17 min ago tandrii@google.comTemporary fix to gitiles to be resilient to 429 errors. master
27 min ago ngeoffray@google.comUpdate which boot images are used when running libcore...
2 hours ago sergiyb@chromium.orgUse 'patch_project' to derive the path at which a patch...
3 hours ago borenet@google.comAdd some Skia bots to the gatekeeper
4 hours ago phajdan.jr... Switch "Android Clang Builder (dbg)" to chromium recipe
5 hours ago phajdan.jr... Cleanup: remove FYI mac x64 builders (it's default...
5 hours ago phajdan.jr... Add more "ng" trybots for optional configurations
6 hours ago akuegel@chromium.orgReplace optparse by argparse in archive_source_codesear...
13 hours ago sergeyberezin... Refine tryserver.chromium.linux slave pools.
17 hours ago chrisha@chromium.orgFix Syzygy recipe use of gsutil.bat for metrics archiving.
17 hours ago hinoka@chromium.orgAdd recent builds to slaves json view
17 hours ago prasadv@chromium.orgPropogate key value arguments to step recipe module...
18 hours ago phajdan.jr... Cleanup: remove builders from recipe-side that do not...
19 hours ago dnj@chromium.orgRevert of CrOS: Enable swarming on Ozone builder/test...
19 hours ago rkubiak@chromium.orgAllow passing additional arguments to repo clean
22 hours ago dnj@chromium.orgCrOS: Enable swarming on Ozone builder/test.
22 hours ago chrisha@chromium.orgFix references to 'got_revision' in syzygy recipes.
23 hours ago akuegel@chromium.orgDon't use normpath to avoid confusing the indexer.
24 hours ago phajdan.jr... Add experimental ng-trybot coverage for ios trybots
24 hours ago kjellander... WebRTC: Explicitly set cpu_arch for GN on Mac.
25 hours ago kjellander... WebRTC: Remove libjingle_unittest
26 hours ago akuegel@chromium.orgFix generation of index pack archive.
26 hours ago stephana@google.comSwitches to UTC timezone to generate upload directories.
29 hours ago phajdan.jr... Add configuration for "Android Clang Builder (dbg)...
30 hours ago phajdan.jr... Optimize tryserver.chromium.linux slave pools:
30 hours ago phajdan.jr... Optimize slave pools:
39 hours ago dpranke@chromium.orgAdd a set of optional tryservers that will build and...
39 hours ago dpranke@chromium.orgAdd a new chromium.mojo master.
39 hours ago luqui@chromium.orgAdded ui_android_unittests to android bots
39 hours ago dpranke@chromium.orgMake slaves.cfg optional for buildbot masters.
42 hours ago chrisha@chromium.orgPersist unittest generated metrics on the Syzygy builders.
43 hours ago mtklein@chromium.orgSkia: skip broken image/device pairs for decoding tasks.
43 hours ago dnj@chromium.orgAdd 'ng' trybot recipes for CrOS Ozone.
47 hours ago borenet@google.comSkia recipe: Stop running msaa4 on Nexus10
2 days ago machenbach... V8 Buildbot: CC v8 *san sheriff on *san failures.
2 days ago machenbach... V8 Buildbot: Make blink downstream bots ignore pixel...
2 days ago ricow@google.comFix pub poller
2 days ago nodir@chromium.orgTriggering code can specify changes
2 days ago dnj@chromium.orggatekeeper: Added result string to status template
2 days ago mtklein@chromium.orgFixup: create device images directory, like we do for...
2 days ago mtklein@chromium.orgFeed DM --images, stop running skimage.
2 days ago phajdan.jr... Disable "isolate" step on other compile-only trybots
2 days ago rmistry@google.comUse Release build for RecreateSKPs to attempt to reduce...
2 days ago phajdan.jr... Add for easy capacity estimations
3 days ago sergiyb@chromium.orgFree up one Windows GPU slave for testing on swarming
3 days ago akuegel@chromium.orgAdd an include_paths parameter.
3 days ago ricow@google.comAdd general mail notification to the package bots
3 days ago shinyak@chromium.orgPut .goma_deps in target directory, and keep it if...
5 days ago dpranke@chromium.orgSplit the in two for chromium.mojo.
5 days ago dpranke@chromium.orgModify buildbot-tool to do nearly everything at master...
