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last changeFri, 6 Mar 2015 06:53:39 +0000 (06:53 +0000)
4 hours ago nodir@chromium.orgAdded nodir to OWNERS master
2 days ago dnj@chromium.orggit_cl: Add reverse issue lookup.
2 days ago rmistry@google.comStop defaulting unrecognized branches to master except...
5 days ago tfarina@chromium.orgFix the argument passed to main() in
7 days ago sbc@chromium.orgHandle KeyboardInterrupt consistently in python scripts
7 days ago rmistry@google.comAdd ability to specify and run post upload hooks.
9 days ago tfarina@chromium.orgLet clients pass the verbose level they want to cpplint.
10 days ago erg@chromium.orgRun dartfmt when invoking git cl format.
13 days ago dnj@chromium.orggclient: Add '--auto_rebase' sync option.
2015-02-19 glider@chromium.orgRemove the Singleton<T> presubmit check from presubmit_...
2015-02-19 phajdan.jr... Fix a bug in setting maxtries
2015-02-19 phajdan.jr... Make maxtries for Rietveld configurable
2015-02-17 hinoka@chromium.orgAdd hinoka@ to depot_tools OWNERS
2015-02-17[download_from_google_storage] Don't list ALL objects...
2015-02-17 primiano@chromium.orgReland "Make gclient ready for the Blink (DEPS to main...
2015-02-16 bauerb@chromium.orgAdd a --squash option to Gerrit uploads.
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