2015-04-29 wychen@chromium.orgIn, multiple --last_week for more weeks master
2015-04-28 wychen@chromium.orgDon't clean up after conflict in "git cl patch"
2015-04-28 wychen@chromium.orgFix mock restoration in git_cl_test
2015-04-27 sergiyb@google.comDisabled flaky depot_tools tests
2015-04-22 sbc@chromium.orgImprove --help and usage message for
2015-04-21 agable@chromium.orgEnable passing custom pylintrc files to PRESUBMIT.RunPy...
2015-04-21 vadimsh@chromium.orgFix "git cl upload --use-oauth2" not working on Windows...
2015-04-21 vadimsh@chromium.orgAdd debug logging to
2015-04-20 vadimsh@chromium.orgEnable OAuth2 by default.
2015-04-20 jiangj@opera.comFix GetPrimarySolutionPath() to not include buildtools
2015-04-18 phajdan.jr... Add "fetch" recipe for pdfium
2015-04-17 sheyang@chromium.orgRemove apiclient package
2015-04-17 vadimsh@chromium.orgAdd support for externally provided refresh tokens.
2015-04-16 peter@chromium.orgImplement support for file: includes in OWNERS files.
2015-04-16 rmistry@google.comSkip OWNERS checks for CQ dry runs
2015-04-16 akuegel@chromium.orgRevert of Upgrade 3rd packages (patchset #4 id:60001...
2015-04-16 sheyang@google.comUpgrade 3rd packages
2015-04-14 vadimsh@chromium.orgUse prefixed URLs path when calling internal Rietveld...
2015-04-13 vadimsh@chromium.orgFix typo in Authorization header name.
2015-04-13 sergiyb@chromium.orgAdded an env variable to hide "Depot tools has been...
2015-04-13 akuegel@chromium.orgFix git_cl_tests.
2015-04-10 vadimsh@chromium.orgAdd OAuth2 support for end users (i.e. 3-legged flow...
2015-04-09 vadimsh@chromium.orgExtract authentication options handling into a separate...
2015-04-09 sbc@chromium.orggit-squash-branch: handle empty squashes
2015-04-08 primiano@chromium.orgFix hook disable logic in gclient_scm (non-atomic os...
2015-04-08 e.hakkinen... gclient: Add '--no-bootstrap' sync option.
2015-04-08 dnj@chromium.orgFix 'gsutil' self-discovery.
2015-04-07 vadimsh@chromium.orgRemove 'email', 'password' and 'private_key_file' prope...
2015-04-07 Fix immutable exception attribute.
2015-04-07 Fix undefined variable bug.
2015-04-07 dnj@chromium.orgTry internal authentication URL if external fails.
2015-04-07 maruel@chromium.orgAutomatically upgrade '_' to '-' when finding the right...
2015-04-07 rmistry@google.comAdd ability to CQ dry run patchsets during "git cl...
2015-04-07 sheyang@google.comAdded OAuth2 support in depot_tools
2015-04-03 wychen@chromium.orgDisallow applying patches when git tree is dirty
2015-04-03 pasko@chromium.orgIn upload_to_google_storage, pass -z argument through...
2015-04-03 wychen@chromium.orgIn "git cl description", skip updating when unchanged
2015-04-03 wychen@chromium.orgUnify style of subcommand docstrings in git-cl
2015-04-02 wychen@chromium.orgEnable help generation for some git-cl subcommands
2015-04-02 maruel@chromium.orgFormalizes support for '-' in command names.
2015-03-30 maruel@chromium.orgNormalizes OWNERS and WATCHLISTS.
2015-03-27 dtu@chromium.orgRemove 150% hard line length limit for long URLs.
2015-03-27 phajdan.jr... Adjust file name blacklist in
2015-03-26 borenet@google.comgit map-branches: add --show-subject
2015-03-25 dominik.rottsches... Fine tune const NSClass* presubmit check
2015-03-24 kjellander... Switch WebRTC recipe to Git.
2015-03-23 kjellander... WebRTC fetch recipe: Always sync branch heads.
2015-03-19 nodir@chromium.orggit try -t support for Gerrit
2015-03-16 kjellander... Add WebRTC code review and Google code...
2015-03-13 enne@chromium.orgFix CheckPatchFormatted message for subdirectories
2015-03-12 calamity@chromium.orgMake git-map-branches -vvv show CL status colors.