5 days ago scottmg@chromium.orgChange clobber dir for crashpad
5 days ago scottmg@chromium.orgFix clobber on crashpad recipe
5 days ago sergiyb@chromium.orgRevert of Free up one Linux GPU slave for testing on...
5 days ago scottmg@chromium.orgHave crashpad run a tests script, and respect clobber
5 days ago borenet@google.comExclude trybots from Skia's gatekeeper config
5 days ago thestig@chromium.orgPrint the correct paths to the static iniatializer...
5 days ago sergiyb@chromium.orgFree up one Linux GPU slave for testing on swarming
5 days ago smut@google.comRun ios_chrome_unittests on iOS bots
5 days ago borenet@google.comSkia recipe: Update SKPs before running DM
5 days ago sullivan@chromium.orgAdd an option to telemetry_utils to not delete parent...
5 days ago fdegans@chromium.orgChange LTO bot configuration to use component=shared_li...
5 days ago machenbach... V8 Buildbot: Redistribute builder slaves.
5 days ago earthdok@chromium.orgSwitch MSan LKGR builders to Trusty.
5 days ago phajdan.jr... Remove non-existent builders from chromium_trybot recipe
5 days ago kjellander... tryserver.webrtc: Add GN trybots for Win+Mac
5 days ago borenet@google.comSkia recipe: stop running skimage on Galaxy S4
5 days ago borenet@google.comRe-land "Add Skia to gatekeeper-ng"
5 days ago borenet@google.comDisable pylint error about zope.interface.Interface
6 days ago machenbach... V8 Buildbot: Add gcc 4.8 bot.
6 days ago machenbach... V8 Buildbot: Refactoring - simplify perf upload api.
6 days ago machenbach... V8 Buildbot: New generation v8 deps roller.
6 days ago phajdan.jr... Protect against duplicate tryjob keys
6 days ago ricow@google.comUse smaller builddir for safari mobile.
6 days ago phajdan.jr... Do not run isolate tests on ng trybots that only compile
6 days ago sergiyb@chromium.orgAdded platform suffixes for GPU test steps
6 days ago kjellander... WebRTC: Switch Chromium Mac to 64-bit.
6 days ago dnj@chromium.orgAdd 'buildnumber' to 'gatekeeper_ng'.
6 days ago dbeam@chromium.orgMake Closure Compilation Linux FYI bot email blamelist...
6 days ago borenet@google.comAdd a single branch scheduler for Skia
6 days ago sky@chromium.orgMojo bot tweaks
6 days ago earthdok@chromium.orgMove CrOS MSan bots to
7 days ago machenbach... V8 Buildbot: Add script to merge perf results.
7 days ago kjellander... Disable libjingle_peerconnection_android_unittest
7 days ago kjellander... WebRTC: Refactor + add Android instrumentation test
7 days ago sergiyb@chromium.orgAdded Mac Retina bots to the list of GPU swarming dimen...
7 days ago whesse@google.comThe canvasmark benchmark has been removed. Remove it...
7 days ago sergiyb@chromium.orgRemoved mac_gpu and mac_gpu_retina_triggered_tests...
7 days ago machenbach... V8 Buildbot: Fix gclient revinfo cwd in v8 deps roller.
7 days ago dnj@chromium.orgReference masters absolutely in recipes test.
7 days ago dpranke@chromium.orgAdd a new buildbot-tool generator for master configs.
7 days ago stip@chromium.orgMake gatekeeper unkillable, outlasting our hopes, dream...
7 days ago borenet@google.comRevert of Add Skia to gatekeeper-ng (patchset #2 id...
7 days ago stip@chromium.orgLog URL when an error occurs.
7 days ago maruel@chromium.orgAdd more missing dependencies to run recipes on Swarming.
7 days ago maruel@chromium.orgRemove the use of --profile in Swarming recipes.
7 days ago machenbach... V8 Buildbot: Update gatekeeper to recent bot changes.
7 days ago phajdan.jr... Fix linux_chromium_dbg_ng
7 days ago sergiyb@chromium.orgFree up one Mac Retina slave for testing on swarming
7 days ago borenet@google.comAdd new Skia Mac builders/slaves
8 days ago borenet@google.comAdd Skia to gatekeeper-ng