2013-06-12 mukesh agrawalminijail: add child PID to log messages 77/58277/2 factory-4290.B factory-4455.B factory-pit-4280.B factory-pit-4390.B factory-pit-4471.B factory-spring-4262.B firmware-falco_peppy-4389.B firmware-leon-4389.26.B firmware-pit-4482.B firmware-wolf-4389.24.B master release-R29-4319.B release-R30-4537.B stabilize-4287.B stabilize-4443.B stabilize-4512.B
2013-06-05 Yunlian Jiangminijail: do not use gcc designator extension. 04/51004/2 stabilize-4255.B
2013-05-09 Mike Frysingercapabilities: extract the max cap from the runtime... 02/50702/2 factory-4128.B factory-spring-4131.B
2013-04-02 Jorge Lucangeli... Add "unconditional errno" support to syscall filter... 68/46568/3 release-R28-4100.B stabilize-4008.0.B stabilize-4035.0.B stabilize-4068.0.B stabilize-4100.38.B stabilize-spring-4100.53.B toolchainB
2013-04-02 Elly Fong-Jones[minijail] support network namespacing 35/46035/2
2013-03-19 Elly Fong-Jones[minijail] check permissions on target 77/45877/3 release-R27-3912.B stabilize-3881.0.B stabilize-3912.79.B toolchainA
2013-02-22 Jorge Lucangeli... Allow reading the jailed process' stdout and stderr. 60/43460/9 factory-spring-3842.B firmware-spring-3824.4.B firmware-spring-3824.55.B firmware-spring-3824.84.B firmware-spring-3824.B firmware-spring-3833.B
2013-02-07 Kees Cookcapabilities: correct the <<-operator width everwhere 06/42806/2 release-R26-3701.B stabilize-3701.30.0 stabilize-3701.30.0b stabilize-3701.46.B stabilize-3701.81.B stabilize-bluetooth-smart toolchain-3701.42.B
2013-02-06 Kees Cookcapabilities: make sure that CAP_SETPCAP is cleared 70/42670/3
2013-02-04 Jorge Lucangeli... Unalias |policy| variable in syscall filter code. 51/42551/2
2013-02-04 Jorge Lucangeli... Fix Minijail x32 compilation. 43/42543/2
2013-01-22 Elly Fong-Jones[minijail] stop parsing at first non-opt arg 67/41767/3 stabilize-3658.0.0
2012-12-12 Jorge Lucangeli... Add exit status reporting to Minijail. 68/39568/2 factory-3536.B release-R25-3428.B stabilize-3428.110.0 stabilize-3428.149 stabilize-3428.149.B stabilize-3428.193 toolchain-3428.65.B
2012-12-07 Jorge Lucangeli... Add support for checking flags in syscall arguments... 28/39128/5 stabilize2
2012-12-03 Jorge Lucangeli... Add BPF jset instruction support to Minijail. 18/39018/4
2012-10-20 Lei ZhangMake it easier to build libminijail on Chromium Linux.
2012-09-05 Jorge Lucangeli... Minijail: Fix indentation in libminijail.c factory-2723.14.B factory-2914.B factory-2985.B factory-2993.B factory-3004.B release-R23-2913.B stabilize stabilize-daisy stabilize-link stabilize-link-2913.278
2012-09-04 Jorge Lucangeli... Minijail: allow writing to the child process' standard... factory-2848.B
2012-08-31 Jorge Lucangeli... Minijail: remove libsyscalls.gen.o from test-clean... factory-2846.B
2012-08-28 Jorge Lucangeli... Minijail: add better error reporting when including... firmware-stout-2817.B
2012-08-23 Jorge Lucangeli... Minijail: with no_new_privs, drop privileges before...
2012-08-11 Jorge Lucangeli... Minijail: add logging for seccomp filter failures. firmware-butterfly-2788.B
2012-08-08 Jorge Lucangeli... Minijail: extract utility functions.
2012-08-03 Jorge Lucangeli... Refactor logging in Minijail. factory-2717.B factory-2723.14.orig.B release-R22-2723.B
2012-08-01 Jorge Lucangeli... Fix Minijail's getopt string. firmware-link-2695.2.B firmware-link-2695.B firmware-snow-2695.90.B firmware-snow-2695.B
2012-07-31 Elly Jones[minijail] document use of NO_NEW_PRIVS
2012-07-27 Jorge Lucangeli... Don't crash when receiving a NULL policy file. firmware-parrot-2685.B
2012-07-23 Ben Chanminijail: Support ARM private system calls in seccomp...
2012-07-17 Jorge Lucangeli... Fix "-n" option in Minijail.
2012-06-15 Jorge Lucangeli... Replace duplicated RET_KILL code with existing function. factory-2460.B factory-2475.B factory-2569.B release-R21-2465.B
2012-06-14 Elly Jones[minijail] don't forget to enter pid namespace
2012-06-13 Elly Jones[minijail] handle non-namespaced multithreaded use.
2012-05-03 Jorge Lucangeli... Add jorgelo@chromium to Minijail OWNERS file. factory-2268.16.B factory-2305.B factory-2338.B factory-2368.B factory-2394.B firmware-link-2348.B release-R20-2268.B
2012-05-02 Jorge Lucangeli... Re-enable setting seccomp filters in Minijail.
2012-05-02 Jorge Lucangeli... Add API for PR_SET_NO_NEW_PRIVS and set seccomp filter...
2012-04-30 Jorge Lucangeli... Integrate BPF seccomp_filters to Minijail.
2012-04-29 Jorge Lucangeli... Add full seccomp BPF filter generation.
