2014-11-05 mmoss@chromium.orgAdd some more detail to assert error message. master
2014-10-13 kjellander... Revert 292420 "Revert 292399 "deps2git: Improve support...
2014-10-13 kjellander... Revert 292399 "deps2git: Improve support for WebRTC...
2014-10-10 kjellander... deps2git: Improve support for WebRTC and its deps.
2014-10-09 hinoka@chromium.orgFix deps2git cache bootstrapping and make it more verbose
2014-08-22 mmoss@chromium.orgAdd handling for mapping new libvpx branch location.
2014-08-19 mmoss@chromium.orgRetain original DEPS 'vars' in converted .DEPS.git.
2014-07-25 mmoss@chromium.orgDisable special handling for old reference_build repos.
2014-07-08 machenbach... Make deps2git sync v8 bleeding_edge correctly.
2014-06-25 sheyang@google.comAdd PROJECT to tools
2014-06-23 hinoka@chromium.orgAlways set to ignore cache locks
2014-06-11 szager@chromium.orgFirst step in cleaning up pefile hack.
2014-06-04 mmoss@chromium.orgTighten match for the chromium 'src' repo.
2014-05-20 szager@chromium.orgEliminate redundant work and control parallelism.
2014-05-15 mmoss@chromium.orgCleanDeps() svn_deps_vars param is obsolete.
2014-05-15 dalecurtis... Remove special case svn to git translations for FFmpeg.
2014-04-11 szager@chromium.orgA horrible hack for SVN-centric code.
2014-04-09 mmoss@chromium.orgMore retry logic for svn lookups in stale git repos.
2014-04-04 mmoss@chromium.orgHandle old skia weirdness.
2014-04-04 mmoss@chromium.orgAdd handling for old Win reference build location.
2014-04-04 mmoss@chromium.orgAdd more webrtc branch handling for some old buildspecs.
2014-04-03 mmoss@chromium.orgAdd libvpx branch handling for some old buildspecs.
2014-04-03 mmoss@chromium.orgAdd 'no_fail_fast' option to find all conversion errors.
2014-04-03 mmoss@chromium.orgdeps2git processing enhancements for buildspec DEPS.
2014-03-12 szager@chromium.orgOnly calculate deps that are needed in a gclient workdir.
2014-03-12 kbr@chromium.orgPreserve angle_revision variable in .DEPS.git so it...
2014-03-07 hinoka@google.comHave heartbeat ping get printed every second that we...
2014-03-06 hinoka@google.comAdd heartbeat to deps2git when running things that...
2014-02-27 hinoka@google.comUse git_cache for deps2git
2014-02-13 hinoka@google.comAdd threading output buffer to deps2git while caching...
2014-02-13 hinoka@google.comWindows abnormal exit
2014-02-12 hinoka@google.comUse chromium_util.RemoveDirectory for removing directories
2014-02-12 hinoka@google.comFix for deps2git
2014-02-12 hinoka@google.comFor deps2git, create dirs if not exist
2014-02-12 hinoka@google.comMultiprocess pre-cache git checkouts if --cache_dir...
2014-02-10 hinoka@google.comIncrease deps2git timeout from 20min to 40min
2014-02-07 hinoka@google.comAdd gclient style cache_dir support for deps2git.
2014-01-31 mmoss@chromium.orgAdd handling for mirrors.
2014-01-14 phajdan.jr... Add retry and exponential backoff logic to deps2git...
2013-12-03 niklase@chromium.orgChange WebRTC location in deps2git
2013-11-22 phajdan.jr... GTTF: Make produce JSON output that can...
2013-11-08 szager@chromium.orgAdd special handling for libaddressinput sub-directories.
2013-10-23 brettw@chromium.orgFix URLs and line endings in deps2git
2013-09-04 mmoss@chromium.orgAdd ability to match exact svn revs to git commits.
2013-08-19 phajdan.jr... deps2git: fail loudly if no match is found for a repository
2013-08-09 phajdan.jr... Restore fallback for old sourceforge URL.
2013-08-05 phajdan.jr... Update deps2git for new sourceforge URL
2013-08-01 phajdan.jr... Support HTTPS URLs.
