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last changeWed, 23 Apr 2014 23:31:03 +0000 (23:31 +0000)
7 hours ago vmiura@chromium.orgFix slow TextureManager::StopTracking() master
19 hours ago primiano@chromium.orgCleanup GPU dependencies for gl_in_process_context
26 hours ago sky@chromium.orgRevert 265469 "Fix slow TextureManager::StopTracking()"
29 hours ago vmiura@chromium.orgFix slow TextureManager::StopTracking()
32 hours ago primiano@chromium.orgRemove dependency on --gc-sections for most Android...
33 hours ago puttaraju.r... Flag INV_OP during BeginQuery if id is not obtained...
38 hours ago reveman@chromium.orggpu: Add UMA statistic for fence support.
44 hours ago reveman@chromium.orgcc: Use CHROMIUM_sync_query for CopyResource.
2 days ago zmo@chromium.orgFix machine_model behaviors in gpu blacklist.
5 days ago vmiura@chromium.orgUse VAO for default_vertex_attrib_manager if available.
5 days ago reveman@chromium.orggpu: Use ARB_sync extension for GLFence implementation...
6 days ago ajuma@chromium.orgEnable GPU rasterization by default on Android
6 days ago vmiura@chromium.orgRestore bound VAO in ContextState::RestoreState().
6 days ago reveman@chromium.orgRe-land: gpu: Add CHROMIUM_sync_query extension.
6 days ago cjhopman@chromium.orgRemove unused input_shlib_path
6 days ago erg@chromium.orgRemove all uses of toolkit_use_gtk in the gyp files.
7 hours ago master