9 hours ago scottmg@chromium.orgBump bleeding edge git to 1.9.5-chromium.6 build. master
4 days ago wittman@chromium.orgSupport --target-branch option to git-cl upload for...
4 days ago vapier@chromium.orgpylint: upgrade to 1.4.1
7 days ago hinoka@chromium.orgHook sys.stdio directly to the gsutil subprocess for...
8 days ago szager@chromium.orgConvenience git extension for converting a chromium...
8 days ago phajdan.jr... Remove testfilter support from "git cl"
2015-01-16 dpranke@chromium.orgRemove the 'author_counts_as_owner' option from CheckOw...
2015-01-15 mmoss@chromium.orgSupport optional BOTO specification with --no_auth.
2015-01-14 sbc@chromium.orgAdd checks to GitSanityChecks (upstream branch or curre...
2015-01-13 dpranke@chromium.orgUpdate dpranke's entry in the WATCHLISTS.
2015-01-13 dnj@chromium.orgFixed ``smart'' quotes in code block.
2015-01-10 bradnelson... Switching nacl git recipe for fetch.
2015-01-08 raphael.kubo... PRESUBMIT: Ignore external_bin/.
2015-01-07 dnj@chromium.orgAdd cross-platform resilience to gclient CPU count...
2015-01-07 luqui@chromium.orgAdded error check to git cl that we are on a branch...
2015-01-06 sheyang@chromium.orgAdd category property to tryjob
2014-12-29 djacques@chromium.orgFix gsutil execution on Windows.
2014-12-25 loislo@chromium.orgFix for print(file=something)
2014-12-25 loislo@chromium.orgSpeculative fix for build on windows build bots.
2014-12-23 pgervais@chromium.orgMade truly transparent
2014-12-20 iannucci@chromium.orgSwitch default windows git version to 1.9.5.
2014-12-20 hinoka@chromium.orgSwitch the remaining third_party gsutil references...
2014-12-20 iannucci@chromium.orgGreatly clean up depot_tools handling of git binaries...
2014-12-19 raphael.kubo... presubmit_unittest: Fix pylint errors.
2014-12-18 machenbach... Allow to skip revision check in roll-dep.
2014-12-18 primiano@chromium.orggsutil: Use urllib2 instead of urllib.
2014-12-18 hinoka@chromium.orgArgs fix for
2014-12-17 dpranke@chromium.orgFix setting the executable bit in download_from_google_...
2014-12-17 hinoka@chromium.orgUse for download_from_google_storage instead...
2014-12-16 erikchen@chromium.orgUpdate documentation to accurately reflect the new...
2014-12-15 charliea@google.comUpdates the depot_tools repository URL in the docs.
2014-12-12 pkasting@chromium.orgUse grep -e --force instead of grep "--force" since...
2014-12-12 tfarina@chromium.orgAdd lint_filters parameter to CheckChangeLintsClean...
2014-12-11 rmistry@google.comAdd pending prefix to the target_ref if it is specified
2014-12-11 vapier@chromium.orgpylint: upgrade to 1.4.0
2014-12-11 primiano@chromium.orgRevert of Make gclient ready for the Blink (DEPS to...
2014-12-11 sbc@chromium.orgImprove default email address for
2014-12-11 sbc@chromium.orgFix test failures on Ubuntu/Trusty.
2014-12-10 pkasting@chromium.orgAvoid =~ since msysgit bash doesn't support it.
2014-12-10 rmistry@google.comdepot_tools: Send the remote tracked ref to Rietveld...
2014-12-10 primiano@chromium.orgMake gclient ready for the Blink (DEPS to main project...
2014-12-10 wrapper script
2014-12-09 thakis@chromium.orgLet `git cl format` format java files, too.
2014-12-06 tfarina@chromium.orgAdd fetch recipe for Skia's Buildbot repository.
2014-12-05 tandrii@chromium.orgFail noisily when git auto-svn can't authenticate.
2014-12-05 avakulenko... Update to r141.
2014-12-05 iannucci@chromium.orgFix git-cl-dcommit hook tests.
2014-12-05 scottmg@chromium.orgAdd canned presubmit check for GN formatting
2014-12-05 iannucci@chromium.orgUpdate in depot_tools to infra.git@3d174a0959...
