107 min ago machenbach... V8 Buildbot: Fix ASAN builder's archive step. master
2 hours ago machenbach... V8 Buildbot: Add reliable blink bots for all platforms.
6 hours ago pschmidt@chromium.orgReplace vm530-m4 with vm107-m4 for win_drmemory in...
8 hours ago scottmg@chromium.orgNo goma on GN win fyi for now until it's closer to...
8 hours ago hinoka@chromium.orgClean up how Zip build uploads things.
9 hours ago hinoka@chromium.orgBand-aid fix for ZipBuild to make it not do an exception
10 hours ago dnj@chromium.orgAdded frozen dictionary implementation
10 hours ago hinoka@chromium.orgHave webkit deps builder trigger off only src
12 hours ago qyearsley@chromium.orgEdit a few comments in
12 hours ago dnj@chromium.orgAdded 'gsutil' metadata support; enabled for CF
13 hours ago iannucci@chromium.orgMake first gpu compile failure critical on main waterfall.
13 hours ago sergeyberezin... Update links on the main waterfall console for the...
14 hours ago pgervais@chromium.orgChanged uploaded file names in log_uploader
14 hours ago scottmg@chromium.orgSwitch broken out-dated 'Aura Ash' fyi bots to Win...
14 hours ago martiniss@chromium.orgBug fix for expect tests handling of trailing slashes...
14 hours ago jbudorick@chromium.orgHave the arm-l-builder build target hera_test_apk in...
14 hours ago dpranke@chromium.orgRe-land r285595 and support retrying telemetry_unittest...
15 hours ago borenet@google.comFix unicode bug in Skia recipe
15 hours ago luqui@chromium.orgUpload logs to google storage on android_dbg_triggered_...
15 hours ago szager@chromium.orgSupport regular expressions in GitilesPoller branch...
16 hours ago iannucci@chromium.orgMake gpu test failure handling correct.
16 hours ago iannucci@chromium.orgMake error logic in chromium a bit more robust.
17 hours ago borenet@google.comclient.skia: Change NoGPU slavename
20 hours ago machenbach... Make chromium recipe retain first test error and run...
25 hours ago iannucci@chromium.orgSet test spec when determining dynamic compile targets.
26 hours ago jam@chromium.orgAlso remove "%" character from variable name in stats...
31 hours ago hinoka@chromium.orgEnable bot_update for client.skia
32 hours ago szager@chromium.orgSigh... another GitilesPoller comparator fix.
32 hours ago szager@chromium.orgYet another GitilesPoller comparator fix.
33 hours ago szager@chromium.orgFix GitilesPoller.isRevisionEarlier.
33 hours ago hinoka@chromium.orgEnable bot_update on Win SyzyASAN LKGR on
33 hours ago szager@chromium.orgIn svn_mode, the comparator object must use svn revisions.
34 hours ago hinoka@chromium.orgEnable bot_update for all of chromium.lkgr
34 hours ago'archive_build' gets revisions from properties
34 hours ago hinoka@chromium.orgEnable bot_update for tryserver.chromium.perf
34 hours ago hinoka@chromium.orgRe-enable bot update on Win Builder / NaCl tests for...
34 hours ago smut@google.comFix GitBranchPoller to expect revision where revisions...
34 hours ago smut@google.comFix GitBranchPoller to accept change objects, not revis...
35 hours ago bradnelson... Propagate properties to triggered builds for nacl in...
35 hours ago smut@google.comFix GitBranchPoller
36 hours ago szager@chromium.orgEnable GitilesPoller in svn mode on
36 hours ago borenet@google.comUpdate Skia DEPS roll trybot name after tryserver split
36 hours ago borenet@google.comFix assert in chromium recipe API
36 hours ago agable@chromium.orgClose steps after updating presentation.
37 hours ago iannucci@chromium.orgCall callback to make StepData in non-test-path.
37 hours ago iannucci@chromium.orgIgnore seed_steps to avoid crashing bots if they update...
38 hours ago iannucci@chromium.orgAlways seed step before cursoring to it.
