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last changeFri, 24 Oct 2014 08:13:03 +0000 (08:13 +0000)
2 hours ago agable@chromium.orgMake git auto-svn idempotent. master
25 hours ago agable@chromium.orgLet gclient config accept file:// urls.
37 hours ago szager@chromium.orgGet rid of spurious warning about bad --revision flag.
40 hours ago dpranke@chromium.orgAdd a Mojo recipe to make mojo fetch-able.
47 hours ago agable@chromium.orgUpdate fetch to support more flexible refspecs
2 days ago agable@chromium.orgAdd a fetch recipe for infra_internal.
2 days ago szager@chromium.orgAdd optional <DEPS file> argument to roll-dep.
3 days ago szager@chromium.orgMake 'git cl patch' work when not on a named branch.
6 days ago jam@chromium.orgRevert 292493 since it broke CQ
7 days ago sbc@chromium.orgFix reitveld base URL for repos.
7 days ago enne@chromium.orgFix clang-format canned check warning text
10 days ago hinoka@chromium.orgGit footer fix for v8
10 days ago sbc@chromium.orgImprove error handling in git-rebase-update
10 days ago jrobbins@chromium.orgMake MIME boundary harder to accidentally match.
13 days ago jkarlin@chromium.orgChange CheckPatchFormatted to report which directory...
2014-10-09 agable@chromium.orgRemove useless comments from git bash wrappers.
2 hours ago master