2011-03-04 Uli Schlachterxcb: Remove _cairo_xcb_picture_copy master
2011-03-04 Uli Schlachterxcb boilerplate: Handle device offsets correctly
2011-03-03 Jeff MuizelaarAdd an implementation of fmax for use with MSVC
2011-03-03 Jeff MuizelaarAdd UINT32_MAX define.
2011-03-02 Chris Wilsonsurface: Don't pass INT_UNSUPPORTED to _cairo_surface_s...
2011-02-28 Uli Schlachterxcb: Remove CAIRO_XCB_RENDER_HAS_COMPOSITE_SPANS
2011-02-28 Uli Schlachterxcb: Fix for PDF operators with RENDER 0.11
2011-02-28 Uli Schlachterxcb: Remove some unused code
2011-02-26 Eric Anholtgl: Bind samplers just once at program compile time.
2011-02-26 Eric Anholtgl: Take advantage of GLX_MESA_multithread_makecurrent...
2011-02-21 Eric Anholtgl: Add a first bit of general documentation on cairo...
2011-02-20 Behdad EsfahbodBug 34011 - headers-standalone target is incorrect...
2011-02-19 Andrea Cancianiimage: Fix surface acquisition if PIXMAN_HAS_ATOMIC_OPS
2011-02-19 M Joonas Pihlajaimage: Avoid reusing pixman images for threadsafety.
2011-02-19 Benjamin Ottetest: Fix gcc signedness warning
2011-02-19 Benjamin Ottearc: Remove erroneous return statement
2011-02-19 Benjamin Ottetest: Fix copy/paste error
2011-02-19 Benjamin Ottetest: Fix gcc complaints about old style definitions
2011-02-19 Benjamin Ottetest: Add a test for 0-radius negative arcs
2011-02-19 Benjamin OtteDeclare variables first so gcc shuts up
2011-02-18 Benjamin OtteRevert accidental checkin in last commit
2011-02-18 Benjamin Ottearc: Handle radius == 0 the same no matter the arc...
2011-02-18 Benjamin Ottesurface: Actually return a value from _cairo_surface_se...
2011-02-18 Benjamin Ottetest: Add missing format to any2ppm to silence gcc
2011-02-18 Benjamin Ottesurface: Allow NOTHING_TO_DO as a valid error for now
2011-02-18 Benjamin Otteregion: Don't be nice to people setting internal error...
2011-02-18 Benjamin Ottedevice: Don't be nice to people setting internal error...
2011-02-18 Benjamin Ottesurface: Don't be nice to people setting internal error...
2011-02-18 Benjamin OtteAssert that an error is valid when set
2011-02-18 Benjamin Ottexcb: Don't operate on a status variable that is never set
2011-02-18 Alexandros... boilerplate/egl: Ensure that we are using an RGBA32...
2011-02-18 Alexandros... egl: Ensure that the dummy pbuffer surface is compatibl...
2011-02-18 Benjamin Franzkeegl: Fix eglMakeCurrent for egl surfaces
2011-02-17 Benjamin Ottetest: Add line-width-overlap
2011-02-17 Benjamin Ottetests: Fix gcc complaint
2011-02-15 Benjamin Ottetests: Add line-width-tolerance
2011-02-15 Benjamin OtteAUTHORS: Use correct email for me
2011-02-14 Andrea Cancianixlib: Fix compilation when gradient functions are not...
2011-02-14 Andrea Cancianitest: Fix REFERENCE_IMAGES
2011-02-13 Eric Anholtgl: Don't reset the FBO draw/readbuffers every time...
2011-02-13 Andrea Cancianitest: Fix surface-pattern-scale-down-extend
2011-02-13 Andrea Cancianitest: Fix clip-device-offset
2011-02-12 Uli Schlachterarc-looping-dash: Add a missing cairo_restore ()
2011-02-12 Uli SchlachterFix errors from src/
2011-02-12 Uli Schlachterxcb: Remove the surface pattern cache
2011-02-10 Uli Schlachterxcb: Fix a crash when finishing a device
2011-02-10 Uli SchlachterFinish devices after their finish callback returns
2011-02-10 Uli Schlachterxcb-surface-source: Add image16 and ps ref images
2011-02-10 Uli Schlachterps: Update xlib-surface-source ref images
2011-02-10 Alexandros... gl: Replace built-in vertex attributes with custom...
