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2012-10-29 navabi@google.comFix GenerateIndex for gsutil directories by stripping... master
2012-10-29 navabi@google.comFix field name changes for size and last modified for...
2011-11-17 nsylvain@google.comIgnore pylint warning.
2011-03-17 bradnelson... Fixing push -> append in indexing script.
2011-03-10 bradnelson... Fixing up error handling in workers.
2010-09-01 bradnelson... gsutil ls -l changed format.
2010-07-20 bradnelson... Generate index in parallel.
2010-06-30 bradnelson... Adding more assertions.
2010-06-29 bradnelson... Adding a script to generated _index.html files directly...
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