2011-06-03 Cyril BruleboisAdd prototype for CheckDefaultMap(). master
2011-04-04 Kristian HøgsbergAlso update required kbproto version in file
2011-03-18 Kristian Høgsbergconfigure: Lower kbproto requirement to 1.0.4
2011-01-29 Kristian HøgsbergRevert "config: remove incorrectly implemented visibili...
2011-01-29 Cyril BruleboisGet rid of unneeded <X11/Xlib.h> include.
2011-01-29 Kristian HøgsbergRename XkbcInternAtom() to xkb_intern_atom() and export
2010-12-18 Gaetan Nadonconfig: update COPYING for software licensing
2010-12-18 Gaetan Nadonconfig: set the default xkb config root based on xkeybo...
2010-12-18 Gaetan Nadonconfig: distribute the .sh test programs and test data
2010-12-18 Gaetan Nadonconfig: make it easier to add TEST programs
2010-12-18 Gaetan Nadonconfig: include: use nobase_include_HEADERS
2010-12-18 Gaetan Nadonconfig: add keysymdef and xf86keysym as dependencies...
2010-12-18 Gaetan Nadonconfig: makekeys prog should stand alone in the makekey...
2010-12-18 Gaetan Nadonconfig: use existing variables KEYSYMDEF_H and XF86KEYSYM_H
2010-12-18 Gaetan Nadonconfig: remove incorrectly implemented visibility compi...
2010-12-18 Gaetan Nadonconfig: use xproto pkgconfig includex11dir variable
2010-12-18 Gaetan Nadonconfig: relocate library functions check and comment
2010-12-08 Gaetan Nadonconfig: remove PKG_PROG_PKG_CONFIG test
2010-12-08 Gaetan Nadonconfig: let Automake handle Lex and Yacc dist and cleaning
2010-12-08 Gaetan Nadonconfig: allow to build tarball when yacc is missing
2010-12-08 Gaetan Nadonconfig: add the default README file.
2010-12-08 Gaetan Nadonconfig: add the INSTALL target for installation instruc...
2010-12-08 Gaetan Nadonconfig: replace deprecated INCLUDES with AM_CPPFLAGS
2010-12-07 Gaetan Nadonconfig: update subdirs .gitignore
2010-12-07 Gaetan Nadonconfig: remove m4/.gitignore now that toplevel one...
2010-12-07 Gaetan Nadonconfig: .gitignore: template with default values for...
2010-12-07 Gaetan Nadonconfig: remove AC_PROG_CC as it overrides AC_PROG_C_C99
2010-12-07 Gaetan Nadonconfig: initialize autoconf, automake and libtool
2010-12-07 Gaetan Nadonconfig: use XORG_DEFAULT_OPTION from util-macros versio...
2010-12-07 Gaetan Nadonconfig: set Autoconf minimum version required to 2.60
2010-11-11 Jan EngelhardtUpdate .gitignore
2010-11-11 Jan Engelhardtxkbscan: resolve build warning/rpmlint error
2010-11-11 Jan Engelhardtbuild: run autoupdate
2010-11-11 Jan Engelhardtbuild: use proper quoting in
2010-11-11 Jan Engelhardtbuild: use AC_CONFIG_MACRO_DIR as per libtoolize warning
2010-10-26 Jon TURNEYLink with -no-undefined
2010-10-22 Kristian HøgsbergDon't check for xlib, we don't need it
2010-10-21 Kristian HøgsbergUpdate xkb->ctrls->num_groups when copying the keysyms
2010-10-20 Kristian HøgsbergRestore compatible action structs
2010-10-20 Kristian HøgsbergUse flex for generating the scanner, add support for...
2010-10-19 Kristian HøgsbergAdd struct xkb_state
2010-10-08 Kristian HøgsbergDon't return a static buffer in public API
2010-10-08 Kristian HøgsbergPull in XKB_COMMON_* version of modifier masks
2010-09-27 Adam JacksonDead code removal and static markup
2010-09-04 Kristian HøgsbergRemove libxkbfile dependency for real this time
2010-08-30 Kristian HøgsbergUse const char * in struct xkb_rule_names
2010-08-25 Kristian HøgsbergPull in a few #defines from libxkbfile and lower kbprot...
