2014-06-25 sheyang@google.comAdd PROJECT to tools master
2014-05-14 reveman@chromium.orgAllow range to be specified using dates.
2014-04-09 jam@chromium.orgRemove mention of old bots in
2014-03-03 stip@chromium.orgRevert of Omit protocol part in URLs in changelog pages...
2014-02-20 stip@chromium.orgRemove perf dashboards for security reasons.
2014-02-04 qyearsley@chromium.orgOmit protocol part in URLs in changelog pages.
2014-01-06 thakis@chromium.orgLet perf dashboard track resources.pak instead of chrom...
2013-10-17 machenbach... Fix directories for endure tests.
2013-09-12 edmundyan@chromium.orgRemoving old Chrome Endure test titles and adding names...
2013-07-03 machenbach... Add change log viewer for V8.
2013-06-26 kjellander... Update new WebRTC perf tests.
2013-06-26 kjellander... Add WebRTC perf IDs and tests.
2013-04-26 bulach@chromium.orgAdds cc_perftests to the dashboards.
2013-04-08 bevc@chromium.orgUpdating svn-log.
2013-04-04 rsesek@chromium.orgCopy changelog.html to changelog_blink.html with approp...
2013-03-22 grt@chromium.orgInclude the size of npchrome_frame.dll on the sizes...
2013-02-13 dmikurube@chromium.orgThree columns in the Chromium perf dashboard overview.
2013-02-07 dmikurube@chromium.orgAdd overview-endure.html to list up all Chrome Endure...
2013-02-06 dmikurube@chromium.orgAdd Chrome Endure graphs in the overview of the perf...
2013-02-06 dmikurube@chromium.orgSupport Chrome Endure graphs in perf dashboard.
2012-12-18 tonyg@chromium.orgAdd new android kraken and scrolling benchmark to dashb...
2012-12-12 tonyg@chromium.orgAdd perf results for the new nexus4 perf bots.
2012-12-11 tonyg@chromium.orgUpdate perf results after r172174.
2012-12-08 tonyg@chromium.orgUpdate perf dashboard overview page with new bots and...
2012-12-04 xusydoc@chromium.orgFix revision sorting function in generic_plotter.html.
2012-12-04 nileshagrawal... Add results for android clobber bot.
2012-12-03 xusydoc@chromium.orgSort webkit revisions properly.
2012-11-30 tonyg@chromium.orgAdd android-nexus10 perf results.
2012-11-30 tonyg@chromium.orgAdd perf results for android-gn.
2012-11-29 xusydoc@chromium.orgFix flat graphs due to multiple WebKit revs on one...
2012-11-29 marja@chromium.orgGenerate perf results for memory_benchmark.
2012-11-17 jsbell@chromium.orgAccount for parent offset when zooming with mouse wheel
2012-11-14 tonyg@chromium.orgGenerate perf results for chromium-rel-mac7-gpu-intel.
2012-11-14 tonyg@chromium.orgGenerate perf results for robohornet pro, kraken and...
2012-11-14 xusydoc@chromium.orgAdd annotated FYI perf_ids.
2012-11-10 cmp@chromium.orgFix an exception in get() that threw a TypeError.
2012-11-05 sosa@chromium.orgModify generate_perf to include Chrome OS-specific...
2012-10-30 tonyg@chromium.orgCreate perf results for scrolling benchmark.
2012-10-24 cmp@chromium.orgReally remove some unused files.
2012-10-16 sullivan@chromium.orgAdded support for trace params to MakeURL. This fixes...
2012-09-24 simonjam@chromium.orgUpdate the perf dashboard:
2012-09-18 petermayo@chromium.orgAdd idb to the perf display.
2012-09-13 kjellander... Refactoring of changelog.html
2012-09-12 mmoss@chromium.orgAdd missing perf titles split from dromaeo_domcore...
2012-07-10 tonyg@chromium.orgCreate perf results for Spaceport benchmark.
2012-06-27 cmp@chromium.orgAdd Media Tests to dashboard.
2012-06-26 cmp@chromium.orgAdd new systems to perf dashboard.
2012-06-14 cmp@chromium.orgAdd netsim page cycler to
2012-05-22 ojan@chromium.orgFix regression from r10407033. Setting td.innerHTML...
2012-05-18 webkit revisions and blamelists to the perf dashboard.
