28 hours ago dpranke@chromium.orgStop logging the annotated JSON results from webkit_tes... master
29 hours ago dpranke@chromium.orgRe-land r264861 - "Add Android support to chromium_gn...
29 hours ago dpranke@chromium.orgRevert "Add Android support to chromium_gn recipe ."
29 hours ago dpranke@chromium.orgAdd Android support to chromium_gn recipe .
30 hours ago zhaoqin@google.comAdd content and some other tests with DrMemory light...
31 hours ago eroman@chromium.orgRevert 264828 "Make results_dashboard send just one...
31 hours ago qyearsley@chromium.orgMake results_dashboard send just one request per test...
32 hours ago smut@google.comAdding os.listdir wrapper to recipes path module
33 hours ago earthdok@chromium.orgMSan: add content_browsertests to the experimental...
36 hours ago phajdan.jr... Make it possible to exclude builders in chromium_trybot...
36 hours ago phajdan.jr... Run gclient sync after gclient revert
2 days ago vadimsh@chromium.orgAdd --verbose flag to to print...
2 days ago kbr@chromium.orgAdd vm[798..799]-m4 to win_gpu configuration.
2 days ago kbr@chromium.orgRemove build[41..48]-b4 from linux_gpu on tryserver...
2 days ago klundberg@chromium.orgSupport running Monkey tests on different channel builds.
2 days ago dmikurube@chromium.orgUse use_allocator instead of linux_use_tcmalloc in...
3 days ago vadimsh@chromium.orgVarious minor improvements to
3 days ago hamaji@chromium.orgStop running components_unittests on linux_tsan
3 days ago kbr@chromium.orgAdded slave[423..452]-c4 to linux_gpu, to replace the...
3 days ago nodir@chromium.orgRevert "linux_arm_tester: enabled bot_update"
3 days ago sebmarchand... Fix to be able build python's coverage package on Windows.
3 days ago kbr@chromium.orgRetry failed gclient revert steps in the GPU recipe.
3 days ago petermayo@chromium.orgRemove LKCR requirement for sync.
3 days ago hinoka@google.comRevert of Enable bot update on slave[250:256]-c4 on...
3 days ago hinoka@google.comEnable bot update on slave[250:256]-c4 on the tryserver
3 days ago jochen@chromium.orgReland 263974, 263959, and 264076
3 days ago kjellander... Revert of WebRTC: Switch client.webrtc Android bots...
3 days ago kmg@google.comMake shards a parameter of task()
3 days ago kjellander... WebRTC: Switch client.webrtc Android bots over to recip...
3 days ago jochen@chromium.orgRevert 264076 "win: Remove explicit goma-related GYP_DE...
3 days ago jochen@chromium.orgRevert 263959 "Set use_goma=1 and gomadir=path in GYP_D...
3 days ago jochen@chromium.orgRevert 263974 "Try to fix on Window...
4 days ago thakis@chromium.orgwin: Remove explicit goma-related GYP_DEFINES.
4 days ago navabi@google.comAndroid builder recipe should be using public SDK.
4 days ago nodir@chromium.orglinux_arm_tester: enabled bot_update
4 days ago vadimsh@chromium.orgDo not seed 'swarming: <task>' steps twice.
4 days ago hinoka@google.comAdd android to bot_update
4 days ago hinoka@google.comChromium Trybot Bot Update Recipe
4 days ago hinoka@google.comAndroid AOSP fixes for bot_update
4 days ago joshualitt... fix for libvpx waterfall
4 days ago yoz@chromium.orgAdd support for test selection based...
4 days ago smut@google.comAdding env recipe module
4 days ago luqui@chromium.orgFix adb script to deal correctly with status messages...
4 days ago zty@chromium.orgupdate example for coverage
4 days ago nodir@chromium.orgAutoSetupMaster: mail_notifier_mode parameter
4 days ago thakis@chromium.orgTry to fix on Windows after r263959.
4 days ago thakis@chromium.orgSet use_goma=1 and gomadir=path in GYP_DEFINES on
4 days ago hinoka@google.comEnable bot_update for Linux Builder dbg 32/64
4 days ago jochen@chromium.orgFix type in package_source
4 days ago jochen@chromium.orgTighten filter what to package for codesearch
4 days ago kjellander... WebRTC: Remove virtual webcam check step.
