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last changeSat, 30 Jun 2012 18:10:05 +0000 (18:10 +0000)
2012-06-30 satorux@chromium.orgchromeos: Remove print statements from tools/cros.DEPS... master
2012-06-29 satorux@chromium.orgchromeos: Merge tools/cros.DEPS/DEPS into the main...
2012-06-25 hashimoto@chromium.orgchromeos: Stop checking out Libcros
2012-06-13 disher@chromium.orgchromeos: Bump system_api dependency to a6b76c4e.
2012-05-31 derat@chromium.orgchromeos: Bump system_api dependency to 04134b25.
2012-05-22 keybuk@google.comUpdate cros.DEPS
2012-05-19 derat@chromium.orgAdd comments to DEPS asking people to update .gitignore.
2012-05-04 benchan@chromium.orgUpdate cros.DEPS
2012-04-30 derat@chromium.orgdeps: Roll cros_system_api dep to d7781180.
2012-04-09 stevenjb@google.comUpdate system_api to include WiFi.BSSID in service_cons...
2012-04-06 ygorshenin... Fixed deps.
2012-04-05 rharrison@chromium.orgRolling system_api DEPS to catch new protobuf field
2012-04-03 ygorshenin... Updated deps on platform/system_api. Needed for DBus...
2012-03-25 derat@chromium.orgchromeos: Roll system_api dep to 70e37fee. git-svn
2012-03-23 nkostylev@chromium.orgUpdate cros.DEPS to pickup network manager set property...
2012-03-23 sleffler@chromium.orgUpdate cros.DEPS to pickup debugd definitions
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