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last changeMon, 30 Mar 2015 20:09:43 +0000 (20:09 +0000)
16 hours ago maruel@chromium.orgNormalizes OWNERS and WATCHLISTS. master
3 days ago dtu@chromium.orgRemove 150% hard line length limit for long URLs.
3 days ago phajdan.jr... Adjust file name blacklist in
4 days ago borenet@google.comgit map-branches: add --show-subject
6 days ago dominik.rottsches... Fine tune const NSClass* presubmit check
6 days ago kjellander... Switch WebRTC recipe to Git.
7 days ago kjellander... WebRTC fetch recipe: Always sync branch heads.
11 days ago nodir@chromium.orggit try -t support for Gerrit
2015-03-16 kjellander... Add WebRTC code review and Google code...
2015-03-13 enne@chromium.orgFix CheckPatchFormatted message for subdirectories
2015-03-12 calamity@chromium.orgMake git-map-branches -vvv show CL status colors.
2015-03-06 nodir@chromium.orgAdded nodir to OWNERS
2015-03-03 dnj@chromium.orggit_cl: Add reverse issue lookup.
2015-03-03 rmistry@google.comStop defaulting unrecognized branches to master except...
2015-02-28 tfarina@chromium.orgFix the argument passed to main() in
2015-02-26 sbc@chromium.orgHandle KeyboardInterrupt consistently in python scripts
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