8 days ago davidben@chromium.orgAdd DHE_RSA support to tlslite. master
8 days ago davidben@chromium.orgUpdate tlslite to 0.4.6.
11 days ago davidben@chromium.orgPerform tlslite 0.3.8 -> 0.4.6 renames ahead of time.
2014-02-18 bartfab@chromium.orgEnsure that RSA signatures have the correct length
2013-12-17 ekasper@google.comExtract Certificate Transparency SCTs from stapled...
2013-12-16 agl@chromium.orgtlslite: document a couple of new parameters.
2013-12-13 szym@chromium.orgRevert of
2013-12-13 ekasper@google.comExtract Certificate Transparency SCTs from stapled...
2013-12-11 agl@chromium.orgnet: add test for TLS_FALLBACK_SCSV
2013-11-28 ekasper@google.comAdd support for fetching Certificate Transparency SCTs...
2013-08-08 frankf@chromium.orgRevert 216444 "net: add a test to ensure that our TLS...
2013-08-08 agl@chromium.orgnet: add a test to ensure that our TLS handshake doesn...
2013-03-04 agl@chromium.orgAdd OWNERS for third_party/tlslite.
2013-03-02 agl@chromium.orgnet: add basic ChannelID support to TLSLite.
2012-08-01 steveblock... Make 'License' field in third-party metadata required
2012-05-23 wtc@chromium.orgImprove the TLS intolerant server testing support added...
2012-04-27 maruel@chromium.orgSet svn:executable on windows executables.
2012-04-26 agl@chromium.orgnet: don't remember TLS intolerant servers.
2012-03-02 rsleevi@chromium.orgSupport reading PEM files in TLSLite git-svn
2011-03-16 cdn@chromium.orgCleaning up third_party readmes and adding a template...
2010-09-21 agl@chromium.orgRevert "net: add test for False Start corking."
2010-09-21 agl@chromium.orgnet: add test for False Start corking.
2010-08-21 davidben@chromium.orgReintegrate certificate selection in HttpNetworkTransac...
2010-08-21 rsleevi@chromium.orgImprove support for requesting client certs in tlslite
2010-08-21 rsleevi@chromium.orgUpdate tlslite README.chromium and add a patch for...
2010-07-27 zelidrag@chromium.orgReplaced sha, md5 module imports with hashlib.
2010-04-09 evan@chromium.orgPass tools/ for a few more directories.
2009-01-30 mal@chromium.orgRename to README.chromium.
2009-01-09 maruel@chromium.orgIgnore *.pyc files.
2008-11-26 dank@chromium.orgRediff the tlslite patch (it was against wrong baseline)
2008-07-27 initial.commitAdd third_party to the repository.