2011-11-22 Doug Andersonwm: Avoid log spew in window manager logs. factory-1412.B factory-1987.B master release-R17-1412.B release-R18-1660.B stabilize stabilize2
2011-10-10 Daniel Eratwm: Defer GL texture refreshes when compositing. factory-1235.B factory-1284.B firmware-kiev-2.112.B firmware-uboot_v2-1299.B release-R16-1193.B
2011-10-03 Daniel Eratwm: Increase duration of screen locker fade-in to 450 ms.
2011-09-30 Daniel Eratwm: Draw shadows under 24-bit transient windows.
2011-09-13 Ivan KorotkovFocus is returned from modal dialogs to parent window...
2011-09-07 Daniel Eratwm: Fix compilation on gcc-4.6.0. factory-1020.B
2011-09-01 Daniel Eratwm: Avoid focusing windows in response to scrolling. factory-980.B test-982.B
2011-08-17 Satoru Takabayashiwm: Stop linking libchromeos.
2011-08-15 Daniel Eratwm: Display a message onscreen at startup for debug...
2011-08-09 Daniel Eratwm: Avoid leak if a duplicate login window is mapped. 0.15.877.B firmware-881-u-boot-v1 firmware-u-boot-v1
2011-08-08 Daniel Eratwm: Add squish animation on no-op F5 with a single...
2011-08-04 Daniel Eratwm: Don't automatically overlap browser windows.
2011-08-04 Daniel Eratwm: Display borders when hovering over resize handles.
2011-08-03 Daniel Eratwm: Fix some timerfd leaks.
2011-08-01 Daniel Eratwm: Snap to maximized when interactively resizing browser.
2011-07-26 Daniel Eratwm: Switch to last window on Alt-9.
2011-07-22 Daniel Eratwm: Focus newest-mapped modal window.
2011-07-17 Daniel Eratwm: Screenshot user-selectable region on Ctrl-Shift-F5. 780.B
2011-07-15 Daniel Eratwm: Make layout code take panel dock size into account.
2011-07-14 Daniel Eratwm: Avoid animating Views login after WebUI is ready.
2011-07-12 Daniel Eratwm: Avoid crash when recycled windows are configured.
2011-07-11 Daniel Eratwm: Avoid crash when browser is unmapped before transients.
2011-07-08 Daniel Eratwm: Refocus window after screen unlock.
2011-07-08 Daniel Eratwm: Improve handling of non-Chrome windows.
2011-07-07 Daniel Eratwm: Save screenshots directly to file shelf.
2011-07-06 Daniel Eratwm: Replace system() calls with fork-exec.
2011-07-01 Nikita KostylevStack WebUI window to LAYER_LOGIN_WINDOW.
2011-07-01 Daniel Eratwm: Fix float comparisons in compositor culling code.
2011-06-30 Daniel Eratwm: Round animation_test values to ints.
2011-06-30 Daniel Eratwm: Don't focus browsers in response to status area...
2011-06-29 David Revemanwm: Fix actor clip rect accuracy.
2011-06-28 Daniel Eratwm: Enable overlapping-windows mode.
2011-06-28 Daniel Eratwm: Shrink the status area to 180 pixels.
2011-06-27 Daniel Eratwm: Support client requests to change layout modes.
2011-06-27 Daniel Eratwm: Minor improvement to dimming of secondary browser.
2011-06-24 Daniel Eratwm: Avoid jank when switching layout modes.
2011-06-24 Daniel Eratwm: Gradually dim secondary browser window.
2011-06-23 David Revemanwm: Fix debug needle drawing.
2011-06-23 Daniel Eratwm: Add tests for multiple-window layout code.
2011-06-22 Daniel Eratwm: Make SetBounds() send a single ConfigureWindow...
2011-06-21 Daniel Eratwm: Make F5 toggle maximized instead of cycling windows.
2011-06-20 Daniel Eratwm: Improve stacking of browser shadows while maximized.
2011-06-20 David Revemanwm: Use Region for more precise partial screen updates.
2011-06-15 Daniel Eratwm: Add _NET_WM_PING response time histogram.
2011-06-14 Daniel Eratwm: Re-add window-switching user action metrics.
2011-06-13 Daniel Eratwm: Rewrite layout code to support multiple windows.
2011-06-10 David Revemanwm: Add occlusion culling to GL compositor.