2012-04-27 Jorge Lucangeli... Update Minijail syscall filter unit tests to work on...
2012-04-26 Jorge Lucangeli... Temporarily disable setting seccomp filters in Minijail.
2012-04-26 Jorge Lucangeli... Add syscall filter BPF program generator.
2012-04-18 Jorge Lucangeli... Add minijail_run_pid() to return the pid of the jailed...
2012-01-23 Elly Jones[minijail] document an apparent use-after-free factory-1987.B release-R18-1660.B release-R19-2046.B
2012-01-23 Elly Jones[minijail] fix usage docs
2012-01-23 Elly Jones[minijail] pid namespace implies vfs namespace
2011-12-16 Elly Jonesminijail0: honor readonly bind mounts
2011-12-12 Elly Jonesminijail: remove C++ implementation
2011-12-07 Elly Jonesminijail0: parse *all* the arguments!
2011-10-28 Will Drewrylibminijail_unittests: add more for consume* factory-1284.B factory-1412.B firmware-kiev-2.112.B firmware-uboot_v2-1299.B release-R17-1412.B
2011-10-27 Will Drewrytest_harness.h: Explain failure on terminal signal
2011-10-27 Will DrewryMakefile, libminijail: Invert symbol visibility to...
2011-10-27 Will Drewrylibminijail.c: fix dangling pointer evaluation on unmar...
2011-10-27 Will Drewrylibminijail_unittest: fix unittests for consumestr
2011-10-27 Sonny Raoupdate Makefile to use a LIBDIR variable to locate... factory-1235.B
2011-10-25 Elly Jonesminijail: add OWNERS.
2011-10-22 David JamesRevert "update Makefile to accept a LIBDIR variable...
2011-10-22 Sonny Raoupdate Makefile to accept a LIBDIR variable to specify...
2011-10-21 Elly Jonesminijail0: unbreak chroot and marshalling
2011-10-17 Ben Chanlibminijail: Fix minijail_parse_seccomp_filters to... release-R16-1193.B
2011-10-17 Elly Jonesminijail0: add chroot support.
2011-10-12 Elly Jonesminijail0: convert to linux style
2011-10-03 Will Drewrylibminijail_unittest: add some tests
2011-10-03 Will Drewryminijail: add a C test harness
2011-09-28 Kees Cooklibminijail: pass-through errno should be negative
2011-09-28 Elly Jonesminijail0: make jail_change_{user,group} reentrant.
2011-09-23 Will Drewrylibminijail: only clear supplemental groups on user...
2011-09-23 Will Drewrylibminijail: add seccomp_filter support to LD_PRELOAD...
2011-09-23 Will Drewrylibminijail: move over to using marshalled binary for...
2011-09-23 Will Drewrylibminijail: add marshalling and scrubbing functions
2011-09-23 Will Drewryminijail0: move ld_preload communication to a pipe
2011-09-15 Will Drewrylibminijail,minijail0: add seccomp filter support
2011-09-14 Thieu LeRevert "libminijail,minijail0: add seccomp filter support"
2011-09-14 Will Drewrylibminijail,minijail0: add seccomp filter support
2011-09-07 Ben Chanminijail: Restore original value of LD_PRELOAD after... factory-1020.B release-1011.B
2011-08-23 Ben Chanminijail: Pass gid option through libminijailpreload. factory-980.B test-982.B
2011-08-23 Ben Chanminijail: Add Makefile target to compile
2011-08-15 Elly Jonesminijail: remove 'install' target.
2011-08-15 Elly JonesRFC: minijail: add libminijail.
2011-07-12 Elly Jonesminijail: accept named uid/gid. 0.14.811.B 0.15.877.B 780.B firmware-881-u-boot-v1 firmware-u-boot-v1
2011-07-07 Elly Jonesminijail: return change_gid_ from change_gid(), not...
2011-07-06 Elly Jonesminijail: unmount /proc, then mount
2011-05-14 Chris Masone[minijail] Roll forward to new libchrome 0.13.558.B 0.13.587.B
2011-04-27 Chris Masone[minijail] Add the ability to set capabilities from... 0.13.509.B
2010-08-12 Chris Masone[minijail] Update to new libchrome API 0.11.241.B 0.11.257.B 0.11.257.B90 0.12.362.B 0.12.369.B 0.12.392.B 0.12.433.B 0.12.433.B109 0.12.433.B62 0.13.434.B 11.1.241.B
2010-08-05 J. Richard... Add LICENSE file
2010-06-08 Anush ElangovanUpdate Watchlists
2010-06-05 Anush ElangovanSetup code review inheritance
2010-04-07 Daniel Eratbuild: Restore scripts.
2010-04-06 Daniel Eratbuild: Delete files from the previous build system.
2010-04-01 Will Drewrywaitpid() on the child process when changing namespaces
2010-02-11 Chris Masonemake minijail inherit the env when building
2010-02-04 Chris MasoneMake minijail respect the groups of the uid provided...
2010-01-25 Colin WatsonRename chromeos-microbenchmark package to libchromeos...
2010-01-19 Will DrewryUpdate minijail tests with real mocks and packaging...
2010-01-07 Colin Watsonminijail: Switch to new cross-friendly packaging style
2009-12-10 Will DrewryFix broken tree
2009-12-10 Will DrewryOverhaul microbenchmark so that it can be pulled in...
2009-12-08 Will Drewryenable seccomp benchmark options which was in the switc...
2009-12-07 Will DrewryAdd build and package support to minijail
2009-12-07 drewry@google.comBaseline minijail with a commandline switch driven...