2010-10-11 Frank SwiderskiFix TpmIsReady regression. 0.10.134.B 0.10.136.B 0.10.138.B 0.10.140.B 0.10.142.B 0.10.144.B 0.10.146.B 0.10.148.B 0.10.150.B 0.10.152.B 0.10.154.B 0.10.156.B 0.11.158.B 0.11.166.B 0.11.208.B 0.11.218.B 0.11.227.B 0.11.241.B 0.11.257.B 0.11.257.B90 0.12.362.B 0.12.369.B 0.9.100.B 0.9.102.B 0.9.104.B 0.9.106.B 0.9.108.B 0.9.110.B 0.9.112.B 0.9.114.B 0.9.116.B 0.9.118.B 0.9.120.B 0.9.122.B 0.9.124.B 0.9.126.B 0.9.128.B 0.9.130.B 0.9.132.B 0.9.80.B 0.9.82.B 0.9.84.B 0.9.86.B 0.9.90.B 0.9.90.T 0.9.92.B 0.9.94.B 0.9.94.T 0.9.96.T 0.9.98.B 11.1.241.B master
2010-10-04 Frank SwiderskiAdds the necessary changes to tpm_init to allow trigger... 0.9.75.B_factory 0.9.76.B 0.9.78.B
2010-09-27 Frank SwiderskiOnly check the well-known password if we know it is... 0.9.74.B
2010-09-23 Frank SwiderskiAdd better handling of a TPM clear.
2010-09-01 Frank SwiderskiAdd additional status APIs for the TPM. 0.8.70.B
2010-08-25 Frank SwiderskiAdd method to get random bytes from the TPM. 0.8.68.B 0.8.71.B_factory
2010-08-13 Frank SwiderskiCommit the change that I forgot to commit. 0.8.66.B
2010-08-13 Frank SwiderskiUpdate TPM initialization to better handle errors.
2010-08-10 Frank SwiderskiDon't init the TPM if /sys/class/misc/tpm0 doesn't...
2010-08-05 J. Richard... Add LICENSE file 0.8.64.B
2010-08-02 Frank SwiderskiInitial version of tpm_init, a library for taking owner...
2010-07-26 Frank SwiderskiInitialize repository.