2013-07-31 szager@chromium.orgFix corner case in submodule instantiation.
2013-07-30 szager@chromium.orgAdds
2013-06-27 ilevy@chromium.orggitdeps: Only fetch repo if needed
2013-06-26 ilevy@chromium.orgRevert 208657 "Only fetch git repo if revision does...
2013-06-26 ilevy@chromium.orgOnly fetch git repo if revision does not exist
2013-06-25 szager@chromium.orgFix return value unpacking from SvnUrlToGitUrl
2013-06-25 szager@chromium.orgReturn git_host from SvnUrlToGitUrl.
2013-05-29 stuartmorgan... Add blink header-only repo mapping for iOS
2013-05-02 fischman@chromium.orgAdd special case to for usrsctplib
2013-05-01 cmp@chromium.orgCorrectly update the Blink DEP.
2013-05-01 dpranke@chromium.orgadjust the webkit path used for determining the WebKit...
2013-04-23 ilevy@chromium.orgCovert refs to chromium.googlesource
2013-04-18 szager@chromium.orgFix refspec for revision search.
2013-04-18 szager@chromium.orgFetch all refs, not just refs/heads/master.
2013-04-18 szager@chromium.orgUse correct branch ref for mirrors.
2013-04-15 mmoss@chromium.orgSupport automatically mirrored googlecode svn branches.
2013-04-04 szager@chromium.orgUpdate for blink.
2013-02-20 cmp@chromium.orgUse cmp-cc for watchlist.
2013-02-06 ilevy@chromium.orgAlways run fetch on repos in deps2git
2013-02-06 szager@chromium.orgAdd mapping for webrtc/openmax.
2013-02-05 ilevy@chromium.orgReland "Improve support for internal DEPS files."
2013-02-02 ilevy@chromium.orgRevert r180234
2013-02-02 ilevy@chromium.orgImprove support for internal DEPS files.
2013-01-28 mmoss@chromium.orgSupport searching different refspecs.
2013-01-23 xusydoc@chromium.orgAdd special cases for boto and gsutil.
2012-12-18 szager@chromium.orgAdd .git suffix to cdm URL.
2012-12-17 szager@chromium.orgAdd special case for /trunk/deps/cdm.
2012-12-13 szager@google.comRevert:
2012-12-12 szager@google.comAdd special case for eyes-free project.
2012-12-08 dtrainor@chromium.orgUse os.makedirs to build intermediate directories
2012-11-15 szager@google.comReplace more instances of with chromiu...
2012-11-15 szager@google.comSwitch upstream to git-on-borg.
2012-11-14 szager@google.comSet a timeout for git invocations.
2012-11-05 maruel@chromium.orgAdd check; including pylint and automatic...
2012-11-05 maruel@chromium.orgAdd codereview.settings to deps2git.
2012-10-25 wjia@chromium.orgadd old webrtc git back
2012-10-25 wjia@chromium.orgCorresponding change for git mirror for webrtc.
2012-10-12 szager@google.comSet default value for options.rewrite_url
2012-10-12 szager@chromium.orgAdd --rewrite-url option.
2012-10-10 nsylvain@chromium.orgFetch only the master branch to ensure that FETCH_HEAD...
2012-10-10 szager@chromium.orgAdd --workspace option, so may be run in a
2012-09-18 szager@chromium.orgHACK to fix try bots without restarting master.
2012-09-18 szager@chromium.orgWeed out another git invocation when --gitless is provided.
2012-09-14 szager@chromium.orgAdd --gitless flag.
2012-09-10 szager@chromium.orgFilter out nested deps.
2012-08-29 stuartmorgan... Add mappings for header-only pulls of WebKit for iOS
2012-08-02 rsesek@chromium.orgIn, do not allow an OS-specific...
2012-07-31 szager@chromium.orgGracefully handle deps with a None url.
2012-07-27 xusydoc@chromium.orgPass excluded deps through.
2012-06-13 szager@chromium.orgSometimes DEPS will not pin a revision for a dependency...
2012-06-13 szager@chromium.orgOnly open /dev/null once.
2012-06-08 szager@chromium.orgUtility to read .DEPS.git and register git submodules.