2011-06-10 David Revemanwm: Add occlusion culling support.
2011-06-10 David Revemanwm: Add Region class.
2011-06-07 Daniel Eratwm: Stack an input window under focused modal dialogs.
2011-06-06 Daniel Eratwm: Fix compilation errors in gcc-4.6.
2011-06-06 Daniel Eratwm: Add flaky TexturePixmapActor::Clone().
2011-06-06 Daniel Eratwm: Add several testing methods.
2011-06-05 Daniel Eratwm: Handle faked screen resizes.
2011-06-03 Daniel Eratwm: Improve TransientWindowCollection stacking.
2011-06-01 Daniel Eratwm: More testing cleanup.
2011-05-31 Daniel Eratwm: Reland window move/resize change. 0.13.587.B
2011-05-28 xiyuanRevert "wm: Make window move/resize code simpler and...
2011-05-27 Daniel Eratwm: Make window move/resize code simpler and more robust.
2011-05-25 Daniel Eratwm: Login-related test improvements.
2011-05-25 Daniel Eratwm: Add parameter for click-to-focus passthrough.
2011-05-25 Daniel Eratwm: Don't mess with override-redirect transient windows.
2011-05-25 Daniel Eratwm: Set root window's cursor at startup.
2011-05-25 Diego Elio... Respect PKG_CONFIG variable if set in the environment.
2011-05-25 Ryan HarrisonAdd detection and handling for WebUI login.
2011-05-18 Daniel Eratwm: Fix random issues I ran into while porting tests. 0.13.558.B
2011-05-18 Daniel Eratwm: Reduce jank when panels are first created.
2011-05-14 Chris Masone[window_manager] Roll forward to new libchrome
2011-05-10 Daniel Eratwm: Add Window::SetBounds(). 0.13.509.B
2011-05-10 Daniel Eratwm: Center panels' transient windows onscreen.
2011-05-09 Stéphane MarchesinFix build.
2011-05-09 Stéphane MarchesinAdd pageflip support to the window manager.
2011-05-06 Daniel Eratwm: Recenter login wizard window on screen resize.
2011-05-06 Daniel Eratwm: Don't mask new portion of overlay on screen resize.
2011-05-05 Daniel Eratwm: Handle missing UnmapNotify events. 16/316/3
2011-05-04 Daniel Eratwm: Display tooltips while screen is locked. 41/241/1
2011-05-02 Daniel Eratwm: Update a lot of code to use structs from geometry.h.
2011-05-02 Daniel Eratwm: Add a way for classes to listen for modality changes.
2011-04-29 Daniel Eratchromeos-wm: Remove crosh-related files.
2011-04-28 Elly Jonescrosh: Improve the ssh command.
2011-04-27 Darin PetkovProvide an "autest" crosh command.
2011-04-27 Stéphane MarchesinUse NEAREST filtering in the GL backend when the transf...
2011-04-25 rgindacrosh: ignore sigint
2011-04-25 Daniel Eratwm: Add ResizeBox class.
2011-04-22 Daniel Eratwm: Synchronize all animations added in the same frame.
2011-04-22 Daniel Eratwm: Add ScopedCompositingRequest.
2011-04-22 Daniel Eratwm: Notify on all fetched pixmaps instead of just initial. 0.13.434.B
2011-04-22 Daniel Eratwm: Fix window_manager_test breakage from bda18ae8.
2011-04-22 Stéphane MarchesinStop calling monitor_reconfigure from the window manager.
2011-04-20 Ken Mixtercrosh: automatically restart entd when providing a...
2011-04-20 Ken Mixterchromeos-wm: Add cros secure_certificates flag to test...
2011-04-20 Stéphane MarchesinRemove color calibration from the window manager.
2011-04-14 Stéphane MarchesinDisable unredirection during screen resizes.
2011-04-14 Daniel Eratwm: Disable Ctrl-Alt-T until first browser window is up.
2011-04-14 Daniel Eratwm: Clean up command-running code.
2011-04-14 Daniel Eratwm: Use DLOG instead of LOG for Xlib errors.
2011-04-13 Daniel Eratwm: Add support for forcing compositing.
2011-04-13 Daniel Eratwm: Fix bug where transients can end up in wrong position.
2011-04-12 Daniel Eratwm: Support keeping shadows under windows while restacking.
2011-04-12 Daniel Eratwm: Refactor Shadow class into ImageGrid.