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last changeTue, 29 Jan 2013 13:42:53 +0000 (14:42 +0100)
2013-01-29 Thomas JaroschFix typo in release documentation master
2013-01-29 Thomas JaroschPrepare changelog for release latest_release v1.0
2013-01-28 Thomas JaroschFix usleep unit conversion
2013-01-28 Xiaofan ChenMinGW support: Change sleep() to usleep()
2013-01-25 Thomas JaroschPrepare third release candidate v1.0rc3
2013-01-25 Thomas JaroschAdapt to new cmake config files path
2013-01-24 Michel ZouAdd C++ wrapper config vars.
2013-01-24 Michel ZouRenamed LibFTDIConfig.cmake. Cosmetic changes to CMakeL...
2013-01-24 Thomas JaroschAdapt rpm specfile to changed doxygen output path
2013-01-24 Thomas JaroschInclude generated cmake config files in devel rpm package
2013-01-24 Michel ZouFixed cmake script installation dir on rpm distro.
2013-01-24 Thomas JaroschChange default build type to optimized build with debug...
2013-01-23 Michel ZouFixed python wrapper being rebuilt every time.
2013-01-23 Michel ZouAdded cmake config file
2013-01-16 Thomas JaroschPrepare for 1.0rc2 v1.0rc2
2013-01-15 Xiaofan ChenAdd verbose build instructions
2 years ago v1.0 Released libftdi 1.0
2 years ago latest_release
2 years ago v1.0rc3 Third release candidate of libftdi 1.0
2 years ago v1.0rc2 Released second libftdi 1.0 release...
2 years ago v1.0rc1 First release candidate of libftdi 1.0
3 years ago v0.20 Released libftdi 0.20
4 years ago v0.19 Released libftdi 0.19
4 years ago v0.18 Released libftdi v0.18
5 years ago v0.17 Released libftdi version 0.17
6 years ago v0.16 Released version 0.16
6 years ago v0.16rc3 Tagged v0.16rc3
6 years ago v0.16rc2 Tagged v0.16rc2
6 years ago v0.16rc1 Tagged libftdi 0.16rc1
6 years ago v0.15 Tagged libftdi v0.15
6 years ago v0.1 First public release of libftdi...
6 years ago v0.2 Released libftdi version 0.2 (tag...
2 years ago master