2011-09-09 Raymes KhouryFix race in qsort_r initialization. 83/7483/1 cros-2.11 factory-2475.B factory-2569.B factory-2717.B factory-2723.14.B factory-2846.B factory-2848.B factory-2914.B factory-2985.B factory-2993.B factory-3004.B firmware-butterfly-2788.B firmware-link-2695.2.B firmware-link-2695.B firmware-parrot-2685.B firmware-snow-2695.90.B firmware-snow-2695.B firmware-stout-2817.B master release-R22-2723.B release-R23-2913.B stabilize stabilize-daisy stabilize-link stabilize-link-2913.278
2011-08-25 Raymes KhouryForward-port local glibc security patch. 87/6587/2
2011-08-24 Raymes KhouryRequire suid bit on audit objects in privileged programs 83/6583/2
2011-08-24 Raymes KhouryAlign x86 TCB to 64 bytes (cache line size), important... 81/6581/2
2011-08-24 Raymes KhouryFix -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE memmove and bcop 84/6584/2
2011-08-24 Raymes KhouryAdd -fno-asynchronous-unwind-tables to initfini.s for... 74/6574/2
2009-12-08 Petr Baudisglibc 2.11.1 release glibc-2.11.1
2009-12-04 Andreas SchwabFix infloop in __pthread_disable_asynccancel on x86_64
2009-12-04 Ulrich DrepperAvoid local PLTs.
2009-12-04 Ulrich DrepperPrevent unintended file desriptor leak in grantpt.
2009-12-04 Ulrich DrepperFix startup to security-relevant statically linked...
2009-12-04 Ulrich DrepperDefine week, first_weekday, and first_workday for hsb_D...
2009-12-04 Ulrich DrepperDefine week, first_weekday, and first_workday for en_DK...
2009-12-04 Ulrich DrepperFix week information for nl_NL locale.
2009-12-04 Ulrich DrepperReinitialize _create_xid state after fork.
2009-11-20 H.J. LuProperly recover from shorter read.
2009-11-19 Jakub JelinekFix sync_file_range on ppc/ppc64.
2009-11-19 Ulrich DrepperFix getwc* and putwc* on non-wide streams.
2009-11-19 Ulrich DrepperAvoid warnings in CPU_* macros when using const bitsets.
2009-11-18 Ulrich DrepperWhitespace fixes.
2009-11-18 Ulrich DrepperAdd missing test files.
2009-11-18 Paolo BonziniFix ranges with multibyte characters as endpoints.
2009-11-18 Ulrich DrepperHandle LC_GLOBAL_LOCALE in duplocale.
2009-11-18 Ulrich DrepperFix _NC_LOCALE_NAME definition.
2009-11-18 Ulrich DrepperAdd missing Linux MADV_* definitions.
2009-11-18 Mike FrsyingerMissing CL.
2009-11-18 Mike FrsyingerFix building on x86 with older kernel headers.
2009-11-18 Mike FrsyingerAdd missing stdio.h include.
2009-11-14 Ulrich DrepperFix F_SETOWN_EX and F_GETOWN_EX definitions.
2009-11-10 Andreas SchwabHandle running out of buffer space with IPv6 mapping...
2009-11-10 Caolan McNamaraAvoid memset warning in one case.
2009-11-06 Ulrich DrepperFix up whitespaces.
2009-11-06 Philippe De... Fix spelling of (Newton-)Raphson
2009-11-06 Holger Hans... Fix spelling in memusagestat.c
2009-11-06 H.J. LuProperly handle STT_GNU_IFUNC symbols in do_sym.
2009-11-06 Andreas SchwabCorrect readahead syscall wrapper on powerpc32.
2009-11-06 Jakub JelinekFix R_PPC64_{JMP_IREL,IRELATIVE} handling in dl-conflict.c.
2009-11-06 Jakub JelinekFix preadv, pwritev and fallocate for -D_FILE_OFFSET_BI...
2009-11-03 Andreas SchwabMake name of libgcc_s library configurable
2009-11-01 Ulrich DrepperRestore locking in free_check.
2009-10-30 Ulrich Drepper2.11 release. glibc-2.11
2009-10-30 Ulrich DrepperFix aliasing problem in tst-sem11.
2009-10-30 Ulrich DrepperAdd cast in tst-execstack to avoid warning.
2009-10-30 Ulrich DrepperAvoid warning in scanf test.
