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last changeWed, 23 Apr 2014 19:47:55 +0000 (19:47 +0000)
22 hours ago anton@chromium.orgFix for 64-bits, 32-bit size_t assumption. master
44 hours ago brettw@chromium.orgMake GN's "check" run cleanly.
6 days ago brettw@chromium.orgWork on Mac GN build.
8 days ago brettw@chromium.orgImplement net in GN build.
9 days ago brettw@chromium.orgAdd SSL support to the GN build
13 days ago davidben@chromium.orgAllow empty keys in
2014-04-04 maruel@chromium.orgGet rid of all component builds specific .isolate.
2014-03-28 haavardm@opera.comIntroduce USE_OPENSSL_CERTS for certificate handling.
2014-03-25 wtc@chromium.orgRemove prtypes.h and prcpucfg*.h from base/third_party...
2014-03-22 mattm@chromium.orgcrypto.gyp: move openssl dependency into use_openssl...
2014-03-22 mattm@chromium.orgHack to allow ec_private_key_openssl loading keys gener...
2014-03-20 mattm@chromium.orgRemove unused SymmetricKey::CreateFromKey method.
2014-03-13 brettw@chromium.orgMove more file_util functions to base namespace.
2014-03-12 sergeyu@chromium.orgBuild src/crypto for PNaCl
2014-03-11 phajdan.jr... Convert most Chromium presubmit files to use new multip...
2014-03-05 dmikurube@chromium.orgAdd use_allocator instead of linux_use_tcmalloc to...
22 hours ago master