2010-07-02 Kristian HøgsbergDrop Bool type
2010-07-02 Kristian HøgsbergGet rid of a few unused #defines in public header
2010-07-02 Kristian HøgsbergRename XkbRMLVOSet to struct xkb_rule_names
2010-07-02 Kristian HøgsbergMove private structs and defines to private headers
2010-07-02 Kristian HøgsbergRename public entry points to lowercase and underscore
2010-07-02 Kristian HøgsbergCompile with -fvisibility=hidden when possible
2010-07-02 Kristian HøgsbergPull in enough structs and defines from XKBstr.h to...
2010-06-30 Kristian HøgsbergDrop Xmd.h include now that we're using uint32_t
2010-06-30 Kristian HøgsbergFix warning from CARD32 -> uint32_t conversion
2010-06-30 Kristian HøgsbergConstify XkbcAtomText()
2010-06-30 Kristian HøgsbergMake XkbcInitAtoms() call optional
2010-06-30 Kristian HøgsbergDrop more malloc/free wrappers
2010-06-30 Kristian HøgsbergUse the right action structs
2010-06-30 Kristian HøgsbergCopy over missing action structs from kbproto
2010-06-30 Kristian HøgsbergRename Xkbc*Action to struct xkb_*_action
2010-06-28 Kristian HøgsbergDrop malloc wrappers
2010-06-28 Kristian HøgsbergDrop CARD32 and Opaque types
2010-06-23 Daniel StoneCopy and duplicate XkbModsRec and XkbKTMapEntryRec
2010-06-23 Daniel Stonefix mod size confusion
2010-06-22 Daniel StoneAdd really rudimentary rules caching support
2010-06-22 Daniel StoneUse CARD32 instead of Atom, move geom headers in
2010-06-22 Daniel StoneInterp: More lazy keysym resolution
2010-06-22 Daniel StoneAllow external atom databases
2010-06-22 Daniel StoneCopy in XkbCompatMapRec and XkbSymInterpretRec
2010-06-22 Daniel StoneUse CARD32 instead of Atom, drag in XkbClientMapRec
2010-06-22 Daniel StoneRegroup actions into current vs. deprecated, resize...
2010-06-22 Daniel Stonexkbcomp: Don't malloc() and free() most scanned tokens
2010-06-22 Daniel StoneFix compilation with DEBUG
2010-06-22 Daniel Stonexkbcomp: Use fread() instead of getc()
2010-06-22 Daniel Stonexkbcomp: Lazy keysym parsing (avoid XStringToKeysym)
2010-06-22 Daniel StoneAtoms: Avoid allocations in XkbAtomText()
2010-06-22 Daniel Enable automake silent rules by default
2010-06-22 Daniel StoneExpose tbGetBuffer to the rest of libxkbcommon
2010-06-22 Daniel Stonexkbcomp: keycodes: Silence gcc warnings
2010-06-22 Daniel Stonexkbcomp: geometry: Plug numerous atom text & expr leaks
2010-06-22 Daniel Stonexkbcomp: Atom text and expr leak fixes part #973
2010-06-22 Daniel Stonexkbcomp: Don't leak atom text and string exprs, again
2010-06-22 Daniel Stonexkbcomp: expr: Use XkbcAtomText instead of GetString
2010-06-22 Daniel Stonexkbcomp: Don't leak atom text and string exprs
2010-06-22 Daniel Stonexkbcomp: vmod: Don't get and immediately intern atoms
2010-06-22 Daniel Stonexkbcomp: Replace open-coded strdup
2010-06-22 Daniel StoneAdd testcase for XkbcCanonicaliseComponents
2010-06-22 Daniel StoneAdd XkbcCanonicaliseComponents
2010-06-22 Daniel StoneXKBcommon.h: Make header self-contained
2010-06-22 Daniel StoneKeysym: Add apallingly bad API documentation for keysym...
2010-06-22 Daniel StoneMake keysym <-> string conversion public API
2010-06-22 Daniel StoneXKB: Text: Use keysym <-> string conversion from keysym.c
2010-06-22 Daniel StoneTest: Keysym: Add tests for new keysym <-> string conve...
2010-06-22 Daniel StoneKeysym: Fix conversion for Unicode and bare numbers
2009-04-25 Daniel StoneKeySym: Actually handle NoSymbol
2009-04-25 Daniel Stonetest: Fix srcdir != objdir build and test failures
2009-04-22 Dan Nicholsonlisting: Drop unused deviceSpec argument
2009-04-21 Dan Nicholsonxkbcomp: Another fairly major rewrite of the listing...