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last changeThu, 21 Aug 2014 23:19:07 +0000 (23:19 +0000)
2014-08-21 teravest@chromium.orgPepper: Make pending_sync_msgs_ local to IO thread. master
2014-08-20 teravest@chromium.orgNaCl: Send fatal log messages via shared memory.
2014-08-20 tsepez@chromium.orgAdd a X-Requested-With header to URL requests for PPAPI...
2014-08-17 wuchengli@chromium.orgPepper: add Image Capture interfaces.
2014-08-15[PPAPI] Add target param for CompositorLayer::SetTexture().
2014-08-15 amistry@chromium.orgReturn from |Configure()| asynchronously, and allow...
2014-08-15 amogh.bihani... Using PROFILE_ANY for vp8 and vp9
2014-08-15 binji@chromium.orgppapi: Add way to ignore presubmit warning about includ...
2014-08-11 raymes@chromium.orgAdd test support for transition from NPObject to gin...
2014-08-11 raymes@chromium.orgAdd a ScopedPPVarArray class for managing arrays of...
2014-08-11 raymes@chromium.orgAdd PepperTryCatch and V8ObjectVar classes
2014-08-08 dmichael@chromium.orgPPAPI: Revive ppp_messaging_proxy_perftest
2014-08-08 teravest@chromium.orgFix PNaCl on Demand load faliures.
2014-08-07 brettw@chromium.orgMove StringToLowerASCII to base namespace
2014-08-07 teravest@chromium.orgPepper: Fix caching for translated nexes.
2014-08-05 teravest@chromium.orgPepper: Remove trusted plugin loadable module.
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