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last changeSat, 18 Oct 2014 00:45:17 +0000 (00:45 +0000)
2 days ago jam@chromium.orgRemove some Windows bots that aren't used anymore. master
2 days ago jam@chromium.orgMove nacl_integration tests into existing bots.
2 days ago maruel@chromium.orgFix when 'isolated_out' is not set; happens when a...
2 days ago jamesr@chromium.orgMove master.client.mojo to master3
2 days ago dnj@chromium.orgCROS: Remapped 249 => 252 (hardware problem)
2 days ago nodir@chromium.orgAdded run_gc parameter to git.checkout
2 days ago dnj@chromium.orgCROS: Migrated 'b2' slaves to 'm2'
2 days ago beaudoin@chromium.orgEnsure gt gest_slave_util stores a list of expected...
2 days ago sebmarchand... Move to the isolate module.
2 days ago maruel@chromium.orgAdd recipes.isolate, so recipes can be run from anywhere.
2 days ago navabi@google.comPut a tester on N5's to fix N5 issues before moving...
2 days ago sebmarchand... Move the RemoveBuildMetadata function into the isolate...
2 days ago jam@chromium.orgEnable swarming on Vista tester.
2 days ago dnj@chromium.orgAdd more ChromeOS tryserver slaves.
2 days ago sebmarchand... Add a failure notifier to the PGO builder.
2 days ago borenet@google.comAdd Skia RecreateSKPs bot
2 days ago master