2014-12-05 ojan@chromium.orgFix
2014-12-04 ojan@chromium.orgFixed download_from_google_storage for real.
2014-12-04 ojan@chromium.orgFix
2014-12-04 ojan@chromium.orgMake --output and --sha1_filename work well together.
2014-12-04 ojan@chromium.orgDon't check bucket permissions if --no-auth.
2014-12-02 scottmg@chromium.orgDisable Express path for Windows toolchain, and point...
2014-12-02 scottmg@chromium.orgAdd scottmg to depot_tools/win_toolchain OWNERS
2014-12-02 kjellander... Rewrite Google Code http URLs with https on git svn...
2014-11-29 kjellander... Revert of Rewrite http SVN URLs to...
2014-11-27 tfarina@chromium.orgAdd fetch recipe for the Skia repository.
2014-11-25 agable@chromium.orgRun "svn revert" in update_depot_tools --force
2014-11-25 agable@chromium.orgHave fetch pretty-print the .gclient solution.
2014-11-24 kjellander... WebRTC: Add fetch recipes to depot_tools.
2014-11-24 thakis@chromium.orgUpdate ninja to v1.5.3 on Mac, Linux32, Linux64, Windows.
2014-11-20 vapier@chromium.orgRevert "Revert "pylint: upgrade to 1.3.1""
2014-11-20 smut@google.comRevert "pylint: upgrade to 1.3.1"
2014-11-20 kjellander... Rewrite http SVN URLs to https
2014-11-19 jochen@chromium.orgIgnore any import error for
2014-11-19 vapier@chromium.orgdisable new pylint warnings
2014-11-18 vapier@chromium.orgpylint: upgrade to 1.3.1
2014-11-15 kbr@chromium.orgRevert "pylint: upgrade to 1.3.1"
2014-11-15 vapier@chromium.orgpylint: upgrade to 1.3.1
2014-11-14 scottmg@chromium.orgUpdate toolchain script to package SDK 8.1 instead...
2014-11-14 carlosk@chromium.orgImproved git cl patch generated commit message to inclu...
2014-11-14 jorgelo@chromium.orgRemove old Gerrit instances.
2014-11-12 ncbray@chromium.orgSearch for buildtools in the gclient root, if not in...
2014-11-12 machenbach... Switch v8 to git.
2014-11-11 maruel@chromium.orgFix git cl comments when there's no issue associated...
2014-11-06 dnj@chromium.orgAdded transient 502 errors to 'git_retry' list.
2014-11-05 szager@chromium.orgDon't enforce allowed_hosts for custom_deps.
2014-11-05 apavlov@chromium.orgExtend the git-cl-comments command functionality
2014-11-04 pgervais@chromium.orgAdding myself as an owner.
2014-11-04 hinoka@chromium.orgDelete before cp in download_from_google_storage
2014-11-04 thakis@chromium.orgRevert of Added orphaned compiled Python file checks...
2014-11-02 thakis@chromium.orgBe a bit more space-efficient.
2014-10-29 szager@chromium.orgFix handling of ast.Str object.
2014-10-28 dnj@chromium.orgAdded orphaned compiled Python file checks.
2014-10-27 sbc@chromium.orgHandle unusual case in rebase-update where second rebas...
2014-10-24 agable@chromium.orgMake git auto-svn idempotent.
2014-10-23 agable@chromium.orgLet gclient config accept file:// urls.
2014-10-22 szager@chromium.orgGet rid of spurious warning about bad --revision flag.
2014-10-22 dpranke@chromium.orgAdd a Mojo recipe to make mojo fetch-able.
2014-10-22 agable@chromium.orgUpdate fetch to support more flexible refspecs
2014-10-22 agable@chromium.orgAdd a fetch recipe for infra_internal.
2014-10-21 szager@chromium.orgAdd optional <DEPS file> argument to roll-dep.
2014-10-20 szager@chromium.orgMake 'git cl patch' work when not on a named branch.
2014-10-17 jam@chromium.orgRevert 292493 since it broke CQ
2014-10-16 sbc@chromium.orgFix reitveld base URL for repos.
2014-10-16 enne@chromium.orgFix clang-format canned check warning text
2014-10-13 hinoka@chromium.orgGit footer fix for v8
2014-10-13 sbc@chromium.orgImprove error handling in git-rebase-update