2012-06-30 satorux@chromium.orgchromeos: Remove print statements from tools/cros.DEPS... master
2012-06-29 satorux@chromium.orgchromeos: Merge tools/cros.DEPS/DEPS into the main...
2012-06-25 hashimoto@chromium.orgchromeos: Stop checking out Libcros
2012-06-13 disher@chromium.orgchromeos: Bump system_api dependency to a6b76c4e.
2012-05-31 derat@chromium.orgchromeos: Bump system_api dependency to 04134b25.
2012-05-22 keybuk@google.comUpdate cros.DEPS
2012-05-19 derat@chromium.orgAdd comments to DEPS asking people to update .gitignore.
2012-05-04 benchan@chromium.orgUpdate cros.DEPS
2012-04-30 derat@chromium.orgdeps: Roll cros_system_api dep to d7781180.
2012-04-09 stevenjb@google.comUpdate system_api to include WiFi.BSSID in service_cons...
2012-04-06 ygorshenin... Fixed deps.
2012-04-05 rharrison@chromium.orgRolling system_api DEPS to catch new protobuf field
2012-04-03 ygorshenin... Updated deps on platform/system_api. Needed for DBus...
2012-03-25 derat@chromium.orgchromeos: Roll system_api dep to 70e37fee. git-svn
2012-03-23 nkostylev@chromium.orgUpdate cros.DEPS to pickup network manager set property...
2012-03-23 sleffler@chromium.orgUpdate cros.DEPS to pickup debugd definitions
2012-03-11 keybuk@chromium.orgUpdate cros.DEPS
2012-03-08 rharrison@chromium.orgCros DEPS roll to pick up protobuf def'n change
2012-03-07 rharrison@chromium.orgcros.DEPS roll to remove deprecated powerd method.
2012-03-06 benchan@chromium.orgUpdate cros.DEPS
2012-02-23 keybuk@chromium.orgUpdate cros.DEPS
2012-02-22 hashimoto@chromium.orgUpdate cros.DEPS
2012-02-17 keybuk@chromium.orgUpdate cros.DEPS
2012-02-15 keybuk@chromium.orgUpdate cros.DEPS
2012-02-10 hashimoto@chromium.orgUpdate cros.DEPS
2012-02-06 rharrison@chromium.orgRoll deps forward to catch fix to PowerSupplyProperties
2012-01-30 rharrison@chromium.orgRolling forward system_api DEPs.
2012-01-26 hashimoto@chromium.orgUpdate cros.DEPS
2012-01-10 satorux@chromium.orgchromeos: Pull libcros v188.
2012-01-07 satorux@chromium.orgRevert 116766 - chromeos: Merge tools/cros.DEPS/DEPS...
2012-01-06 satorux@chromium.orgchromeos: Merge tools/cros.DEPS/DEPS into the main...
2012-01-06 satorux@chromium.orgchromeos: Get rid of a dependency to profile-guided...
2011-12-27 asharif@chromium.orgAdded checking out of the chromiumos profile repository.
2011-12-21 sque@chromium.orgchromeos: update cros dep to c709d59a
2011-12-12 derat@chromium.orgchromeos: Update system_api dep to 58d34158.
2011-12-08 derat@chromium.orgchromeos: Update system_api dep to bb9b9a70.
2011-12-05 chocobo@chromium.orgCommit CL for kmixter:
2011-11-23 satorux@chromium.orgchromeos: Pull libcros v182 and the latest system_api.
2011-11-18 hashimoto@chromium.orgUpdate cros.DEPS
2011-11-14 satorux@chromium.orgchromeos: Pull the latest system_api to include new...
2011-10-20 hashimoto@chromium.orgUpdate cros.DEPS to use the latest version of libcros...
2011-10-12 sque@chromium.orgPull in power supply polling dbus constant
2011-10-10 zelidrag@chromium.orgRevved up system library.
2011-10-06 vlaviano@chromium.orgPull the latest system_api to include new bluetooth...
2011-10-04 ers@chromium.orgUpdate DEPS to pick up SIMLockEnabled flimflam property.
2011-10-04 tbarzic@chromium.orgUpdate deps to pickup new property (is_hidden) in libcros.
2011-09-30 satorux@chromium.orgPull the latest system_api to include new power manager...
2011-09-27 benchan@chromium.orgUpdate DEPS to include new flimflam VPN error codes...
