2013-08-22 Hung-Te Linvpd: Change target selection syntax for flashrom. 15/66315/3 master
2013-06-03 Louis Yung... Fix the bug of re-writing flash in vpd -l. 64/56764/2 factory-4290.B factory-4455.B factory-pit-4280.B factory-pit-4390.B factory-pit-4471.B factory-spring-4262.B firmware-falco_peppy-4389.B firmware-leon-4389.26.B firmware-pit-4482.B firmware-wolf-4389.24.B release-R29-4319.B release-R30-4537.B stabilize-4255.B stabilize-4287.B stabilize-4443.B stabilize-4512.B
2013-05-16 Louis Yung... Support multiple -d arguments in one line. 20/51420/5
2013-05-16 Louis Yung... Fix the segmentation fault bug. 80/51280/2
2013-04-16 Louis Yung... Support -d to delete an existing key. 15/48115/4 factory-4128.B release-R28-4100.B stabilize-4008.0.B stabilize-4035.0.B stabilize-4068.0.B stabilize-4100.38.B stabilize-spring-4100.53.B toolchainB
2012-10-02 Ricky Liangdump_vpd_log: Add model_name and sku_number to VPD... factory-2985.B factory-2993.B factory-3004.B factory-3536.B factory-spring-3842.B firmware-spring-3824.4.B firmware-spring-3824.55.B firmware-spring-3824.84.B firmware-spring-3824.B firmware-spring-3833.B release-R25-3428.B release-R26-3701.B release-R27-3912.B stabilize-3428.110.0 stabilize-3428.149 stabilize-3428.149.B stabilize-3428.193 stabilize-3658.0.0 stabilize-3701.30.0 stabilize-3701.30.0b stabilize-3701.46.B stabilize-3701.81.B stabilize-3881.0.B stabilize-3912.79.B stabilize-bluetooth-smart stabilize2 toolchain-3428.65.B toolchain-3701.42.B toolchainA
2012-09-25 Gaurav Shahdump_vpd_log: set permissions on cache directory every...
2012-09-11 Louis Yung... Add --sh to support VPD partition shift. factory-2914.B
2012-09-10 Gaurav Shahdump_vpd_log: Fix debug mode behavior and ECHO code...
2012-09-05 Louis Yung... Correctly set cache directory permission.
2012-09-05 Louis Yung... Supports --debug for dump_vpd_log.
2012-08-06 Louis Yung... Cache VPD files in unencrypted partition. factory-2717.B factory-2723.14.B factory-2846.B factory-2848.B firmware-butterfly-2788.B firmware-stout-2817.B
2012-08-01 Gaurav Shahdump_vpd_log: Fix location of the ECHO code cache.
2012-07-30 Hung-Te Linvpd: support generating both dynamic and static output. firmware-link-2695.2.B firmware-link-2695.B firmware-parrot-2685.B firmware-snow-2695.90.B firmware-snow-2695.B
2012-07-20 Gaurav Shahdump_vpd_log: --clean/--force should also clear the...
2012-03-24 Gaurav Shah[ECHO] Cache coupon code values read from the VPD factory-2268.16.B factory-2305.B factory-2338.B factory-2368.B factory-2394.B factory-2460.B factory-2475.B factory-2569.B firmware-link-2348.B release-R19-2046.B release-R20-2268.B
2012-02-27 Hung-Te Linvpd: Improve speed and remove temporary files. factory-1987.B
2012-01-30 Gilad ArnoldAdvance the version of the VPD cache file used by dump_... release-R18-1660.B
2012-01-28 Gilad ArnoldImprove functionality of dump_vpd_log.
2012-01-09 Hung-Te Linvpd: Remove temporary files on exit.
2011-12-20 Louis Yung... Cache full VPD text file to speed up the dump_vpd_log...
2011-10-31 Sonny RaoChange to use new location of shflags factory-1284.B firmware-kiev-2.112.B firmware-uboot_v2-1299.B release-R17-1412.B
2011-09-07 Louis Yung... dump_vpd_log by default outputs filtered fields (in... factory-1020.B factory-1235.B release-1011.B release-R16-1193.B
2011-08-23 Louis Yung... Enable -Wall -Werror in Makefile factory-980.B test-982.B
2011-08-01 Louis Yung... Support to dump old VPD format, which is used on CR... 0.15.877.B firmware-881-u-boot-v1 firmware-u-boot-v1
2011-06-02 Louis Yung... Always generate absolute address for SMBIOS tables... 780.B
2011-05-20 Louis Yung... Fix the bug when mixing usages with and without -f... 0.13.558.B
2011-04-27 Louis Yung... dump_vpd_log: calls mktemp to allow multiple instances.
2011-04-15 Louis Yung... Support -g option to dump value string only (no key... 0.12.433.B 0.12.433.B109 0.12.433.B62 0.13.434.B
2011-04-01 Louis Yung... fix the crash bug when specifying non-existed option. 0.12.362.B 0.12.392.B
2011-03-11 Louis Yung... script to dump RO and RW VPDs into /var/log/vpd-log...
2011-03-10 Louis Yung... leverage flashrom fast partial read function to speed...
2011-03-08 Louis Yung... Supports SPD in VPD partition.
2011-03-07 Louis Yung... Add version string.
2011-01-13 Louis Yung... vpd should returns 1 (error) if SMBIOS signature is...
2011-01-13 Louis Yung... For convenient, supports -O to overwrite the garbage...
2010-12-28 Louis Yung... Support to read/write VPD partition with flashrom directly.
2010-12-22 David HendricksConcatenate CFLAGS and LDFLAGS instead of re-assign
2010-12-22 David HendricksAllow compiler to be overridden (useful for cross-compi...
2010-12-18 Louis Yung... Support --list to dump file content.
2010-12-16 Louis Yung... Support VPD decode and update mode.
2010-12-14 Louis Yung... Fixed the typo to build test in Makefile.
2010-12-14 Louis Yung... The draft version. Generates EPS and VPD 2.0 blob block.
2010-12-10 Louis Yung... init repo