3 days ago vapier@chromium.orgRevert "Revert "pylint: upgrade to 1.3.1"" master
4 days ago smut@google.comRevert "pylint: upgrade to 1.3.1"
4 days ago kjellander... Rewrite http SVN URLs to https
4 days ago jochen@chromium.orgIgnore any import error for
5 days ago vapier@chromium.orgdisable new pylint warnings
6 days ago vapier@chromium.orgpylint: upgrade to 1.3.1
9 days ago kbr@chromium.orgRevert "pylint: upgrade to 1.3.1"
9 days ago vapier@chromium.orgpylint: upgrade to 1.3.1
9 days ago scottmg@chromium.orgUpdate toolchain script to package SDK 8.1 instead...
10 days ago carlosk@chromium.orgImproved git cl patch generated commit message to inclu...
10 days ago jorgelo@chromium.orgRemove old Gerrit instances.
11 days ago ncbray@chromium.orgSearch for buildtools in the gclient root, if not in...
12 days ago machenbach... Switch v8 to git.
13 days ago maruel@chromium.orgFix git cl comments when there's no issue associated...
2014-11-06 dnj@chromium.orgAdded transient 502 errors to 'git_retry' list.
2014-11-05 szager@chromium.orgDon't enforce allowed_hosts for custom_deps.
2014-11-05 apavlov@chromium.orgExtend the git-cl-comments command functionality
2014-11-04 pgervais@chromium.orgAdding myself as an owner.
2014-11-04 hinoka@chromium.orgDelete before cp in download_from_google_storage
2014-11-04 thakis@chromium.orgRevert of Added orphaned compiled Python file checks...
2014-11-02 thakis@chromium.orgBe a bit more space-efficient.
2014-10-29 szager@chromium.orgFix handling of ast.Str object.
2014-10-28 dnj@chromium.orgAdded orphaned compiled Python file checks.
2014-10-27 sbc@chromium.orgHandle unusual case in rebase-update where second rebas...
2014-10-24 agable@chromium.orgMake git auto-svn idempotent.
2014-10-23 agable@chromium.orgLet gclient config accept file:// urls.
2014-10-22 szager@chromium.orgGet rid of spurious warning about bad --revision flag.
2014-10-22 dpranke@chromium.orgAdd a Mojo recipe to make mojo fetch-able.
2014-10-22 agable@chromium.orgUpdate fetch to support more flexible refspecs
2014-10-22 agable@chromium.orgAdd a fetch recipe for infra_internal.
2014-10-21 szager@chromium.orgAdd optional <DEPS file> argument to roll-dep.
2014-10-20 szager@chromium.orgMake 'git cl patch' work when not on a named branch.
2014-10-17 jam@chromium.orgRevert 292493 since it broke CQ
2014-10-16 sbc@chromium.orgFix reitveld base URL for repos.
2014-10-16 enne@chromium.orgFix clang-format canned check warning text
2014-10-13 hinoka@chromium.orgGit footer fix for v8
2014-10-13 sbc@chromium.orgImprove error handling in git-rebase-update
2014-10-13 jrobbins@chromium.orgMake MIME boundary harder to accidentally match.
2014-10-10 jkarlin@chromium.orgChange CheckPatchFormatted to report which directory...
2014-10-09 agable@chromium.orgRemove useless comments from git bash wrappers.
2014-10-04 dcheng@chromium.orgSuppress readability/inheritance check for cpplint...
2014-10-02 pgervais@chromium.orgAdded os to input_api
2014-10-01 agable@chromium.orgIntroduct git-auto-svn
2014-09-26 mark@chromium.orgReport the entire hash in the "committed" message.
2014-09-24 thestig@chromium.orgFix to print the right latest SVN revision...
2014-09-24 asanka@chromium.orgFix regexp used for enumerating remotes.
2014-09-24 szager@chromium.orgFix logic for determing remote name from remote branch.
2014-09-23 tandrii@chromium.orgRough verification code to ensure deps hosts \in allowe...
2014-09-23 primiano@chromium.orgUse three-way merge when applying Git patches.
2014-09-23 calamity@chromium.orgFix map-branches issues and add coloring for 'branch...
2014-09-23 dbeam@chromium.orgOmit <include> lines over 80+ columns.
