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last changeWed, 29 Apr 2015 15:52:14 +0000 (15:52 +0000)
2015-04-29 dpranke@chromium.orgRename chromium.webkit Mac Retina bot in recipes. master
2015-04-29 akuegel@chromium.orgAdd gitpoller directory to blacklist for pylint.
2015-04-29 machenbach... Clusterfuzz archive: Get zip entry types before zipping.
2015-04-29 mtklein@chromium.orgSkia: disable link-time code generation on compile...
2015-04-29 kjellander... WebRTC: Add more Mac and Windows VMs to tryserver.webrt...
2015-04-29 akuegel@chromium.orgAdd a third slave to the presubmit pool.
2015-04-29 phajdan.jr... Recipes: make cwd default to slave_build
2015-04-29 sergiyb@chromium.orgAdded build to the list of solutions for build_internal
2015-04-29 kjellander... WebRTC: Add more Mac and Windows VMs to tryserver.webrtc
2015-04-29 nodir@chromium.orgCheck token expiration more aggressively
2015-04-28 iannucci@chromium.orgFix returns_placeholder to prevent it from getting...
2015-04-28 dpranke@chromium.orgAdjust column widths in the buildbot waterfall for...
2015-04-28 dpranke@chromium.orgRename WebKit Mac10.8 (retina) bot -> 10.9.
2015-04-28 erikchen@chromium.orgLarge profile generator recipe should use parent_build_...
2015-04-28 nodir@chromium.orgdeferred_resource: improved retries
2015-04-28 nodir@chromium.orgbuildbucket: requester property
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