2011-09-27 benchan@chromium.orgUpdate DEPS to include a fix to RequestVirtualNetworkPr...
2011-09-22 tommi@chromium.orgReverting my revert...
2011-09-22 tommi@chromium.orgRevert 102215 - Pull libcros v173
2011-09-22 satorux@chromium.orgPull libcros v173
2011-09-19 satorux@chromium.orgPull libcros v171
2011-09-19 sadrul@chromium.orgRevert 101756 (broke ChromeOS-clang) - Bump libcros...
2011-09-19 sadrul@chromium.orgBump libcros to include the change to allow triggering...
2011-09-07 stevenjb@google.comUpdate to latest service_constants.h
2011-09-06 sidor@chromium.orgUpdate libcros to 168 and update cros_system_api.
2011-09-02 stevenjb@google.comUpdate system_api
2011-09-01 stevenjb@google.comUpdate libcros to 167 and update cros_system_api.
2011-08-31 satorux@chromium.orgPull the latest version of system_api.git
2011-08-29 stevenjb@google.comUpdate to libcros 166
2011-08-16 maruel@chromium.orgMake sure cros.DEPS dependencies are only checked out...
2011-08-15 satorux@chromium.orgPull system_api.git.
2011-07-22 tbarzic@chromium.orgReving up cros to pickup new chromeos_mount.
2011-07-14 satorux@chromium.orgPull libcros v161.
2011-07-13 satorux@chromium.orgPull libcros v160.
2011-07-12 dmazzoni@chromium.orgMove base/values.h into the base namespace. This includ...
2011-07-06 satorux@chromium.orgPull the latest libcros v158.
2011-06-27 satorux@chromium.orgChange the libcros version back to 156 from 157.
2011-06-27 satorux@chromium.orgPull the latest libcros v157.
2011-06-21[ChromeOS] Roll cros.DEPS/DEPS to v154
2011-06-15 stevenjb@google.comRemove deprecated cert path code
2011-06-10 kinaba@chromium.orgLibcros version-up for preedit text monitoring on ChromeOS.
2011-06-06 satorux@chromium.orgPull the latest libcros.
2011-06-01 yusukes@google.comPull the latest libcros to make it easier to test coder...
2011-05-28 tbarzic@chromium.orgNew libcros imageburn API.
2011-05-27 chocobo@chromium.orgRev cros deps to include methods for static ip configur...
2011-05-18 dpolukhin@chromium.orgBump up libcros revision
2011-05-16 rharrison@chromium.orgUpdating libcros DEPS to include addition of WM_IPC_WIN...
2011-05-10 jamescook@chromium.orgCrOS - Check current state of update-engine on startup
2011-05-05 yusukes@google.comUpdate third_party/cros/ to 9cee76bb1bf827d5b6122adc879...
2011-05-05 derat@chromium.orgchromeos: Bump cros dependency to c8b0c124.
2011-05-02 yusukes@google.comAdd two functions for handwriting: SendHandwritingStrok...
2011-04-26 yusukes@google.comUpdate third_party/cros to ad01339359035843814ef9c0e8a3...
2011-04-26 cevans@chromium.orgRevert 82980 - Update third_party/cros to ad01339359035...
2011-04-26 yusukes@google.comUpdate third_party/cros to ad01339359035843814ef9c0e8a3...
2011-04-20 glotov@google.comcros.DEPS advance to CryptohomeAsyncSetOwnerUser() API
2011-04-20[Chrome OS] Roll cros DEPS to exclude deprecated chrome...
2011-04-19 dpolukhin@chromium.orgRoll cros DEPS to 131
2011-04-15 pastarmovj... Roll out new libcros version.
2011-04-14 satorux@chromium.orgUpdate DEPS to pull in libcros version 129.
2011-04-10 tbarzic@chromium.orgupdating cros deps to new libcros
2011-04-07[Chrome OS] Request{Store|Retrieve}Policy require expli...
2011-04-05 satorux@chromium.orgUpdate DEPS to pull in libcros version 124.
2011-03-30[Chrome OS] Rev cros.DEPS
2011-03-28 dpolukhin@chromium.orgRoll cros DEPS to 121
2011-03-25 stevenjb@google.comRoll cros DEPS to 120
2011-03-25 dpolukhin@chromium.orgUpdate libcros version to to 119.
2011-03-24 xiyuan@chromium.orgRoll cros.DEPS to v117.
2011-03-23[ChromeOS] Roll cros.DEPS to v116 of libcros