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last changeThu, 24 Jul 2014 20:44:16 +0000 (20:44 +0000)
56 min ago spang@chromium.orgozone: Fix GN build for ozone_egl_demo, ozone_unittests master
89 min ago navabi@google.comFix perf control to check for file before reading.
3 hours ago brettw@chromium.orgAdd missing base files to GN build.
5 hours ago mustaq@chromium.orgThe sandbox setup script now uses CHROMIUM_OUT_DIR...
5 hours ago johnme@chromium.orgRevert the re-enabling of heap_profiler unittests.
5 hours ago andrewhayden... Make it possible to generate static and dynamic CLD2...
5 hours ago glider@chromium.orgDon't set use_custom_libcxx in ASan builds on CrOS.
7 hours ago jam@chromium.orgUpdate isolate file for sync_integration_tests and...
9 hours ago bolian@chromium.orgAdd chrome_proxy tests to Android tester.
18 hours ago yoz@chromium.orgMove apps/shell to extensions/shell.
20 hours ago[Android] Switch to DeviceUtils versions of GetMemoryUs...
26 hours ago tonyg@chromium.orgDon't wipe data when provisioning non-rooted devices.
27 hours ago newt@chromium.orgSuppress MissingApplicationIcon Android lint warning.
28 hours ago lliabraa@chromium.orgAdd 'hi' locale for iOS.
29 hours ago brettw@chromium.orgUpdate the tracing grit GN rule
29 hours ago brettw@chromium.orgEncode all grit outputs in .gn files
56 min ago master