3 days ago thakis@chromium.orgAdd winrt to the INCLUDE directories of the toolchain... master
4 days ago hinoka@chromium.orgGit Cache speculative fix for windows
4 days ago agable@chromium.orgAdd fetch recipe for the open source infra repo.
5 days ago cmp@chromium.orgConvert recursedeps test syntax to list literal.
6 days ago cmp@chromium.orgUpdate recursedeps to support use_relative_path.
7 days ago liamjm@chromium.orgAdd CanAccessToolchainBucket() to ways to use GStorage.
2014-07-08 iannucci@chromium.orgRoll windows git binary package up to v6 everywhere.
2014-07-08 iannucci@chromium.orgBump git bleeding edge up to 6.
2014-07-07 smut@google.comRevert of Consolidated 'git' refish parsing into a...
2014-07-07 dnj@chromium.orgConsolidated 'git' refish parsing into a class
2014-07-07 bratell@opera.comRevert of Allow git cl also in repos with read-only...
2014-07-07 bratell@opera.comAllow git cl also in repos with read-only git-svn.
2014-07-02 cmp@chromium.orgUpdate recurselist to be a set, call it recursedeps...
2014-07-02 jochen@chromium.orgChange to search for clang-format in...
2014-07-02 cmp@chromium.orgAdd fallback to DEPS from a missing deps file.
2014-07-01 hinoka@chromium.orgDon't pass in --revision into gclient sync on the DEPS...
2014-06-30 cmp@chromium.orgAdd recurselist DEPS var setting.
2014-06-28 thakis@chromium.orgUpdate ninja to v1.5.1 on Mac, Linux32, Linux64, Windows.
2014-06-27 thakis@chromium.orgRevert r280425.
2014-06-27 thakis@chromium.orgUpdate ninja to v1.5.0 on Mac, Linux32, Linux64, Windows.
2014-06-27 dtu@chromium.orgFix undefined default_config_path_bak in gsutil config.
2014-06-27 jamesr@chromium.orgHave git-gs search .gni files
2014-06-26 hinoka@chromium.orgHave git cache bootstrap repo if repo is corrupt
2014-06-26 martiniss@chromium.orgMoved around pylint disable warning comments
2014-06-26 martiniss@chromium.orgAdded support for git cl upload automatic trybot determ...
2014-06-25 sheyang@google.comAdd PROJECT to tools
2014-06-25 dnj@chromium.orgAdded common git 'fetch' function
2014-06-24 jrobbins@chromium.orgShow an error message when the user tries to set the...
2014-06-24 jrobbins@chromium.orgIncreased timeout for rietveld lint calls.
2014-06-23 dnj@chromium.orgAdded common git 'checkout' function
2014-06-23 hinoka@chromium.orgAdd option to gclient to ignore cache locks
2014-06-23 brettw@chromium.orgMake gn wrapper use the one in buildtools rather than...
2014-06-20 vadimsh@chromium.orgAllow gclient sync to overwrite untracked files when...
2014-06-20 szager@chromium.orgRemove hooks until Windows performance issues are sorted.
2014-06-19 szager@chromium.orgAdd --ignore-lock option.
2014-06-19 jrobbins@chromium.orgDo not notify watchers about --private issues
2014-06-18 hinoka@chromium.orgAllow pruning other files when uploading bootstrap...
2014-06-18 szager@chromium.orgDon't os.listdir() on a non-existent dir (it raises).
2014-06-18 szager@chromium.orgRefactor cache-updating code to eliminate unnecessary...
2014-06-17 szager@chromium.orgClean up temp dirs when breaking locks.
2014-06-17 szager@chromium.orgRevert "If managed=False, don't fetch."
2014-06-17 halton.huo... Do not assign revision when checking the commit existence.
2014-06-16 szager@chromium.orgIf managed=False, don't fetch.
2014-06-16 szager@chromium.orgTweak git gc settings, and periodically re-bootstrap.
2014-06-13 sergiyb@chromium.orgChanged backoff to be exponential. This will help to...
2014-06-13 dyen@chromium.orgCorrect remote URL when uploading from a repo cloned...
2014-06-11 hinoka@google.comRevert of scm.GIT.IsValidRevision: Only return True...
2014-06-11 sheyang@chromium.orgUpload project option in 'gcl' and 'git cl' uploading...
