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last changeTue, 8 Jul 2014 08:40:56 +0000 (08:40 +0000)
2014-07-08 pkasting@chromium.orgFixes for re-enabling more MSVC level 4 warnings: courg... master
2014-06-14 brettw@chromium.orgMinor Fixes for Windows GN build.
2014-06-13 brettw@chromium.orgAdd more content subtargets and deps to the GN build.
2014-05-07 dmikurube@chromium.orgRemove {linux|android}_use_tcmalloc and switch to use_a...
2014-04-17 erg@chromium.orgRemove all uses of toolkit_use_gtk in the gyp files.
2014-04-03 anton@chromium.orgPort to x64 Android.
2014-03-18 pkasting@chromium.orgFix "unreachable code" warnings (MSVC warning 4702...
2014-03-06 brettw@chromium.orgMove WriteFile and WriteFileDescriptor from file_util...
2014-03-05 dmikurube@chromium.orgAdd use_allocator instead of linux_use_tcmalloc to...
2014-02-21 rvargas@chromium.orgRemove PlatformFile from courgette
2014-01-09 petewil@chromium.orgAllow Win64 build of base library even in a Win32 build.
2013-12-25 avi@chromium.orgUpdate uses of UTF conversions in courgette/, device...
2013-12-04 brettw@chromium.orgMove GetFileSize, NormalizeFilePath to base namespace
2013-12-03 brettw@chromium.orgMove temp file functions to base namespace.
2013-09-25 wfh@chromium.orgAdd PE64 support to courgette
2013-09-24 scottmg@chromium.orgFix +x bit on courgette testdata
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