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last changeThu, 24 Apr 2014 18:29:27 +0000 (18:29 +0000)
11 min ago teravest@chromium.orgPepper: Move attributes out of the trusted plugin. master
26 hours ago hidehiko@chromium.orgNon-SFI NaCl: Fix the crash for the AudioShared.
30 hours ago hidehiko@chromium.orgImplement ManifestService::StartupInitializationComplete().
35 hours ago hidehiko@chromium.orgRevert of SDK building script now uses package_version...
40 hours ago epenner@chromium.orgGPU/Pepper: Always return -1 for ID when we return...
43 hours ago teravest@chromium.orgPepper: Move some manifest processing for refactor.
2 days ago dyen@chromium.orgNaCl: Update revision in DEPS, r13018 -> r13062.
2 days ago teravest@chromium.orgPepper: Drop open time tracking from FileDownloader.
3 days ago teravest@chromium.orgPepper: Remove FileDownloader DOWNLOAD_TO_BUFFER.
3 days ago hidehiko@chromium.orgAdd test to make sure if PPB_Audio_Shared::StartThread...
6 days ago teravest@chromium.orgPepper: Move URL resolves outside trusted plugin.
6 days ago bbudge@chromium.orgClean up Pepper file system resource unit test.
7 days ago hidehiko@chromium.orgAdd IPC Channel for new ManifestService.
7 days ago teravest@chromium.orgPepper: Move PnaclOptions outside trusted plugin.
8 days ago teravest@chromium.orgNaCl: Remove tests for NACL_NAME_SERVICE_LIST.
8 days ago raymes@chromium.orgAllow the plugin to set an empty tickmarks array to...
11 min ago master