3 hours ago shinyak@chromium.orgAdd a step to update goma canary. master
3 hours ago shinyak@chromium.orgEnable goma on Windows for NaCl untrusted code.
4 hours ago nodir@chromium.orgConnect chromium.perf[.fyi] to buildbucket
4 hours ago smut@google.comAllow arbitrarily many exclusions in chromium_tests...
5 hours ago nodir@chromium.orgbuildbucket: get_triggering_service works > once
6 hours ago hans@chromium.orgClang ToT testers: don't set LLVM_FORCE_HEAD_REVISION
6 hours ago nodir@chromium.orgBuildbucket-based build triggering API
6 hours ago nodir@chromium.orgBuildBucket-based build triggering
6 hours ago[Android] Change the android_amp_rel_tests_recipe slaves.
7 hours ago davidben@chromium.orgAdd Mac support to the BoringSSL recipe.
7 hours ago mikecase@chromium.orgFixed logcat trying to be uploaded on infra failures.
8 hours ago mtklein@chromium.orgSkia: stop running render_pfds
8 hours ago dbeam@chromium.orgAdd more friends of Closure Compiler to the tree_notify...
13 hours ago phajdan.jr... Explicitly compile crash_service on "WebKit Win Builder...
15 hours ago phajdan.jr... Convert 32-bit Windows Release chromium.webkit builders...
15 hours ago phajdan.jr... Add recipe code for 32-bit Windows Release chromium...
16 hours ago phajdan.jr... Convert Linux chromium.webkit builders to recipes
16 hours ago phajdan.jr... Add recipe code for Linux chromium.webkit builders
16 hours ago kjellander... bot_update: Support for gsubtreed mirrored commit posit...
16 hours ago phajdan.jr... Enable --test-results-server
16 hours ago borenet@google.comSkia infra recipe: fix trybot checkout
23 hours ago ricow@google.comUse shorter builddir for mac
31 hours ago robertocn@chromium.orgFixing line over 80 chars.
32 hours ago mikecase@chromium.orgMake AMP step status EXCEPTION when test runner has...
32 hours ago smut@google.comReally skip a test on an iOS try bot when the analyzer...
33 hours ago smut@google.comOnly run those tests the analyzer tells us to on iOS...
34 hours ago nodir@chromium.orgConnected V8 tryserver to buildbucket
34 hours ago nodir@chromium.orgSimplified buildbucket deployment
34 hours ago phajdan.jr... display number of builds
35 hours ago smut@google.comCompile only those targets analyze tells iOS try bots to
38 hours ago kjellander... Revert of WebRTC: Refactor revision handling. (patchset...
39 hours ago phajdan.jr... Fix revision resolution on new chromium.webkit "WebKit...
40 hours ago phajdan.jr... make it possible to exclude build...
41 hours ago phajdan.jr... Switch "WebKit Linux" builder to recipes
42 hours ago phajdan.jr... Enable "analyze" for non-chromium patch projects in...
43 hours ago phajdan.jr... Add an option to print matched builds to estimate_capac...
46 hours ago machenbach... V8 Buildbot: Switch chromium mac builders to 64 bits.
47 hours ago ricow@google.comRemove koda@ from the list of people that gets all...
2 days ago dnj@chromium.orgCrOS: Update Chromite pinning.
2 days ago eakuefner@chromium.orgAdd eakuefner & fmeawad to chromium_perf and chromium_p...
2 days ago dnj@chromium.orgCrOS: Remove unittest-on-GCE restriction.
2 days ago smut@google.comSet GYP_CROSSCOMPILE=1 when running the analyzer on...
2 days ago smut@google.comSet extra iOS GYP_DEFINES when reading the config
2 days ago eakuefner@chromium.orgAdd eakuefner & fmeawad to chromium.perf master OWNERS
2 days ago nodir@chromium.orgapi.trigger: refactoring, made extensible
2 days ago eakuefner@chromium.orgFix recipe config to add Intel tester
2 days ago scottmg@chromium.orgAdd noop compile check to all trybots
2 days ago nodir@chromium.orgFix to r294285
2 days ago prasadv@google.comAdd MOTOE perf bisect bot to tryserver.chromium.perf
2 days ago nodir@chromium.orgbuildbucket: put build def into property
2 days ago phajdan.jr... Tag swarming tasks with patch project if present
2 days ago alexmos@chromium.orgAdd new site isolation trybot.