2015-03-06 nodir@chromium.orgAdded nodir to OWNERS
2015-03-03 dnj@chromium.orggit_cl: Add reverse issue lookup.
2015-03-03 rmistry@google.comStop defaulting unrecognized branches to master except...
2015-02-28 tfarina@chromium.orgFix the argument passed to main() in
2015-02-26 sbc@chromium.orgHandle KeyboardInterrupt consistently in python scripts
2015-02-26 rmistry@google.comAdd ability to specify and run post upload hooks.
2015-02-25 tfarina@chromium.orgLet clients pass the verbose level they want to cpplint.
2015-02-23 erg@chromium.orgRun dartfmt when invoking git cl format.
2015-02-20 dnj@chromium.orggclient: Add '--auto_rebase' sync option.
2015-02-19 glider@chromium.orgRemove the Singleton<T> presubmit check from presubmit_...
2015-02-19 phajdan.jr... Fix a bug in setting maxtries
2015-02-19 phajdan.jr... Make maxtries for Rietveld configurable
2015-02-17 hinoka@chromium.orgAdd hinoka@ to depot_tools OWNERS
2015-02-17[download_from_google_storage] Don't list ALL objects...
2015-02-17 primiano@chromium.orgReland "Make gclient ready for the Blink (DEPS to main...
2015-02-16 bauerb@chromium.orgAdd a --squash option to Gerrit uploads.
2015-02-11 dgarrett@chromium.orgCreate brillo wrapper command.
2015-02-05 iannucci@chromium.orgFix infra and infra_internal fetch recipes.
2015-02-03 wychen@chromium.orgThe original assertions trigger pylint unreachable...
2015-02-03 wychen@chromium.orgAllow branch name to be the same as directory name...
2015-02-02 Add brillo bug tracker.
2015-02-02 cmp@chromium.orgRemove redundant checks.
2015-02-02 mmoss@chromium.orgSet default Windows git to 1.9.5-chromium.6 build.
2015-01-30 scottmg@chromium.orgBump bleeding edge git to 1.9.5-chromium.6 build.
2015-01-26 wittman@chromium.orgSupport --target-branch option to git-cl upload for...
2015-01-26 vapier@chromium.orgpylint: upgrade to 1.4.1
2015-01-24 hinoka@chromium.orgHook sys.stdio directly to the gsutil subprocess for...
2015-01-23 szager@chromium.orgConvenience git extension for converting a chromium...
2015-01-22 phajdan.jr... Remove testfilter support from "git cl"
2015-01-16 dpranke@chromium.orgRemove the 'author_counts_as_owner' option from CheckOw...
2015-01-15 mmoss@chromium.orgSupport optional BOTO specification with --no_auth.
2015-01-14 sbc@chromium.orgAdd checks to GitSanityChecks (upstream branch or curre...
2015-01-13 dpranke@chromium.orgUpdate dpranke's entry in the WATCHLISTS.
2015-01-13 dnj@chromium.orgFixed ``smart'' quotes in code block.
2015-01-10 bradnelson... Switching nacl git recipe for fetch.
2015-01-08 raphael.kubo... PRESUBMIT: Ignore external_bin/.
2015-01-07 dnj@chromium.orgAdd cross-platform resilience to gclient CPU count...
2015-01-07 luqui@chromium.orgAdded error check to git cl that we are on a branch...
2015-01-06 sheyang@chromium.orgAdd category property to tryjob
2014-12-29 djacques@chromium.orgFix gsutil execution on Windows.
2014-12-25 loislo@chromium.orgFix for print(file=something)
2014-12-25 loislo@chromium.orgSpeculative fix for build on windows build bots.
2014-12-23 pgervais@chromium.orgMade truly transparent
2014-12-20 iannucci@chromium.orgSwitch default windows git version to 1.9.5.
2014-12-20 hinoka@chromium.orgSwitch the remaining third_party gsutil references...
2014-12-20 iannucci@chromium.orgGreatly clean up depot_tools handling of git binaries...
2014-12-19 raphael.kubo... presubmit_unittest: Fix pylint errors.
2014-12-18 machenbach... Allow to skip revision check in roll-dep.
2014-12-18 primiano@chromium.orggsutil: Use urllib2 instead of urllib.