2012-10-29 Simon Glassstm32: Swallow special keys instead of passing them... firmware-snow-2695.B
2012-10-29 Sameer NandaDon't forward keys in case of warm reboot sequence...
2012-10-29 Vincent Palatinstm32: fix race condition enabling keyboard interrupt
2012-10-29 Simon GlassRevert "Revert "stm32: Implement keyboard debouncing""
2012-10-29 Simon GlassRevert "Don't forward keys in case of warm reboot seque...
2012-10-29 Simon GlassRevert "Revert "stm32: Implement keyscan configuration...
2012-10-29 Simon GlassRevert "Revert "stm32: Reduce keyboard scan period...
2012-10-29 Simon GlassRevert "Revert "stm32: Update keyboard_scan to use...
2012-10-29 Simon GlassRevert "Revert "stm32: Drop key scan masks""
2012-10-29 Simon GlassRevert "Revert "Define key scan parameters and get...
2012-10-29 Simon GlassRevert "stm32: fix race condition enabling keyboard...
2012-10-10 Sameer NandaDon't forward keys in case of warm reboot sequence...
2012-10-10 Doug Andersonsnow: i2c: Reset i2c if we get a timeout in slave mode
2012-10-10 Randall SpanglerClean up reboot host command
2012-10-10 Vincent Palatinstm32: fix race condition enabling keyboard interrupt
2012-10-10 Vincent PalatinRevert "Define key scan parameters and get/set command"
2012-10-10 Vincent PalatinRevert "stm32: Drop key scan masks"
2012-10-10 Vincent PalatinRevert "stm32: Update keyboard_scan to use run-time...
2012-10-10 Vincent PalatinRevert "stm32: Reduce keyboard scan period from 10ms...
2012-10-10 Vincent PalatinRevert "stm32: Implement keyscan configuration command"
2012-10-10 Vincent PalatinRevert "stm32: Implement keyboard debouncing"
2012-10-05 Simon Glassstm32: Implement keyboard debouncing
2012-10-05 Simon Glassstm32: Implement keyscan configuration command
2012-10-05 Simon Glassstm32: Reduce keyboard scan period from 10ms to 3ms
2012-10-05 Simon Glassstm32: Update keyboard_scan to use run-time configuration
2012-10-05 Simon Glassstm32: Drop key scan masks
2012-10-05 Simon GlassDefine key scan parameters and get/set command
2012-09-20 Randall SpanglerEC recalculates RW code hash after all sysjumps
2012-09-20 Louis Yung... Fixed a bug of sysjump: shutdown but reboot (firmware...
2012-09-18 Charlie MooneySnow: Retry accesses to PMU before hard reset
2012-09-18 Randall SpanglerSave panic data across reboots, and add panicinfo command
2012-09-13 Vincent Palatinfix signedness issue in deep sleep delay firmware-snow-2695.90.B
2012-09-12 Randall SpanglerAdd capability to auto-hash correct size for EC-RO...
2012-09-12 Randall SpanglerFix not setting in_progress flag when starting hash...
2012-09-11 Simon Glassgaia_power: Report power on reason
2012-09-11 Rong Changsnow: Clear state of charge calculation window on state...
2012-09-11 Rong Changsnow: Check state of charge using moving average
2012-09-10 Randall SpanglerSwitch to variable-size stacks
2012-09-10 Randall SpanglerAllocate stacks separately from task context structs
2012-09-10 Randall SpanglerTrack current task directly instead of computing from...
2012-09-10 Randall SpanglerTrack amount of stack used for each EC task
2012-09-10 Rong Changsnow: Stop discharging when temperature lower than 0C
2012-09-08 David Hendrickssnow: make pmu charge ranges inclusive
2012-09-08 David Hendrickssnow: re-configure I2C arbitration pins at AP off/on...
2012-09-07 Charlie MooneySnow: Always reset i2c when it's initiallized
2012-09-06 David Hendricksmake build_info fixed-length
2012-09-06 David HendricksRevert "Save panic data across reboots, and add panicin...
2012-09-06 David Hendrickssnow: i2c: Reset i2c busses at bootup to unwedge them
2012-09-06 David Hendricksstm32l: Add stub for gpio_set_flags()
2012-09-06 David Hendricksdaisy: add GPIO_I2C_* pins to board header and GPIO...
