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last changeTue, 16 Apr 2013 00:11:52 +0000 (17:11 -0700)
2013-04-16 Yunlian JiangDefine bool only if __cplusplus is not defined. 28/48128/3 factory-4128.B factory-4290.B factory-4455.B factory-pit-4280.B factory-pit-4390.B factory-pit-4471.B factory-spring-4131.B factory-spring-4262.B firmware-falco_peppy-4389.B firmware-leon-4389.26.B firmware-pit-4482.B firmware-wolf-4389.24.B master release-R28-4100.B release-R29-4319.B release-R30-4537.B stabilize-4008.0.B stabilize-4035.0.B stabilize-4068.0.B stabilize-4100.38.B stabilize-4255.B stabilize-4287.B stabilize-4443.B stabilize-4512.B stabilize-spring-4100.53.B toolchainB
2012-11-14 Ben ChanFix firmware binary file permissions. factory-3536.B factory-spring-3842.B firmware-spring-3824.4.B firmware-spring-3824.55.B firmware-spring-3824.84.B firmware-spring-3824.B firmware-spring-3833.B release-R25-3428.B release-R26-3701.B release-R27-3912.B stabilize-3428.110.0 stabilize-3428.149 stabilize-3428.149.B stabilize-3428.193 stabilize-3658.0.0 stabilize-3701.30.0 stabilize-3701.30.0b stabilize-3701.46.B stabilize-3701.81.B stabilize-3881.0.B stabilize-3912.79.B stabilize-bluetooth-smart stabilize2 toolchain-3428.65.B toolchain-3701.42.B toolchainA
2012-11-14 Ben ChanUpdate GDM72xx firmware with improved USB suspend/resum... 33/38033/2
2012-11-13 Ben ChanUpdate GDM72xx firmware with improved USB suspend/resum... 34/37834/2
2012-11-08 Ben ChanUpdate GDM72xx firmware with improved USB suspend/resum...
2012-10-19 Ben ChanUpdate GDM72xx firmware with improved USB suspend/resum...
2012-10-12 Ben ChanUpdate GDM72xx firmware with improved USB suspend/resum...
2012-10-09 Ben ChanChange default settings in CM configuration file.
2012-06-02 Ben ChanRevert "Revert CFLAGS changes in Makefile." factory-2394.B factory-2460.B factory-2475.B factory-2569.B factory-2717.B factory-2723.14.B factory-2846.B factory-2848.B factory-2914.B factory-2985.B factory-2993.B factory-3004.B firmware-butterfly-2788.B firmware-link-2695.2.B firmware-link-2695.B firmware-parrot-2685.B firmware-snow-2695.90.B firmware-snow-2695.B firmware-stout-2817.B release-R21-2465.B release-R22-2723.B
2012-06-02 Ben ChanUpdate GDM72xx firmware with improved USB power management.
2012-06-01 Ben ChanRemove unnecessary linking of zlib.
2012-06-01 Ben ChanRevert CFLAGS changes in Makefile.
2012-05-31 Ben ChanRemove unnecessary inclusions of zlib.h in source code.
2012-05-31 Ben ChanFix Makefile variables for cross-compilation.
2012-05-22 Ben ChanInitial import of GCT GDM WiMAX SDK 3.11. factory-2338.B factory-2368.B firmware-link-2348.B
2012-05-16 Brian HarringInitial placeholders for gdmwimax. factory-2268.16.B
2 years ago factory-4128.B
2 years ago factory-4290.B
2 years ago factory-4455.B
2 years ago factory-pit-4280.B
2 years ago factory-pit-4390.B
2 years ago factory-pit-4471.B
2 years ago factory-spring-4131.B
2 years ago factory-spring-4262.B
2 years ago firmware-falco_peppy-4389.B
2 years ago firmware-leon-4389.26.B
2 years ago firmware-pit-4482.B
2 years ago firmware-wolf-4389.24.B
2 years ago master
2 years ago release-R28-4100.B
2 years ago release-R29-4319.B
2 years ago release-R30-4537.B