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5 days ago Dale CurtisRename source_reqs to inputs. 97/71597/1 master
6 days ago Chris MasoneGN: Fix is_chromeos clauses in ffmpeg_options.gni,... 85/71585/2
2014-08-22 Michael Niedermayeravcodec: fix aac/ac3 parser bitstream buffer size
2014-08-19 Nico WeberMention ssh keys in README.chromium 68/71268/2
2014-08-19 Nico WeberMerge "ffmpeg: Suppress a few warnings that are visible...
2014-08-19 Nico Weberffmpeg: Suppress a few warnings that are visible on... 67/71267/1
2014-08-11 Matthew WolenetzMerge "Update config files for MIPS Linux"
2014-08-11 Matt WolenetzUpdate OWNERS to fix ddorwin@, remove shadi@, and add... 67/71167/2
2014-08-11 Petar JovanovicUpdate config files for MIPS Linux 47/71147/1
2014-08-08 Matt WolenetzUpdate README.chromium's license file reference 41/71141/1
2014-08-08 Matt WolenetzMerge FFmpeg for M38
2014-08-08 Matt WolenetzAdd avcodec_free_context to ffmpegsumo.sigs merge-m38
2014-08-07 Matt WolenetzRevert "Ignore xing number of frames if the file is...
2014-08-06 Matt WolenetzDisable deprecation warnings for usage of AVStream...
2014-08-06 Matt WolenetzForward-declare struct AVBPrint in lavf/avio.h
2014-08-06 Matt WolenetzCondition usage of destruct API in lavf/mux ff_write_ch...
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