38 hours ago agable@chromium.orgRemove seed_steps from annotated_run
38 hours ago martiniss@chromium.orgRecipes 1.5.
38 hours ago dnj@chromium.orgUse 'git-retry' for Chromite checkout step
39 hours ago zty@chromium.orgFix runtest script so it respects test-platform arg.
43 hours ago machenbach... V8 Buildbot: Add experimental auto-roll builder.
45 hours ago machenbach... V8 Buildbot: Add an experimental blink bot.
46 hours ago petermayo@chromium.orgAdd ozone definitions for the trybot recipe scripts.
47 hours ago machenbach... Add blink recipe for component builds.
4 days ago iannucci@chromium.orgFix recipes for new split tryserver world.
4 days ago sergeyberezin... Fixing slaves config for tryserver.split
4 days ago sergeyberezin... Splitting the tryserver.chromium into linux, win, mac...
4 days ago jam@chromium.orgCreate linux_chromeos swarming trybots.
4 days ago zmo@chromium.orgAdd --extra-browser-args=--enable-logging=stderr to...
4 days ago smut@google.comAdd RevisionComparator to GitBranchPoller
4 days ago dmichael@chromium.orgRevert of Support proper retrying of telemetry_unittest...
4 days ago tonyg@chromium.orgAdd Nexus7 bisect bot.
4 days ago dpranke@chromium.orgThis patch ports the retry logic we had for mojo_python...
4 days ago phajdan.jr... Clean up in chromium recipe module
4 days ago phajdan.jr... Correctness fixes for recipe_modules/chromium/steps:
5 days ago petermayo@chromium.orgAdd Ozone trybot configurations.
5 days ago tonyg@chromium.orgMake list perf tests abort on failures.
5 days ago kbr@chromium.orgTemporarily avoid closing tree on (flaky) webgl_conform...
5 days ago scottmg@chromium.orgHuge timeout on Win8 Aura to catch while broken
5 days ago hinoka@chromium.orgExplicitly pass build_url into AddZipBuild
5 days ago borenet@google.comChange Skia ports again, again.
5 days ago martiniss@chromium.orgNew blink tests.
5 days ago davidjames... Swap x86-generic-paladin to a working machine.
5 days ago sky@chromium.orgChanges filter list to exclusion list
5 days ago borenet@google.comAdd Win and Mac canaries to client.skia, use correct...
5 days ago martiniss@chromium.orgNew git tests.
5 days ago machenbach... V8 Buildbot: Fix builder order using the default presor...
5 days ago vadimsh@chromium.orgAdd --json option to generate normalized JSON with...
5 days ago szager@chromium.orgEliminate more special characters from javascript varia...
5 days ago jam@chromium.orgAlways run nacl_integration tests.
5 days ago kbr@chromium.orgReenable maps_pixel_test including in gatekeeper.
5 days ago martiniss@chromium.orgNew chromium trybot tests.
5 days ago petermayo@chromium.orgMove the chromiumos master to a unique port.
5 days ago borenet@google.comFix Skia header widths
5 days ago borenet@google.comAdd/Fix Skia OWNERS
5 days ago machenbach... V8 Buildbot: Remove nightly builders.
5 days ago phajdan.jr... chromium_trybot: use a more robust way to use same...
5 days ago machenbach... V8 Buildbot: Drop testing variants for test262.
5 days ago phajdan.jr... blink_trybot: match original revision when retrying...
5 days ago phajdan.jr... chromium_gn: don't clobber on compiler failure
6 days ago martiniss@chromium.orgNew v8 tests.
6 days ago petermayo@chromium.orgAdd athena_unittests to LSan for ChromeOS.
6 days ago petermayo@chromium.orgRun the gizmo paladin too.
6 days ago martiniss@chromium.orgNew ozone ecs tests.
6 days ago martiniss@chromium.orgNew gpu tests.
6 days ago borenet@google.comAdd Skia-specific header
6 days ago hinoka@chromium.orgUse Google Storage for build artifact transfer for...
6 days ago hinoka@chromium.orgUse Google Storage for chromium.webkit Win Builder
6 days ago hinoka@chromium.orgMove FileExclusions from to chromium_utils...