2009-10-30 Ulrich DrepperAvoid two warnings in strtol{,l} tests.
2009-10-30 Ulrich DrepperMentin new my_MM locale in NEWS.
2009-10-30 Ulrich DrepperFix whitespaces.
2009-10-30 Ulrich DrepperFix last change to it_CH and it_IT.
2009-10-30 Keith StribleyImplement Burmese language locale for Myanmar.
2009-10-30 Ulrich DrepperImplement mkostemps and mkostemps64.
2009-10-30 Ulrich DrepperFix first weekday for ast_ES locale.
2009-10-30 Andreas SchwabAdd missing declarations.
2009-10-30 Andreas SchwabFix typo in readlinkat
2009-10-30 Roland McGrathNew simplified make dist using git archive.
2009-10-30 Daniel JacobowitzFix races in setXid implementation.
2009-10-30 Alan ModraUglify IFUNC tests for PPC.
2009-10-30 Ulrich DrepperMention IFUNC for PPC.
2009-10-30 Alan ModraImplement IFUNC for PPC.
2009-10-30 Jorge GuerreroDefine am_pm , t_fmt_ampm, first_weekday for es_CO...
2009-10-30 Ulrich DrepperAdd a few defines to <netinet/udp.h>.
2009-10-30 Neskie ManuelFix accents in shs_CA locale.
2009-10-30 Ulrich DrepperImplement mkstemps and mkstemps64.
2009-10-30 Ulrich DrepperAdd sml entry to ISO 639 list.
2009-10-30 Ulrich DrepperInitialize local variable in resolver.
2009-10-30 Nicolo' ChieffoFix date_fmt for it_IT and it_CH locales.
2009-10-30 Ulrich DrepperFix IA-64 and S390 sigevent definitions.
2009-10-30 Petr MachataDefine yesstr and nostr for a few locales.
2009-10-30 Reþat SABIQFix first day of week and a few spellings in crh_UA...
2009-10-30 Anders JohanssonFix a few asserts and IO calls in nscd.
2009-10-30 Steve LangasekFix nss_files if /etc/hosts is missing.
2009-10-30 John SullivanFix typos in format strings of malloc_info.
2009-10-30 Ulrich DrepperBump timeout for utmp operations to 10s.
2009-10-30 Ulrich DrepperFix compat handling in *at functions.
2009-10-30 Ulrich DrepperFix AIO when thread creation failed.
2009-10-30 Joe LandersFix error handling in NIS.
2009-10-29 Joe LandersFix memory leak in NIS grp database handling.
2009-10-29 Ulrich DrepperFix return value of puts for very long strings.
2009-10-29 Ulrich DrepperFix repairing of memusage trace files.
2009-10-29 Ulrich DrepperPrint timestamp in nscd debug messages.
2009-10-29 Andreas SchwabFix errno handling in posix_openpt.
2009-10-29 Andreas SchwabFix wrap-around in memusage.
2009-10-29 Ulrich DrepperFix getttyname on Linux when called for different devices.
2009-10-29 Philip PrindevilleAdd macros for DSCP markings.
2009-10-29 Ulrich DrepperFix F_GETOWN on some Linux archs.
2009-10-29 Ulrich DrepperDefine F_OWNER_* and f_owner_ex for Linux targets.
2009-10-29 Ulrich DrepperAllow compat handling of getutmp.
2009-10-29 Petar BogdanovicFix mixing IPv4 and IPv6 name server in resolv.conf.
2009-10-28 Joseph S. MyersReadd definition of __expl in ldbl-128
2009-10-27 Jakub JelinekFix range checks in coshl.
2009-10-23 Ulrich DrepperFix whitespaces.
2009-10-23 H.J. LuImplement SSE4.2 optimized strchr and strrchr.
2009-10-23 Ulrich DrepperMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2009-10-21 Andreas SchwabHandle IFUNC symbols in dlsym.
2009-10-20 Andreas SchwabCorrect errno handling in expm1.
2009-10-15 Ulrich DrepperMention ps_AF locale as new.
2009-10-15 Ulrich DrepperAdd ps_AF locale.
2009-10-15 Sayamindu DasguptaAfghan locale definition for Pashto language.
2009-10-14 David S. MillerAdd ____longjmp_chk for sparc
2009-10-13 Andreas SchwabFix USE_MULTIARCH conditional
2009-10-08 Ulrich DrepperRemove duplicate __set_errno call in random_r.c.