2014-04-04 agable@chromium.orgRe-add the CQ directory to chrome/trunk/tools. master
2014-02-05 phajdan.jr... Delete public commit queue to avoid confusion after...
2014-02-04 sergeyberezin... Revert of CQ to always post a message when Commit box...
2014-02-04 sergeyberezin... Revert of Reduce spam from CQ. (https://codereview...
2014-02-03 sergeyberezin... Reduce spam from CQ.
2014-02-03 smut@google.comAdding iOS ninja builder to the commit queue
2014-01-31 iannucci@chromium.orgAdd components_unittests to the ios_dbg_simulator bots.
2014-01-30 rmistry@google.comUpdate Skia's tryserver URL since we have split our...
2014-01-29 sergeyberezin... Sort issues by their age in the commit queue.
2014-01-28 sergeyberezin... Made _discard_pending() always post a message. Added...
2014-01-28 phajdan.jr... CQ: do not force HEAD revision for chromium_trybot...
2014-01-28 cmp@chromium.orgRevert "Added support for private projects."
2014-01-28 pgervais@chromium.orgAdded support for private projects.
2014-01-28 sergeyberezin... Handle URLError timeout from Rietveld
2014-01-24 stip@chromium.orgAdd telemetry_perf_unittests and flesh out telemetry_un...
2014-01-23 sergeyberezin... Updated log messages in async_push for better debuggabi...
2014-01-23 sergeyberezin... Pass empty email & password to ReadOnlyRietveld in...
2014-01-22 phajdan.jr... Remove experimental Debug builders.
2014-01-21 phajdan.jr... Increase the percentage of jobs sent to the experimenta...
2014-01-16 petermayo@chromium.orgTurn up the batch/burst size for draining the pending...
2014-01-16 dpranke@chromium.orgAdd 'blink_heap_unittests' as a test step to run in...
2014-01-15 petermayo@chromium.orgDisable recipe CQ requirements.
2014-01-14 phajdan.jr... Increase the percentage of jobs sent to the experimenta...
2014-01-14 pgervais@chromium.orgImproved user-facing messages
2014-01-13 phajdan.jr... Increase the percentage of jobs sent to the experimenta...
2014-01-10 phajdan.jr... Trigger experimental recipe-based trybots for 1% of...
2014-01-03 pgervais@chromium.orgRemoved an assert in
2013-12-27 cmp@chromium.orgAdd stats script.
2013-12-18 kkania@chromium.orgDrop '2' from chromedriver2_unittests for the cq.
2013-12-17 csharp@chromium.orgAdd chrome_elf_unittests to the CQ for Windows.
2013-12-17 maruel@chromium.orgAdd Windows on Swarm usage for the Chromium CQ.
2013-12-17 phajdan.jr... Add check_deps2git to CQ.
2013-12-14 tfarina@chromium.orgAdd google_apis_unittests to win bots.
2013-12-11 maruel@chromium.orgAdd nacl_integration back on win_rel.
2013-12-05 phajdan.jr... CQ: Remove one out of two usages of buildbot_json in...
2013-12-05 rmistry@google.comAdd Skia's Git base url to the Commit Queue
2013-12-05 stip@chromium.orgAdd ability to point to local rietveld.
2013-12-03 grt@chromium.orgRemove Chrome Frame tests from the CQ.
2013-11-28 sadrul@chromium.orgRun events_unittests on linux-aura, linux-chromeos...
2013-11-28 phajdan.jr... CQ: Avoid making an expensive request to build.chromium...
2013-11-28 phajdan.jr... CQ: increase request timeout to 15 minutes.
2013-11-27 phajdan.jr... CQ: print buildbot URL it's trying to access on errors
2013-11-27 phajdan.jr... CQ: include more information in exception warnings
2013-11-26 phajdan.jr... CQ: don't treat the commit box as unchecked on network...
2013-11-21 phajdan.jr... CQ: catch more errors (IOError in this case, mostly...
2013-11-16 phajdan.jr... CQ: catch more exceptions when looking for new pending...
2013-11-16 phajdan.jr... CQ: catch more exceptions when applying a patch
2013-11-15 tfarina@chromium.orgAdd google_apis_unittests to more bots.
2013-11-15 maruel@chromium.orgRemove nacl_integration_tests from win_rel.
2013-11-15 agable@chromium.orgRevert "Remove linux_aura from CQ, merge aura tests...
