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last changeFri, 11 May 2012 06:53:47 +0000 (23:53 -0700)
2012-05-11 Tammo SpalinkMark deprecated. This repo has been replaced by 'chrom... factory-2338.B factory-2368.B factory-2394.B factory-2460.B firmware-link-2348.B master release-R21-2465.B
2012-05-08 Jay Kimkeyboard variant value should be resolved factory-2268.16.B release-R20-2268.B
2012-04-26 Tammo SpalinkRefactor gooftool, eliminating boilerplate. stabilize2
2012-04-23 Tammo SpalinkCreate indpendent FW hash generation function.
2012-04-20 Tammo SpalinkCleanup based on running pylint.
2012-04-09 Hung-Te Lin[factory_test_tools] add OWNERS
2012-03-28 Tammo SpalinkMove probe() from hwid_tool into gooftool. release-R19-2046.B
2012-03-26 Tammo Spalinkhwid_tool: Add comp_rename command.
2012-03-26 Tammo SpalinkRemove cardreader probe, and thereby the comp_db probe...
2012-03-23 Tammo Spalinkhwid_tool: Fix config_factory_initial entry prefixes.
2012-03-22 Tammo SpalinkSupport volatile, initial config, and bom creation...
2012-03-21 Tammo SpalinkAdd hwid_tool command to generate legacy hwid data...
2012-03-21 Tammo SpalinkClean up status data repr, remove crufty fields, and...
2012-03-20 Hung-Te Lingooftool: Probe embedded controller by mosys.
2012-03-13 Hung-Te Lingooftool: change postinst param for new cros_installer. factory-1987.B
2012-03-09 Tammo SpalinkFix miscellaneous small cosmetic and flow issues.
2 years ago factory-1412.B
2 years ago factory-2305.B
3 years ago factory-2338.B
3 years ago factory-2368.B
3 years ago factory-2394.B
3 years ago factory-2460.B
3 years ago firmware-link-2348.B
3 years ago master
3 years ago release-R21-2465.B
3 years ago factory-2268.16.B
3 years ago release-R20-2268.B
3 years ago stabilize2
3 years ago release-R19-2046.B
3 years ago factory-1987.B
3 years ago release-R18-1660.B
3 years ago factory-1235.B