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last changeTue, 27 Aug 2013 13:15:56 +0000 (13:15 +0000)
2013-08-27 Serge PavlovCleanup of OpaquePtr. No functionality changes. master
2013-08-27 Edwin VaneAdding const buffer iterator generators to Rewriter
2013-08-27 Daniel Jasperclang-format: Revamp builder-type call formatting.
2013-08-27 Timur Iskhodzhanov[-cxx-abi microsoft] Change the vdtor implicit should_c...
2013-08-27 Daniel Jasperclang-format: Fix bug in column layout.
2013-08-27 David Majnemer[-cxx-abi microsoft] Remove ArgIndex, we handle all...
2013-08-27 David BlaikiePR14569: Omit debug info for thunks
2013-08-27 Michael GottesmanUse set to create CLANG_ORDER_FILE instead of option...
2013-08-27 Nick LewyckyShow which decls are marked invalid in -ast-dump.
2013-08-27 Richard SmithItanium mangler: remove "proposal" comments for manglin...
2013-08-27 Tom StellardR600: Add local address pointer size to DataLayout
2013-08-26 Rafael EspindolaSimplify a bit.
2013-08-26 Manman RenDebug Info: follow-up patch to r189283.
2013-08-26 Aaron BallmanSince r179585, __declspec(property) has gotten special...
2013-08-26 Manman RenDebug Info: add an identifier field to DICompositeType.
2013-08-26 Rafael EspindolaUse CHECK-DAG in this test.
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