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last changeThu, 17 Apr 2014 00:25:47 +0000 (00:25 +0000)
6 hours ago teravest@chromium.orgPepper: Move PnaclOptions outside trusted plugin. master
13 hours ago teravest@chromium.orgNaCl: Remove tests for NACL_NAME_SERVICE_LIST.
27 hours ago raymes@chromium.orgAllow the plugin to set an empty tickmarks array to...
36 hours ago teravest@chromium.orgPepper: Move time logic out of the trusted plugin.
36 hours ago teravest@chromium.orgPepper: Fix MODULE_PRINTF behavior.
36 hours ago dyen@chromium.orgRemoved dependency of native_client/toolchain from...
2 days ago erg@chromium.orgMore removal of GTK code.
2 days ago bbudge@chromium.orgRefactor some ResourceMessageReply usages.
5 days ago xhwang@chromium.orgEncrypted Media: Support VP9 playback.
5 days ago jvoung@google.comUsed condvar timed wait instead of indefinite wait...
5 days ago teravest@chromium.orgPepper: Remove NaClHttpResponseHeaders.
5 days ago thestig@chromium.orgPepper: Make it possible to pass external file systems...
6 days ago dmichael@chromium.orgPPAPI: Update pp_var.h documentation for Resource vars.
6 days ago dmichael@chromium.orgPPAPI: Move some of NexeFileDidOpen to NexeLoadManager
6 days ago teravest@chromium.orgPepper: Remove Manifest::ResolveURL
6 days ago teravest@chromium.orgPepper: Fix comments for PPB and PPP InputEvent.
6 hours ago master