7 hours ago davidben@chromium.orgSupport Windows in the BoringSSL recipe. master
9 hours ago sebmarchand... Update the PGO benchmark list.
10 hours ago agable@chromium.orgRe-add '-continuous' to infra buildernames.
11 hours ago agable@chromium.orginfra-trusty-64 can't be a ccompute slave
13 hours ago sebmarchand... Fix the recipe for the Android builder.
13 hours ago[Android] Remove --test_data from instrumentation tests.
14 hours ago agable@chromium.orgMove public builders to master.chromium.infra
16 hours ago sebmarchand... Update
17 hours ago sergiyb@chromium.orgDisplay pending time on swarming
20 hours ago borenet@google.comSkia: add more Nexus 9 buildslaves
24 hours ago kjellander... WebRTC: Move Win SyzyASan back to main waterfall+tryserver
29 hours ago yyanagisawa... Do not add additional newline if the .ninja_log ends...
30 hours ago tfarina@chromium.orgGive a link to compiler_proxy_log visualization tool.
32 hours ago mikecase@chromium.orgAdd Robolectric tests to bot on waterfall.
33 hours ago dpranke@chromium.orgFix crashpad builder names, add auto-reboot option...
33 hours ago robertocn@chromium.orgSkipping build url composition when url is given.
35 hours ago dpranke@chromium.orggenerate client.crashpad using buildbot_tool
35 hours ago maruel@chromium.orgFix the python code, which was broken in fc54cf7b0fa.
36 hours ago pschmidt@google.comReplace chromeperf62 with build132-a1 in chromium.webkit
37 hours ago[] Add new Intel tester and remove...
37 hours ago smut@google.comSupport test file includes when reading iOS build configs
39 hours ago dnj@chromium.orgTake ownership and update the 'chromite' recipe (curren...
39 hours ago sergiyb@chromium.orgCorrected tests
41 hours ago maruel@chromium.orgFix error introduced in 7fe736627489.
42 hours ago earthdok@chromium.orgAdd MSan trybots.
44 hours ago kjellander... WebRTC: Re-enable TSan deadlock detection.
45 hours ago shinyak@chromium.orgUpdate goma canary in proper directory.
46 hours ago kjellander... Connected remaining WebRTC masters to buildbucket
2 days ago maruel@chromium.orgImprove summary.
3 days ago sebmarchand... Update the PGO recipe.
4 days ago navabi@google.comAdd option to specify output directory for chromium...
4 days ago kjellander... WebRTC: Fix config for TSan FYI bot.
4 days ago kjellander... WebRTC: Reshuffle MSan slave machines.
4 days ago kjellander... WebRTC: Add FYI bot running TSan with deadlock detection
4 days ago agable@chromium.orgAdd new Linux slaves to tryserver.blink for paint slimm...
4 days ago dnj@google.comCrOS: Fixup property name.
4 days ago dnj@chromium.orgCrOS: Always collapse certain build types.
4 days ago gunsch@chromium.orgRemoves Chromecast trybot recipe.
4 days ago pgervais@chromium.orgSend master start/stop events
4 days ago phajdan.jr... infra/publish_tarball: use's --progre...
4 days ago ngeoffray@google.comAdd jdwp tests to the bot.
4 days ago borenet@google.comSkia: only build required targets
4 days ago borenet@google.comSplit Skia's Test and Perf bots into CPU and GPU catego...
5 days ago yyanagisawa... gclient runhooks on env updates on goma canary Windows.
5 days ago sebmarchand... Update the list of benchmarks used in the PGO recipe.
5 days ago scheib@chromium.orgRevert of Enable goma for all NaCl builds. (patchset...
5 days ago smut@google.comDo not switch to target Xcode version if it's already...
5 days ago sebmarchand... Do a clobber build on the Chromium PGO builder.
5 days ago maruel@chromium.orgCreate whitelist for 'Mac deterministic build'.
5 days ago pgervais@chromium.orgRemoved mac support in
5 days ago gunsch@chromium.orgCast trybot fixes in chromium_trybot recipe.