2012-09-06 Simon GlassChange UART interrupt to priority 2
2012-09-06 Louis Yung... comm-i2c.c upgrades to protocol v2.
2012-09-06 David Hendricksmake pmu register dump more verbose
2012-09-06 Randall SpanglerSave panic data across reboots, and add panicinfo command
2012-09-06 Randall SpanglerUse new panic stack on all platforms
2012-09-06 Randall SpanglerPlace panic data and stack at end of RAM
2012-09-06 Han ShenMinor fix for gcc 4.7 build problem for chromeos-base...
2012-09-06 Doug Andersonsnow: Don't turn on SPI clock
2012-09-06 Charlie MooneySnow:Recover from stray pulses on i2c battery line
2012-09-06 Che-Liang Chioustm32: Store VbNvContext in backup registers
2012-09-06 Che-Liang Chioustm32: Squeeze fakewp backup register for VbNvContext
2012-09-05 Charlie MooneySnow: Add checking for more i2c error cases
2012-09-05 Randall SpanglerFix stack overflow in hostcmd command
2012-09-05 Louis Yung... Snow: WP_RO should be 0x10000 (including pstate).
2012-09-04 Charlie MooneySnow: Dont hang when trying to pmic-reset board
2012-08-31 Rong Changsnow: Change charging temperature range
2012-08-30 Randall SpanglerSnow must assert ENTERING_RW GPIO when jumping between...
2012-08-30 David Hendrickssnow: re-factor i2c init
2012-08-30 Bill RichardsonMinimum write size for Snow is 2 bytes, not 64 bytes.
2012-08-30 Simon Glassi2c: Enable arbitration GPIOs only when active
2012-08-30 Simon GlassMake AC status feature optional at compile time
2012-08-30 Simon Glassflash: Only erase flash block that contain data
2012-08-30 David Hendricksmove pmu_init_registers() from pmu_init() to chipset...
2012-08-30 David Hendricksgaia: notify chipset pre-init hook before turning on AP
2012-08-30 David Hendricksadd a new hook for pre-chipset startup
2012-08-30 David Hendricksgaia: update ap_suspended usage
2012-08-30 David Hendrickssnow: toggle pull-up on PA7 (SUSPEND_L) on power on/off
2012-08-30 David Hendrickssnow: configure USART Rx as an input with pull resistor
2012-08-30 Louis Yung... Add GEC lock mechanism.
2012-08-30 Vincent Palatinstm32: don't go to stop mode in suspend
2012-08-30 Vincent Palatinstm32: activate stop mode
2012-08-30 David Hendricksstm32f: remove gpio_set_alternate_function()
2012-08-30 Simon GlassAdd CONFIG_CONFIGURE_BOARD_LATE for late board init
2012-08-30 Simon GlassAllow GPIOs to be set up later
2012-08-30 Doug Andersongpio: Fix initting pulldowns
2012-08-29 Louis Yung... Support battery cut-off mechanism for factory.
2012-08-28 Sameer Nandagaia: Add a warm reboot function
2012-08-28 Charlie MooneySnow: Adding in EC ability to hard reset pmic
2012-08-28 Vic Yangstm32f: Preserve flash write protect info across sysjump
2012-08-28 Vic Yangstm32f: Fix a bug that PROTECT_ALL_NOW is set incorrectly
2012-08-28 Rong Changsnow: Change TPSCHROME fastcharge timeout to 6 hours
2012-08-28 Rong ChangIgnore TPSCHROME NTC reading in T40 range
2012-08-28 Louis Yung... Rename EC_FLASH_PROTECT_RW_* flags to EC_FLASH_PROTECT_...
2012-08-27 Charlie MooneyReset pmic registers to known safe values on boot
2012-08-27 Randall SpanglerAllow hashing an empty RW image
2012-08-25 Vincent Palatinstm32: simplify hard reset
2012-08-25 David HendricksCHERRY-PICK: gaia: Assert PMIC_PWRON_L only if XPSHOLD...
2012-08-25 Vincent Palatinstm32: fix AP auto power on
2012-08-24 Charlie MooneySnow: Increase timeout for i2c stop bit sending
2012-08-24 Charlie MooneySnow: Fixing invalid i2c error codes