2012-05-07 cmp@chromium.orgConvert to single line comments.
2012-05-07 cmp@chromium.orgFix the dashboard graphs for constant values.
2012-05-03 jvoung@chromium.orgAdd NaCl ARM HW bot to Perf and remove obsolete NaCl...
2012-04-03 zmo@chromium.orgAdd GPU slaves to Perf.
2012-03-08 rsesek@chromium.orgAdd mach_ports to the list of perf tests.
2012-03-02 shadi@chromium.orgFix line draw when value == 0.
2012-02-25 bevc@chromium.orgAdded GPU tests to Perf.
2012-02-24 bevc@chromium.orgAdded GPU fyi slaves to Perf.
2012-02-09 jvoung@google.comUpdate nacl perf dashboard to have mac 10.7 bots and...
2012-02-09 jvoung@google.comAdd generate_perf entries for new-ish NaCl Mac 10.7...
2012-02-03 chrisphan@chromium.orgAdd support for Chrome perf graphs
2012-02-03 chrisphan@chromium.orgAdd Chrome perf build comparison page.
2012-01-27 chrisphan@chromium.orgAdding perf graphs for official Chrome
2012-01-20 chrisphan@chromium.orgUpdate perf graph js for official Chrome
2012-01-17 chrisphan@chromium.orgRemove unused parameter for subsequent CL.
2011-11-16 cmp@chromium.orgEnsure get_url is not misused.
2011-08-15 jvoung@google.comEnable perf tracking on NaCl toolchain bots part 2...
2011-08-11 jrt@chromium.orgPerformance chart nit fix.
2011-08-10 jrt@chromium.orgEnhanced the performance charts.
2011-08-08 jrt@chromium.orgUpdated the perf dashboard.
2011-08-04 braffert@chromium.orgUpdate perf dashboard overview.html
2011-07-27 braffert@chromium.orgAdding new sync performance tests to chromium perf...
2011-07-27 cmp@chromium.orgAdd frame_rate tests to perf dashboard.
2011-07-22 jvoung@google.comAdd NaCl Dashboard webpages for the following perf...
2011-07-19 tonyg@chromium.orgTwo fixes for perf graph graduations:
2011-07-14 nsylvain@chromium.orgAdd missing webkit perf bot to the dashboards.
2011-07-06 cmp@chromium.orgAdd NaCl perf systems to
2011-07-06 cmp@chromium.orgRemove mostly unused data files.
2011-06-28 tonyg@chromium.orgAdd graduation lines to perf graphs.
2011-06-20 tonyg@chromium.orgMake tabs a little more intuitive.
2011-06-14 tonyg@chromium.orgMinor formatting improvement: Add commas to plot values.
2011-05-28 cmp@chromium.orgAdd clang to dashboard.
2011-05-18 cmp@chromium.orgKeep the revision order listed in the data.
2011-04-23 cmp@chromium.orgAdd media_perf to perf dashboard.
2011-04-08 tonyg@chromium.orgMake dashboard a little more generic so that it can...
2011-03-28 cmp@chromium.orgAdd Linux Release 64-bit to perf dashboard.
2011-03-26 cmp@chromium.orgAdd new "mac-release-old-10.6" perf id.
2011-03-11 cmp@chromium.orgChange to Popen, also move old files.
2011-03-10 cmp@chromium.orgMerge *_t*.dat files into the perf dashboard.
2011-03-09 cmp@chromium.orgBackup perf dashboard as of 3/8/2011.
2011-03-07 cmp@chromium.orgAdd script to merge current and old perf dashboard.
2011-03-07 cmp@chromium.orgBackup perf dashboard.
2011-01-10 chase@chromium.orgDownload all affected page cycler output.
2011-01-04 chase@chromium.orgAdd NaCl perf bots.
2011-01-04 chase@chromium.orgAdd codereview.settings file.
2011-01-04 chase@chromium.orgAdd current summary perf data.
2010-12-23 nsylvain@chromium.orgEscape user input in the perf dashboards.
2010-12-16 chase@chromium.orgAdd v8 overview to perf dashboard.
2010-12-16 chase@chromium.orgUse /f/chromium/ for dashboard, add 10.6 webkit latest.
2010-12-08 chase@chromium.orgRemove v8-latest bots from Chromium perf dashboard.