2014-09-22 sbc@chromium.orgUse CheckCallAndFilterAndHeader for git commands.
2014-09-19 tandrii@chromium.orgMake check_output of subprocess2 compatible with Python...
2014-09-15 borenet@google.comroll-dep: If applicable, include svn revision range...
2014-09-11 smut@google.comRevert "Make check for dirty index work."
2014-09-11 jsbell@chromium.orgFactor out Changelist GetStatus() for eventual use...
2014-09-10 maruel@chromium.orgFix ascii art escaping.
2014-09-10 bradnelson... Switching off svn in naclports fetch recipe.
2014-09-09 iannucci@chromium.orgAllow trunk to not end in a slash for git_footers.
2014-09-09 iannucci@chromium.orgExpand git-footers to read the svn position for any...
2014-09-09 mmoss@chromium.orgFix typo in git-footers docs.
2014-09-09 mmoss@chromium.orgClear up some git-drover docs confusion.
2014-09-09 mmoss@chromium.orgFix gclient branch ref mangling and allow --force branc...
2014-09-09 mmoss@chromium.orgMake check for dirty index work.
2014-09-08 maruel@chromium.orgAdd git cl lol.
2014-09-08 hinoka@chromium.orgRun prune in git cache update bootstrap to remove loose...
2014-09-08 szager@chromium.orgAdd pgp key for davidjames to repo.
2014-09-08 iannucci@chromium.orgFix git-map-branches crashing on HEAD, and other minor...
2014-09-08 calamity@chromium.orgSkip tracking status in map-branches when -v flag is...
2014-09-06 mmoss@chromium.orgAdd 'revert' example to git-drover docs.
2014-09-05 thakis@chromium.orgGrammar up.
2014-09-05 thakis@chromium.orgMake git cl format work on my Windows box.
2014-09-05 iannucci@chromium.orgReturn 1 from git_cl land when you Ctrl-C it in the...
2014-09-05 kjellander... Make support root directories other than 'src'.
2014-09-05 hinoka@chromium.orgMake git cache delete a defunct directory instead of...
2014-09-04 piman@chromium.orgAdd a --tbr-owners option to git cl upload
2014-09-03 luqui@chromium.orgAdded git footers tool to parse conventional metadata...
2014-09-03 calamity@chromium.orgGive git map-branches extra information behind -v and...
2014-09-02 dnj@chromium.orgRequire 'CHROME_HEADLESS' to use 'git-number'.
2014-08-29 iannucci@chromium.orgUse full hash in Committed link when closing issue...
2014-08-29 thakis@chromium.orgRemove ilevy-cc from WATCHLIST, depot_tools edition :-(
2014-08-29 iannucci@chromium.orgMake git-cl-{dcommit,land} fail if retcode is not zero...
2014-08-29 iannucci@chromium.orgFix transient error regexes.
2014-08-29 borenet@google.comModify roll_dep's commit message
2014-08-29 iannucci@chromium.orgMake git-cl-land wait
2014-08-28 philipj@opera.comUpdate the Blink recipe to use 'webkit_revision' instea...
2014-08-28 asanka@chromium.orgMake git-nav-downstream synchronous
2014-08-27 rmistry@google.comAdd the patchset id to the manual commit messages
2014-08-27 hinoka@chromium.orgRetry fetching patch from rietveld on a 404
2014-08-26 mmoss@chromium.orgRevert hard-coded src.git DEPS file name.
2014-08-26 vadimsh@chromium.orgBe verbose about what's happening in 'git cl land'...
2014-08-25 mmoss@chromium.orgAdd some more context to git-drover tutorial.
2014-08-25 agable@chromium.orgHave 'fetch chromium' set up with .DEPS.git to support...
2014-08-25 dnj@chromium.orgOnly clear cache locks if the cache exists.
2014-08-25 avakulenko... depot_tools: update to r137
2014-08-24 szager@chromium.orgEnsure deps_file=.DEPS.git in .gclient
2014-08-24 szager@chromium.orgFix git cache unlock invocation to specify cache dir.
2014-08-24 szager@chromium.orgForce break git cache locks when CHROME_HEADLESS is...
2014-08-24 szager@chromium.orgDon't remove "'deps_file': '.DEPS.git'" for chromium/src
2014-08-24 hinoka@chromium.orgRemove the old cache dir before moving the bootstrapped...