2 days ago dnj@chromium.orgAdd master2a config.
2 days ago phajdan.jr... Add average and median build times to
2 days ago borenet@google.comSkia Infra recipe: change Go package name
2 days ago phajdan.jr... Add layout tests to recipe "WebKit Linux" builder
2 days ago borenet@google.comPartial revert of
2 days ago dnj@chromium.orgAdded more Chromite information inferences.
2 days ago kjellander... bot_update: Fix flag for
2 days ago jam@chromium.orgDon't run layout tests in debug for Skia autoroll bot.
2 days ago phajdan.jr... Also archive layout tests results on non-tryserver...
2 days ago borenet@google.comSkia Infra recipe: apply got_revision
2 days ago kjellander... WebRTC: Refactor revision handling.
2 days ago kjellander... WebRTC: Make more builders share slaves.
3 days ago hans@chromium.orgClang ToT Linux: set linux_dump_symbols
4 days ago nodir@chromium.orgBuildbucket: put bucket and buildset to properties
5 days ago prasadv@google.comIncrease max timeout for "Preparing for Bisection"...
5 days ago smut@google.comAdd analyze steps to iOS try bot builds which use ninja
5 days ago hinoka@chromium.orgReland: Add oauth2 support for bot_update
5 days ago phajdan.jr... Only run layout tests on selected chromium builders
5 days ago kjellander... WebRTC: Make FYI ASan bots not auto-reboot.
5 days ago kjellander... WebRTC: Split FYI ASan to builder+tester
5 days ago kjellander... Gatekeeper: Add new bots to client.webrtc
6 days ago djacques@chromium.orgPYTHONPATH: Don't replace empty string with None.
6 days ago dnj@chromium.orgcros_chromite: Refrain from using authentication.
6 days ago hinoka@chromium.orgAdded master.client.boringssl
6 days ago dnj@chromium.orgStandardize Python paths for master/slave/tools.
6 days ago dnj@chromium.orgCrOS: Fix parent properties, add HasUnitTests()
6 days ago dnj@chromium.orgbuildbot: Add 'accepting_bulds' to buildstate.
6 days ago kbr@chromium.orgSwarmed Telemetry GPU tests should not be marked idempo...
6 days ago earthdok@chromium.orgApply the lsan config to the Linux ASan builder again.
6 days ago xunjieli@chromium.orgAdd verbose flag to test step for Cronet recipes
6 days ago borenet@google.comSkia Infra recipe: add $GOPATH/bin to PATH
6 days ago borenet@google.comSkia Infra recipe: apply patch for try jobs
6 days ago phajdan.jr... Run layout tests on chromium trybots when a change...
6 days ago simonhatch... Add support for cc_perftests and other non-telemetry...
6 days ago borenet@google.comSkia infra recipe: install goimports, run db setup
6 days ago phajdan.jr... Extract get_files_affected_by_patch out of filter recip...
6 days ago borenet@google.comSkia Infra recipe: fix GIT_USER_AGENT
6 days ago kjellander... WebRTC: Android perf tests
6 days ago machenbach... V8 Buildbot: Add bots for ppc release.
6 days ago phajdan.jr... Fix to actually process builds
6 days ago kjellander... Libyuv: Make XCode 6.1 the default on Mac and remove...
7 days ago sergiyb@chromium.orgInclude all python files in recipe_modules to coverage...
7 days ago dnj@chromium.orgCrOS: Update Chromite pinning, tryserver config.
7 days ago nodir@chromium.orgbuildbucket: redundant is_production parameter
7 days ago smut@google.comTurn down all non-ninja iOS try bots, as well as chromi...
7 days ago mikecase@chromium.orgDisable fastbuild on clang ASan release builders.
7 days ago stip@chromium.orgReport no-new-builds status.
7 days ago eakuefner@chromium.orgFix triggers for Perf FYI bots