2014-06-11 borenet@google.comscm.GIT.IsValidRevision: Only return True if the given...
2014-06-11 jochen@chromium.orgMake fetch v8 work with the new branch
2014-06-10 szager@chromium.orgClean up temporary git pack files when breaking locks.
2014-06-09 szager@chromium.orgConvenience tool for rolling git-style deps with an...
2014-06-09 hinoka@chromium.orgHave git_cache print out download progress when bootstr...
2014-06-05 hinoka@chromium.orgFixed bad arguments to gsutil
2014-06-05 phajdan.jr... Verify our assumptions about SCM commands deleting...
2014-06-05 hinoka@chromium.orgFix for authenticating to internal repos
2014-06-05 hinoka@chromium.orgAdd internal buckets for bootstrapping internal repos
2014-06-04 avakulenko... Update to r133.
2014-06-03 pgervais@chromium.orgImproved message when CL description is missing
2014-06-02 iannucci@chromium.orgBump version to 5 to clear out slow win7 git rollout.
2014-06-02 mmoss@chromium.orgCall _UpdateBranchHeads within _Clone.
2014-06-02 r.c.ladan@gmail.comInvoke the bash shell via /usr/bin/env so that these...
2014-05-30 thestig@chromium.orgHandle the case of git cl lint when the CL is empty.
2014-05-30 pgervais@chromium.orgMinor fixes
2014-05-30 romain.pokrzywka... Handle branch or commit refs in the url for unmanaged...
2014-05-29 szager@chromium.orgExplicitly print diff stats to sys.stdout, if possible.
2014-05-27 szager@chromium.orgProvide diagnostic messages about netrc failures.
2014-05-23 szager@chromium.orgAdd --quiet option.
2014-05-22 nodir@chromium.orgChanged error message on no auth in .netrc
2014-05-22 iannucci@chromium.orgAdd a strict mode for gclient DEPS parsing, to enable...
2014-05-20 szager@chromium.orgEnable --revision flag for all deps.
2014-05-16 iannucci@chromium.orgMake marked merge base invalid when the upstream changes.
2014-05-16 bauerb@chromium.orgUse `git rev-list A..B` to get the list of commits...
2014-05-15 sheyang@chromium.orgRevert of use canonical base URL for projects (https...
2014-05-15 iannucci@chromium.orgMake git_map properly update merge base markers.
2014-05-15 agable@chromium.orgRecursively find all tests in a git repo.
2014-05-15 hinoka@chromium.orgPass shallow flag through gclient to
2014-05-14 hotfix
2014-05-14 sheyang@google.comuse canonical base URL for projects
2014-05-13 szager@chromium.orgAdded Mirror.UnlockAll with logic fixes.
2014-05-13 borenet@google.comgclient: fix --delete_unversioned_trees bug
2014-05-13 nodir@chromium.orgRenamed Tryjob label to Tryjob-Request
2014-05-12 nodir@chromium.orggerrit_util is aware of auth errors
2014-05-11 iannucci@chromium.orgMake git-nav-downstream not print a stack if you Ctrl...
2014-05-10 hinoka@chromium.orgDon't have's git apply_patch fail when...
2014-05-10 hinoka@chromium.orgRe-land of have stage git...
2014-05-10 hinoka@chromium.orgRevert of Have stage git...
2014-05-10 hinoka@chromium.orgAdds url to gclient json (try 2)
2014-05-10 hinoka@chromium.orgHave stage git patches inste...
2014-05-09 raphael.kubo... Update to r119.
2014-05-08 iannucci@chromium.orgRemove git-cr{up,sync} and replace with informative...
2014-05-08 iannucci@chromium.orgFix typo in which causes incorrect upload.
2014-05-08 iannucci@chromium.orgMake git rebase-update more responsive.
2014-05-08 iannucci@chromium.orgAdd fast --HEAD option to upstream-diff.
2014-05-07 borenet@google.comgclient: Actually move or delete mismatched checkouts
2014-05-07 szager@chromium.orgRevert "Adds url to gclient json"
2014-05-07 hinoka@chromium.orgAdds url to gclient json
2014-05-07 pgervais@chromium.orggit cl push -> git cl land
2014-05-07 pgervais@chromium.orgFixed wrong test
2014-05-06 hinoka@google.comFix name setting when applying SVN settings in patches