2014-03-06 stip@chromium.orgMake sure size calculations take jsonification into... master
2014-02-18 machenbach... Cache current V8 sheriff.
2014-02-06 stip@chromium.orgAdd support to change the status header for gatekeeper-ng.
2014-01-18 stip@chromium.orgRemove email whitelist.
2014-01-18 stip@chromium.orgFix tests.
2013-12-20 stip@google.comFix link templates for mailer.
2013-12-19 stip@google.comWhitelist jschuh@ for gatekeeper_ng emails.
2013-12-16 stip@google.comAccept subject template for mailer.
2013-11-14 dbeam@chromium.orgFix double commenting that has made "-->" appear on...
2013-10-07 stip@google.comChange gatekeeper mail override to email gatekeeper...
2013-09-23 jam@chromium.orgUpdate codereview.settings file to use codereview.chrom...
2013-09-01 stip@google.comAdd build mailer capability to support gatekeeper_ng.
2013-08-13 ilevy@chromium.orgAdd stats js files to static dir
2013-04-26 hinoka@google.comRemoved refereces from waterfall to local buildbot...
2013-04-23 hinoka@google.comAdded buildbot appengine frontend for chromium-build app
2013-02-12 agable@chromium.orgAdds console renderer to merger backend.
2013-02-05 agable@chromium.orgBetter unicode output processing.
2013-02-01 agable@chromium.orgAdds a backend for increased performance of chromium...
2013-01-22 agable@chromium.orgFix failure to write latest_rev updates to database.
2013-01-15 agable@chromium.orgPut latest_rev data in datastore instead of memcache.
2013-01-15 ilevy@chromium.orgMirror android gardener rotation on chromium-build
2013-01-12 agable@chromium.orgFix for handling pages without a timestamp.
2013-01-11 agable@chromium.orgImproved URL handling, merging, and caching for the...
2013-01-11 agable@chromium.orgchromium-build app now renders console from stored...
2012-11-19 agable@chromium.orgAdds saving surroundings: announce, categories, and...
2012-11-08 agable@chromium.orgAdd individual row parsing and storage to the console.
2012-10-30 agable@chromium.orgAdding .gitignore for .pyc files.
2012-10-19 cmp@chromium.orgAllow crawling the rest of the sheriff files.
2012-10-09 cmp@chromium.orgFix limit on datastore text.
2012-09-19 mmoss@chromium.orgAdd IOS sheriffs to the console.
2012-09-12 cmp@chromium.orgMerge the win and mac consoles.
2012-09-10 cmp@chromium.orgMerge chromium.linux into main console display.
2012-09-10 cmp@chromium.orgRefactor masters to merge into a configurable value.
2012-09-06 cmp@chromium.orgAllow Googlebot to crawl sheriff_perf.js.
2012-08-13 cmp@chromium.orgRemove unneeded webkit onebox and CSS.
2012-08-13 cmp@chromium.orgAdd GPU default.css files.
2012-08-13 cmp@chromium.orgRe-sort list based on type, then remoteurl, add GPU.
2012-08-13 cmp@chromium.orgFix typo in chromebot one box URL.
2012-07-31 cmp@chromium.orgAdd URL for Chromebot onebox.
2012-05-29 cmp@chromium.orgAdd refresh support to the console page.
2012-05-08 cmp@chromium.orgTemporarily disable any caching of URLs.
2012-05-06 cmp@chromium.orgDrop LKGR URL prefix.
2012-05-06 cmp@chromium.orgEnable caching and using cached json data in console.
2012-05-05 cmp@chromium.orgAdd watchlist for chromium-build.
2012-04-23 cmp@chromium.orgAdd test for ensuring split revisions work as expected.
2012-04-23 cmp@chromium.orgRemove announce action, redirect to /p/chromium/console...
2012-04-23 cmp@chromium.orgRename this to chromium-build.
2012-04-23 cmp@chromium.orgCopy chromium-build-master to chromium-build.