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last changeTue, 29 Jul 2014 09:14:02 +0000 (09:14 +0000)
11 hours ago jamesr@chromium.orgGN: Fix up gpu targets in component build master
12 hours ago vmiura@chromium.orgPrevent duplicate navigation to debug URLs from Telemetry.
22 hours ago boliu@chromium.orgRestrict nvidia gralloc workaround to < gles 3.1
3 days ago pkasting@chromium.orgRe-enable various MSVC warnings.
4 days ago brettw@chromium.orgMiscellaneous GN updates.
4 days ago brettw@chromium.orgFix GN linking issues.
5 days ago heejin.r.chung... Reuse GLESUtil code instead of defining new function...
5 days ago brettw@chromium.orgAdd osmesa to GN build.
5 days ago jmadill@chromium.orgForce disable-d3d11 for Matrox video cards.
6 days ago tfarina@chromium.orgCleanup test_support target names.
7 days ago zmo@chromium.orgHook up command buffer with SH_SCALARIZE_VEC_AND_MAT_CO...
7 days ago miu@chromium.orgFix GetAMDVideoCardInfo() linkage for Chrome non-Offici...
9 days ago ihf@chromium.orggles2_conform_test: update expectations for CrOS Atom.
9 days ago boliu@chromium.orgAdd missing lock in RetireSyncPointOnGpuThread
11 days ago reveman@chromium.orggpu: Remove Create/DeleteImage IPC by adding an X11_PIX...
11 days ago ajuma@chromium.orgUpdate GPU rasterization whitelist
11 hours ago master