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last changeWed, 5 Nov 2014 20:14:27 +0000 (20:14 +0000)
2014-11-05 mmoss@chromium.orgAdd some more detail to assert error message. master
2014-10-13 kjellander... Revert 292420 "Revert 292399 "deps2git: Improve support...
2014-10-13 kjellander... Revert 292399 "deps2git: Improve support for WebRTC...
2014-10-10 kjellander... deps2git: Improve support for WebRTC and its deps.
2014-10-09 hinoka@chromium.orgFix deps2git cache bootstrapping and make it more verbose
2014-08-22 mmoss@chromium.orgAdd handling for mapping new libvpx branch location.
2014-08-19 mmoss@chromium.orgRetain original DEPS 'vars' in converted .DEPS.git.
2014-07-25 mmoss@chromium.orgDisable special handling for old reference_build repos.
2014-07-08 machenbach... Make deps2git sync v8 bleeding_edge correctly.
2014-06-25 sheyang@google.comAdd PROJECT to tools
2014-06-23 hinoka@chromium.orgAlways set to ignore cache locks
2014-06-11 szager@chromium.orgFirst step in cleaning up pefile hack.
2014-06-04 mmoss@chromium.orgTighten match for the chromium 'src' repo.
2014-05-20 szager@chromium.orgEliminate redundant work and control parallelism.
2014-05-15 mmoss@chromium.orgCleanDeps() svn_deps_vars param is obsolete.
2014-05-15 dalecurtis... Remove special case svn to git translations for FFmpeg.
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