4 days ago phajdan.jr... Point nacl tests to correct browser on 64-bit Windows
4 days ago kjellander... libyuv: Add iOS gclient_deps
4 days ago jochen@chromium.orgAlso exclude .git directories from the codesearch tarball
4 days ago jochen@chromium.orgBail out if one of the pipes fails in RunCommand
4 days ago kjellander... WebRTC recipe: Fix Android standalone builds.
4 days ago djacques@chromium.orgClean up slave allocations.
5 days ago dpranke@chromium.orgFirst cut at a blink_android_trybot recipe.
5 days ago hajimehoshi... Enable memory.tough_dom_memory_cases at chromeperf
5 days ago pgervais@chromium.orgRemoved /bots prefix to RietveldApi
5 days ago nodir@chromium.orgTryJobGit switched to ChromiumGitPoller
5 days ago bradnelson... Deploying more mac naclports builders.
5 days ago kbr@chromium.orgRemove build[10..13].m4 from linux_gpu and win_gpu...
5 days ago dpranke@chromium.orgRe-land 263561 / Revert 263653 ("Revert of Remove the...
5 days ago bradnelson... Shorten the slave build directory name for all nacl...
5 days ago bradnelson... Adding a bionic nacl sdk builder (canary only).
5 days ago joshualitt... Revised android unittests now send data to perf dashboard
5 days ago kjellander... WebRTC recipes: Switch standalone builders to Goma.
5 days ago kjellander... WebRTC: Add Dr Memory "Full" trybot
5 days ago kjellander... WebRTC: Remove WebRTC FYI waterfall from overview.
6 days ago yyanagisawa... Completely removes NO_NACL_GOMA.
6 days ago iannucci@chromium.orgMake test training compatible with svn checkouts.
6 days ago ckocagil@chromium.orgRevert of Remove the GN logic from the chromium_trybot...
6 days ago dpranke@chromium.orgRemove the GN logic from the chromium_trybot recipe...
7 days ago ernstm@chromium.orgAdd repaint benchmark to perf bots.
7 days ago petermayo@chromium.orgMove all ToT builders off Amd slaves.
7 days ago petermayo@chromium.orgRevert r263357 - Shorten the build directory name for...
7 days ago kjellander... WebRTC: Move Dr Memory bots to main waterfall.
7 days ago kjellander... WebRTC: Add DrMemory trybot and remove Pattern commitbot
7 days ago phajdan.jr... Point telemetry tests to correct browser on 64-bit...
7 days ago stip@chromium.orgAdd mac perf bisect bots to tryserver.
7 days ago stip@chromium.orgChanges timeout to be 25 minutes, even though we should...
8 days ago nodir@chromium.orgtryserver recipe: use FETCH_HEAD to checkout
8 days ago zty@chromium.orgadded bisect script step to chromium_android module
8 days ago dpranke@chromium.orgAdd a Linux GN (release) bot to the chromium.linux...
8 days ago dpranke@chromium.orgAdd oilpan bots to blink_trybot recipe, tryserver.blink.
8 days ago bradnelson... Shorten the build directory name for all nacl builders.
8 days ago hinoka@google.comGet bot_update to print got_revision_git
8 days ago hinoka@google.comAdd bot_update to android builder
8 days ago phajdan.jr... Refactor chromium_trybot recipe to use a map of builders
8 days ago machenbach... V8 Buildbot: Fix arm novfp3 recipe.
8 days ago machenbach... V8 Buildbot: Make win shared nosnap bot a tree closer.
8 days ago skyostil@google.comStop running the old rasterize_and_record benchmark
8 days ago stip@chromium.orgSet cleanup_temp timeout to 300s.
8 days ago ricow@google.comUpdate v8 to 3.25
9 days ago hajimehoshi... Leak detector on build bots
9 days ago sbc@chromium.orgDon't use official_release=True for naclports builders.
9 days ago sbc@chromium.orgIncrease gclient_timeout for ARM linux hardware trybot.
9 days ago scottmg@chromium.orgRemove obsolete GYP_MSVS_VERSION settings from buildbot...
9 days ago rnk@chromium.orgAdd browser_tests to the Windows Clang FYI bot