2013-08-19 Charlie MooneyIntroduce a testing script to check functionality 93/65993/5 master
2013-08-19 Charlie MooneyAdd basic movement commands to TouchbotII 92/65992/4
2013-08-19 Charlie MooneyAdd GPIO Capabilities to Touchbot II 91/65991/3
2013-08-19 Charlie MooneyAdd in a robot profile class 90/65990/4
2013-08-19 Charlie MooneyAdd in the start of higher level robot control 95/65895/5
2013-08-16 Charlie MooneyFix the way roibot imports the calibrated z values 61/65961/2
2013-08-15 Charlie MooneyStarting the touchbotII control scripts 25/65725/3
2013-06-27 Charlie MooneyAdd the final .bin generator for the nonlinearity tools 84/59984/3 factory-4455.B factory-pit-4390.B factory-pit-4471.B firmware-falco_peppy-4389.B firmware-leon-4389.26.B firmware-pit-4482.B firmware-wolf-4389.24.B release-R30-4537.B stabilize-4443.B stabilize-4512.B
2013-06-25 Charlie MooneyAdd in Filter to non-linearity tools 15/58215/4
2013-06-11 Charlie MooneyAdding in the nonlinearity processing scripts 17/57517/3 factory-4290.B factory-pit-4280.B factory-spring-4262.B release-R29-4319.B stabilize-4287.B
2013-06-05 Charlie MooneyAdd in latency computation script to work with HSC 36/57336/3 stabilize-4255.B
2013-06-04 Charlie MooneyTouchbot - fix a type-mismatch in error handler 68/57368/2
2013-04-16 Charlie MooneyIncrease click offset 71/48171/2 factory-4128.B factory-spring-4131.B release-R28-4100.B stabilize-4035.0.B stabilize-4068.0.B stabilize-4100.38.B stabilize-spring-4100.53.B toolchainB
2013-04-12 Charlie MooneyChange how dimensions are loaded for calibration 73/47773/5 stabilize-4008.0.B
2013-04-11 Charlie MooneyTouchbot: Fix a typecasting bug in 75/47775/3
2013-04-11 Charlie MooneyTouchbot: Add a Z calibration script 81/47681/5
2013-04-09 Charlie MooneyTouchbot: Add a rapid-tapping gesture 96/47596/4
2013-04-08 Charlie MooneyTouchbot: Adding a program to sample SNR 60/47360/5
2013-04-01 Charlie MooneyChanging the name of snow's config file 33/46933/2
2013-03-04 Charlie MooneyTouchbot: Fix a parsing problem in 99/44299/4 factory-spring-3842.B firmware-spring-3824.4.B firmware-spring-3824.55.B firmware-spring-3824.84.B firmware-spring-3824.B firmware-spring-3833.B release-R27-3912.B stabilize-3881.0.B stabilize-3912.79.B toolchainA
2013-03-01 Charlie MooneyTouchbot: Auto detect port for 80/44280/2
2013-03-01 Charlie MooneyTouchbot: Add an even pressure-mapper 76/44176/3
2013-02-27 Charlie MooneyTouchbot: Fix a typo in 04/44204/2
2013-01-31 Charlie MooneyTouchbot: Smooth out swipe gestures 46/42346/3 release-R26-3701.B stabilize-3658.0.0 stabilize-3701.30.0 stabilize-3701.30.0b stabilize-3701.46.B stabilize-3701.81.B stabilize-bluetooth-smart toolchain-3701.42.B
2013-01-31 Charlie MooneyTouchbot: fixing the jump() instruction 45/42345/3
2012-11-20 Charlie MooneyTouchbot: Making the click gesture more versatile 36/38336/4 factory-3536.B release-R25-3428.B stabilize-3428.110.0 stabilize-3428.149 stabilize-3428.149.B stabilize-3428.193 stabilize2 toolchain-3428.65.B
2012-11-07 Charlie MooneyTouchbot: Define a gesture to type out a string
2012-11-07 Charlie MooneyTouchbot: Adding in keyboard coords and new specs
2012-11-05 Charlie MooneyTouchbot: Automatic speed/point tracking
2012-11-02 Charlie MooneyTouchbot: Fix to include devices module
2012-11-01 Charlie MooneyTouchbot: Change the device spec file format
2012-11-01 Charlie MooneyTouchbot: Generalizing the scroll gesture
2012-10-26 Charlie MooneyTouchbot: Add a new "click" gesture 62/36462/4
2012-10-25 Charlie MooneyTouchbot: Adding a decive specification for Link
2012-10-23 Charlie MooneyTouchbot: Adding a distutils
2012-10-22 Charlie MooneyTouchbot: Make roibot a more unified library
2012-10-22 Charlie MooneyTouchbot: Make gestures blocking
2012-10-22 Charlie MooneyTouchbot: Automatically detect the robot's ttyUSB#
2012-10-19 Charlie MooneyTouchbot: Make gestures device agnostic
2012-10-17 Charlie MooneyTouchbot: Add line-drawing gesture
2012-10-11 Charlie MooneyTouchbot: Add timeout when waiting for response
2012-10-10 Charlie MooneyTouchbot: Add a pause between retries
2012-10-08 Charlie MooneyTouchbot: Adding "scroll" and "fling" Gestures
2012-10-08 Charlie MooneyTouchbot: Add diagonal grid gesture
2012-10-03 Charlie MooneyTouchbot gesture library utilities addition factory-2993.B factory-3004.B
2012-10-01 Charlie MooneyTouchbot: Fix the imports in the gesture scripts factory-2985.B
2012-09-28 Charlie MooneyFix parameterWrite formatting
2012-09-13 Terry LambertCHROMIUMOS: Fix string formatting factory-2914.B release-R23-2913.B stabilize stabilize-daisy stabilize-link stabilize-link-2913.278
2012-09-13 Terry LambertCHROMIUMOS: Fix comment
2012-09-07 Terry LambertCHROMIUMOS: Touchbot programming string formatting
2012-08-24 Terry LambertCHROMIUMOS: Fix comment spacing factory-2846.B factory-2848.B firmware-stout-2817.B
2012-08-02 Terry LambertCHROMIUMOS: Device definitions, gestures for touchbot factory-2717.B factory-2723.14.B firmware-butterfly-2788.B release-R22-2723.B
2012-07-28 Terry LambertCHROMIUMOS: Add touchbot implementation files firmware-link-2695.2.B firmware-link-2695.B firmware-parrot-2685.B firmware-snow-2695.90.B firmware-snow-2695.B
2012-07-13 Terry Lambertinit repo 20/27420/1