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last changeTue, 27 Aug 2013 13:54:04 +0000 (13:54 +0000)
2013-08-27 Elena DemikhovskyAVX-512: added conversion instructions. master
2013-08-27 Tim NorthoverDAGCombiner: make sure or/shl/srl really has zero high...
2013-08-27 Joey Gouly[ARMv8] Add some negative tests for the recent VFP...
2013-08-27 Joey GoulyAdd an assertion to the fixed-size allocator to ensure...
2013-08-27 Tim NorthoverARM: add natural patterns for vaddhl and vsubhl.
2013-08-27 Michel DanzerR600/SI: Enable local-memory-two-objects lit test
2013-08-27 Daniel Sanders[mips][msa] Added tests for and.v, bmnz.v, bmz.v, bsel...
2013-08-27 Daniel Sanders[mips][msa] Added spill/reload support
2013-08-27 Richard Sandiford[SystemZ] Extend memcpy and memset support to all const...
2013-08-27 Daniel Sanders[mips][msa] Added bitconverts for vector types for...
2013-08-27 Alexey SamsonovAdd support for DebugFission to DWARF parser
2013-08-27 Elena DemikhovskyAVX-512: Added FMA instructions.
2013-08-27 Sylvestre LedruFix the build issue under ia64. Close bug #5715
2013-08-27 Charles DavisRevert "Fix the build broken by r189315." and "Move...
2013-08-27 David BlaikieFix the build broken by r189315.
2013-08-27 Charles DavisMove everything depending on Object/MachOFormat.h over...
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