13 anton@chromium.orgProvide a maximum size on the number of tests to run...
2014-08-13, -craigdh for build/android/pylib/OWNERS.
2014-08-13 dnicoara@chromium.orgRevert of Run pkg-config for Udev only if use_udev...
2014-08-13 mostynb@opera.commake it possible to disable the use of libpci on linux...
2014-08-13 zty@chromium.orgRun android tests through
2014-08-13 joaodasilva... Revert 289216 "Create NaCl build of gtest."
2014-08-13 ncbray@chromium.orgCreate NaCl build of gtest.
2014-08-13 iannucci@chromium.orgRevert of Make landmines work on local builds too ...
2014-08-12 aurimas@google.comAdd and start using Checkstyle 5.7
2014-08-12 phajdan.jr... Require more precise exclusions in remove_bundled_libra...
2014-08-12 scottmg@chromium.orgMake landmines work on local builds too
2014-08-12 yojan@google.comTest Runner changes for @IntegrationTest.
2014-08-12 sky@chromium.orgRandom analyzer cleanup
2014-08-12 zty@chromium.orgClean up out/<target> directory in the end if extract_b...
2014-08-12 jamesr@chromium.orgGN: Make content_shell and webkit_unit_tests work in...
2014-08-12 jamesr@chromium.orgGN: Only define UNIT_TEST in direct gtest deps
2014-08-12 cjhopman@chromium.orgUpdate lint and findbugs to use jars instead of class...
2014-08-12 phajdan.jr... Whitespace change to kick off bots.
2014-08-11 kbr@chromium.orgPut GPU isolate targets under archive_gpu_tests=1 GYP...
2014-08-11 dnicoara@chromium.orgRun pkg-config for Udev only if use_udev==1
2014-08-11 thakis@chromium.orgPort r288424 to gn.
2014-08-11 thakis@chromium.orgRemove unused gn tool script.
2014-08-11 hjd@chromium.orgMove WebViewShell from Android to Chromium
2014-08-11 mkosiba@chromium.orgDon't register JNI methods for the android_webview.
2014-08-11 phajdan.jr... unbundle: do not remove .isolate files, that results...
2014-08-09 tfarina@chromium.orgForce the build with a whitespace change.
2014-08-09 ncbray@chromium.orgRoll gtest and gmock DEPS.
2014-08-09 scottmg@chromium.orgUse toolchain hash that's in buildtools
2014-08-08 garykac@chromium.orgImplement HiDPI and pinch-zoom scaling of filter params
2014-08-08 thakis@chromium.orgclang supports -fuse-ld these days, remove a few specia...
2014-08-08 sky@chromium.orgMakes --analyzer behave same as --analyzer2
2014-08-08 machenbach... Whitespace change to trigger bots.
2014-08-08 agl@chromium.orgBoringSSL: switch around GYP files again.
2014-08-08 tommi@chromium.orgRevert 288164 "Roll gtest and gmock DEPS."
2014-08-08 iannucci@chromium.orgWhitespace change to verify dcommit is happy again
2014-08-08 vadimsh@chromium.orgYet another whitespace change for Cr-Commit-Position
2014-08-08 iannucci@chromium.orgAnother whitespace change for Cr-Commit-Position
2014-08-08 yojan@google.comTest Runner changes for Integration tests.
2014-08-08 iannucci@chromium.orgWhitespace change for Cr-Commit-Position
2014-08-08 abodenha@chromium.orgRevert of Run android tests through (https...
2014-08-07 ncbray@chromium.orgRoll gtest and gmock DEPS.
2014-08-07 zty@chromium.orgRun android tests through
2014-08-07 thakis@chromium.orgUse a qualified path to blink resources, content part.
2014-08-07[Android]: Fix architecture detection.
2014-08-07 mlamouri@chromium.orgWhitespace change to check if build fail is flake.
2014-08-07 tfarina@chromium.orgRemove some GN Build files related to blink from build...
2014-08-07 navabi@google.comIf device does not come back after provisioning, add...
2014-08-06 brettw@chromium.orgSet the grit .d file dir in GN build properly.
2014-08-06 brettw@chromium.orgUse the new trim modes in the GN build.
2014-08-06 cjhopman@chromium.orgEnable Android lint by default
2014-08-06 aberent@chromium.orgRevert of Enable Android lint by default (https://coder...
2014-08-06 cjhopman@chromium.orgMake android_apk template actually create an apk
2014-08-06[Android] Temporarily suppress RTL start&end check...
2014-08-06[Android] Fix type-parameterized gtest parsing.