5 days ago kjellander... WebRTC: Switch MSan bots to prebuilt instrumented libraries
5 days ago borenet@google.comPrevent crash dialog on windows
5 days ago kjellander... bot_update: Post-Git-switch clean up for WebRTC.
6 days ago hinoka@chromium.orgPass build/factory properties into
6 days ago shinyak@chromium.orgEnable goma for all NaCl builds.
6 days ago shinyak@chromium.orgRevert of gclient runhooks if any env has been changed...
6 days ago yyanagisawa... gclient runhooks if any env has been changed on Windows.
6 days ago kjellander... Cleanup temp dir created in zip_build_test.
6 days ago maruel@chromium.orgMake 'Linux deterministic build' green.
6 days ago maruel@chromium.orgAlways auto-reboot deterministic builders.
6 days ago nodir@chromium.orgCLRF -> LF in buildbot.tac files
6 days ago tsepez@chromium.orgUse api.python to invoke gyp
6 days ago tsepez@chromium.orgAdd Mac builders to pdfium buildbot.
6 days ago phajdan.jr... Always use for layout tests
6 days ago earthdok@chromium.orgUse goma for all Linux/Mac LKGR bots.
6 days ago phajdan.jr... Explicitly compile crash_service on Windows Oilpan...
6 days ago shinyak@chromium.orgMark as FAILURE when diagnose_goma failed.
7 days ago shinyak@chromium.orgDon't abort if diagnose_goma failed.
7 days ago mazda@chromium.orgEnable git api to update submodules with --force command.
7 days ago earthdok@chromium.orgSwitch MSan LKGR bots to pre-built instrumented libraries.
7 days ago robertocn@chromium.orgPassing ActiveMaster to the annotator factory.
7 days ago agable@chromium.orgRemove lingering traces of client.nacl.sdk.mono
7 days ago sebmarchand... Update the PGO recipe module.
7 days ago agable@chromium.orgFix the pdfium windows slave to be an -m3 host.
7 days ago phajdan.jr... don't append empty arg for...
7 days ago gunsch@chromium.orgCast trybots using
7 days ago earthdok@chromium.orgSwitch the Blink MSan bot to prebuilt instrumented...
7 days ago phajdan.jr... Fix "WebKit Android (Nexus4)"
7 days ago phajdan.jr... Add scheduler for publish_tarball bot
7 days ago earthdok@chromium.orgSwitch MFYI MSan bots to prebuilt instrumented libraries.
7 days ago phajdan.jr... Convert Oilpan chromium.webkit builders to recipes
7 days ago phajdan.jr... Add recipe code for remaining non-recipe chromium.webki...
7 days ago machenbach... V8 Buildbot: Let bot_update print manifest for v8 stand...
7 days ago ngeoffray@google.comAdd dalvik-team to build breakages.
8 days ago ricow@google.comMake stable builders pull from the 1.9 branch
8 days ago ricow@google.comRun asan in release mode
8 days ago dnj@chromium.orgCrOS: Update Chromite pin.
8 days ago shinyak@chromium.orgRun base_unittests and content_unittests in goma canary.
8 days ago bradnelson... Deploying more nacl trybots.
8 days ago tsepez@chromium.orgConfigure new windows slave to build Standalone PDFium.
8 days ago kjellander... WebRTC: Replace Win7 Tester machine in chromium.webrtc...
8 days ago sebmarchand... Archive the builds from the Win PGO builder.
8 days ago dnj@chromium.orgCrOS: Update Chromite pin.
8 days ago dnj@chromium.orgCrOS: Update Chromite pin.
8 days ago tandrii@google.comDelete master.client.nacl.sdk.mono .
8 days ago[Android] Remove findbugs from the upstream bots.
8 days ago akuegel@chromium.orgNormalize paths in compilation units.
8 days ago phajdan.jr... Remove AOSP trybot
9 days ago shinyak@chromium.orgRemove f_chromium_win_clang_goma.