2013-08-03 phajdan.jr... Add third_party/pyftpdlib OWNERS master
2012-08-01 steveblock... Make 'License' field in third-party metadata required
2011-07-29 maruel@chromium.orgUpdate svn:ignore for new dependencies. git-svn
2011-07-22 phajdan.jr... FTP: use an unmodified and more recent version of pyftp...
2011-03-16 cdn@chromium.orgCleaning up third_party readmes and adding a template...
2010-03-29 evan@chromium.orgPass tools/ for a few more directories.
2009-08-31 phajdan.jr... Speed up net_unittests by re-using one FTP test server...
2009-01-30 mal@chromium.orgRename to README.chromium.
2009-01-12 maruel@chromium.orgIgnore .pyc files.
2009-01-09 maruel@chromium.orgIgnore .pyc files.
2008-12-23 erikkay@google.comAdd pyftpdlib to python PATH
2008-12-23 erikkay@google.comAdd pyftpdlib for future ftp unit tests.