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last changeThu, 10 Apr 2014 08:04:20 +0000 (08:04 +0000)
2014-04-10 torne@chromium.orgEnable 64-bit build of host toolset master
2014-03-25 jshin@chromium.orgAdd the minimal Tajik locale part 2
2014-03-20 jshin@chromium.orgFix the assembly file for Mac
2014-03-20 jshin@chromium.orgAdd support for QNX Neutrino part2
2014-03-17 jshin@chromium.orgAdd support for QNX Neutrino.
2014-03-17 jshin@chromium.orgAdd the minimal Tajik locale data and update tz data
2014-02-06 jshin@chromium.orgUse Android-specific icudata file
2014-01-21 maruel@chromium.orgThis has to be checked in first so it can be rolled...
2014-01-10 jochen@chromium.orgCorrect gyp toolsets for all combinations of want_separ...
2014-01-09 sergeyu@chromium.orgRename ICU NaCl targets
2014-01-07 wfh@chromium.orgFix icu link warning on Windows
2014-01-07 jshin@chromium.orgAdd icu.isolate
2013-12-20 sergeyu@chromium.orgCompile ICU for [P]NaCl
2013-12-19 jshin@chromium.orgAdd back link_settings for iOS.
2013-12-18 jshin@chromium.orgAdd support for icu_use_data_file=1 to icu.gyp on Windo...
2013-12-07 jshin@chromium.orgUpdate icudt46l.dat and related files.
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