2013-11-14 rmistry@google.comAdding support for NOTREECHECKS.
2013-11-14 stip@chromium.orgRemove linux_aura from CQ, merge aura tests onto linux_rel.
2013-11-13 phajdan.jr... CQ: don't give up on update and clobber build failures
2013-11-12 jam@chromium.orgRemove win7_aura from the CQ since it's a subset of...
2013-11-12 maruel@chromium.orgAdd OSX tests to run on Swarming.
2013-11-12 jam@chromium.orgMake win_rel contain all the targets that are in win7_a...
2013-11-08 phajdan.jr... CQ: stop swallowing exceptions
2013-11-08 phajdan.jr... CQ: catch IOError thrown on socket timeouts
2013-11-08 jochen@chromium.orgRemove weborigin_unittests from commit queue
2013-11-06 stip@chromium.orgAdd google_apis_unittests to mac_rel.
2013-11-06 phajdan.jr... CQ: add a timeout for socket operations
2013-11-04 phajdan.jr... CQ: do not second-guess the tryserver
2013-11-04 maruel@chromium.orgReenable linux swarm for CQ.
2013-10-31 phajdan.jr... CQ: assert instead of re-running verifiers
2013-10-24 phajdan.jr... CQ: handle more error conditions in
2013-10-24 iannucci@chromium.orgMake CQ use linux_blink instead of linux_layout
2013-10-22 maruel@chromium.orgDisable linux_swarm_triggered.
2013-10-22 maruel@chromium.orgConvert swarm_triggered to OS specific builder.
2013-10-19 cmp@chromium.orgRemove app_list_unittests from win7_aura requirements.
2013-10-17 tapted@chromium.orgAdd app_list_unittests to the CQ steps on mac, windows...
2013-10-14 phajdan.jr... CQ: handle more HTTP-related errors
2013-10-14 phajdan.jr... CQ: improve the warning when the tree is closed
2013-10-10 agable@chromium.orgFix commit queue to actually abort on import error.
2013-10-10 phajdan.jr... CQ: handle HTTP errors when accessing Rietveld
2013-10-08 maruel@chromium.orgDisable using Swarming for linux.
2013-10-08 phajdan.jr... CQ: do not parallelize remote requests to Rietveld/TS
2013-10-07 iannucci@chromium.orgTarget base_unittests on win_x64_rel bots to avoid...
2013-09-30 iannucci@chromium.orgAdd blink_platform_unittests to CQ.
2013-09-30 phajdan.jr... GTTF: Restore a change that makes local testing possible.
2013-09-26 agable@chromium.orgFalse -> 'False' to fix CQ crash loop.
2013-09-25 phajdan.jr... CQ: add landmines to delete database after unclean...
2013-09-24 jam@chromium.orgUpdate CQ script to use instead...
2013-09-24 phajdan.jr... GTTF: changes that allow testing CQ locally
2013-09-21 rmistry@google.comPointing to a skia master domain name and reading list...
2013-09-20 xusydoc@chromium.orgAdd message_center_unittests to mac CQ.
2013-09-13 maruel@chromium.orgAdd support for
2013-09-09 maruel@chromium.orgEnable Swarmed tests on linux for the CQ.
2013-09-07 smut@google.comRevert 221358 "Boot ios_dbg_simulator tests from CQ"
2013-09-05 ilevy@chromium.orgBoot ios_dbg_simulator tests from CQ
2013-08-27 rmistry@google.comA buildstep has been renamed this is causing the Skia...
2013-08-26 ilevy@chromium.orgLog exceptions that terminate CQ loop
2013-08-19 rmistry@google.comPointing to Skia's new buildbot master.
2013-08-18 iannucci@chromium.orgDisable media_unittests for ios_dbg_simulator
2013-08-06 rmistry@google.comRead Skia's CQ required steps from the buildbot
2013-07-31 hinoka@google.comAdded CQ alerts for when logs are 120 seconds stale.
2013-07-28 iannucci@chromium.orgSwitch CQ to use blink trybots for tests.
2013-07-26 iannucci@chromium.orgAdd android webview aosp to the default commit queue.
2013-07-26 ilevy@chromium.orgSimplify cq url match rules and add http urls
2013-07-24 xusydoc@chromium.orgAdd telemetry_unittests to win_rel and mac_rel.
2013-07-20 iannucci@chromium.orgRevert "Switch CQ to use blink trybots."