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last changeThu, 24 Jul 2014 19:16:43 +0000 (19:16 +0000)
3 min ago borenet@google.comAdd Win and Mac canaries to client.skia, use correct... master
7 min ago martiniss@chromium.orgNew git tests.
29 min ago machenbach... V8 Buildbot: Fix builder order using the default presor...
60 min ago vadimsh@chromium.orgAdd --json option to generate normalized JSON with...
71 min ago szager@chromium.orgEliminate more special characters from javascript varia...
72 min ago jam@chromium.orgAlways run nacl_integration tests.
87 min ago kbr@chromium.orgReenable maps_pixel_test including in gatekeeper.
2 hours ago martiniss@chromium.orgNew chromium trybot tests.
4 hours ago petermayo@chromium.orgMove the chromiumos master to a unique port.
4 hours ago borenet@google.comFix Skia header widths
4 hours ago borenet@google.comAdd/Fix Skia OWNERS
6 hours ago machenbach... V8 Buildbot: Remove nightly builders.
6 hours ago phajdan.jr... chromium_trybot: use a more robust way to use same...
6 hours ago machenbach... V8 Buildbot: Drop testing variants for test262.
8 hours ago phajdan.jr... blink_trybot: match original revision when retrying...
8 hours ago phajdan.jr... chromium_gn: don't clobber on compiler failure
3 min ago master