2011-02-10 Alexandros... gl: Add gl dispatch entries for functions related to...
2011-02-10 Alexandros... gl: Use a custom shader uniform for the ModelViewProjec...
2011-02-10 Alexandros... gl: Replace ftransform() with manual coordinate calcula...
2011-02-10 Alexandros... gl: Add function to bind a 4x4 float matrix shader...
2011-02-10 Alexandros... gl: Add entry for UniformMatrix4fv in the gl dispatch...
2011-02-08 Adrian JohnsonType1-subset: Fallback if font contains more than one...
2011-02-07 Andrea Cancianimesh: Rename cairo_pattern_mesh_* functions to cairo_me...
2011-02-06 Chris Wilsontest: Attempt to capture out-of-bounds spans compositin...
2011-02-06 Chris Wilsonimage: Limit span rendering to bounded extents
2011-02-04 Behdad EsfahbodDon't err on non-invertible font matrix
2011-02-01 Alexandros... gl: Remove fixed-function related code paths
2011-02-01 Alexandros... gl: Remove unnecessary checks for NULL shader implement...
2011-02-01 Alexandros... gl: Fail if GL implementation doesn't support shaders
2011-01-31 Uli SchlachterXCB: Fix build with xcb-shm disabled
2011-01-31 Uli Schlachterxcb: Use a normal image surface if SHM fails
2011-01-31 Uli Schlachterxcb: Move the allocation of a shm surface into its...
2011-01-31 Uli Schlachterxcb: Remove a duplicate static function
2011-01-31 Uli Schlachterxcb: Limit the amount of SHM used
2011-01-27 Uli Schlachterscaled font: Fix the docs for cairo_scaled_font_get_fon...
2011-01-27 Uli SchlachterUser fonts: Make it clear what should NOT be freed
2011-01-26 Uli Schlachterxcb: Document all public functions
2011-01-26 Uli Schlachterxcb: Automatically enable the backend if the libs are...
2011-01-25 Pino ToscanoLD_PRELOAD is supported on Hurd
2011-01-25 Andrea Cancianixcb: Fix compositing of pixel-aligned rectangles
2011-01-24 Andrea CancianiFix regressions from 1.10 merge
2011-01-23 Uli Schlachterxcb: Fix a BadPicture when clearing a surface
2011-01-23 Chris Wilsonxcb: Only use clip rectangles for more than 1 pixel...
2011-01-23 Chris Wilsonversion: Post-snapshot bump
2011-01-23 Chris Wilsonversion: Bump for 1.11.2 snapshot
2011-01-23 Chris WilsonNEWS: 1.11.2 snapshot
2011-01-23 Chris WilsonMerge branch '1.10' into tmp
2011-01-23 Chris WilsonMakefile: add missing cairo-box-private.h
2011-01-23 Chris Wilsonxcb: Prefer RenderFillRectangles to perform the deferre...
2011-01-23 Chris Wilsonxcb: Apply a clip region for compositing many-pixel...
2011-01-22 Andrea Cancianigstate: Remove unused code
2011-01-22 Andrea Cancianigstate: Set an error status when restoring a push_group
2011-01-22 Andrea Cancianitest: Add group-state
2011-01-22 Andrea Cancianiclip: Improve _cairo_clip_contains_*
2011-01-21 Mats Palmgrenwin32: Improve error logging
2011-01-19 Andrea CancianiBump pixman requirements to 0.20.2 for radial gradients
2011-01-19 Andrea Cancianitest: Workaround pixman limits in large-source-roi
2011-01-19 Andrea Cancianiquartz: Respect pattern filter settings
2011-01-19 Andrea Cancianiquartz: Avoid using private APIs
2011-01-19 Andrea Cancianiquartz: Use CGLayer to implement unbounded operators
2011-01-19 Andrea Cancianiquartz: Cleanup extents computation
2011-01-19 Andrea Cancianiquartz: Do not use opaque patterns as masks
2011-01-19 Andrea Cancianiquartz: Make huge domain handling more stable
2011-01-19 Andrea Cancianiquartz: Use standard stack allocation size
2011-01-19 Andrea Cancianitest: Update quartz ref images
2011-01-19 Andrea Cancianitest: Fix operator-alpha-alpha