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6 hours ago mcasas@chromium.orgMac QTKit Video Capture: Run QTCaptureSession teardown... master
40 hours ago jrummell@chromium.orgImplement ClearKey message format as JSON.
40 hours ago hubbe@chromium.orgCast: Reject old RTCP packets
45 hours ago grunell@chromium.orgFix some error states in VideoCaptureDeviceWin::Allocat...
2 days ago hclam@chromium.orgCast: Deduplicate retransmission packets using audio...
2 days ago sandersd@chromium.orgFix passing of init_data_type size to CDM_4 and CDM_5.
2 days ago acolwell@chromium.orgRevert 290359 "Remove AudioBuffersState class."
2 days ago acolwell@chromium.orgRemove AudioBuffersState class.
2 days ago hubbe@chromium.orgRewrite of RTCP parser.
3 days ago mcasas@chromium.orgMac Video Capture: Change an ErrorMessage to LogMessage
3 days ago xians@chromium.orgFix the unnecessary sleep when no back to back OnData...
3 days ago damienv@chromium.orgFix windows compilation warning in es_parser_adts.
5 days ago hclam@chromium.orgCast: cast_simulator to use the same settings at the...
5 days ago hclam@chromium.orgCast: Increase max outstanding frames to 120
5 days ago hclam@chromium.orgCast: Move retransmission to the transport
5 days ago hubbe@chromium.orgSmarter algorithm for extending 8-bit frame IDs to...
6 hours ago master