2011-05-23 Daniel KurtzUPSTREAM: Four finger swipes in multitouch 0.13.558.B 0.13.587.B 0.14.811.B 0.15.877.B 780.B factory-1020.B factory-1235.B factory-1284.B factory-1412.B factory-1987.B factory-2268.16.B factory-2305.B factory-2338.B factory-2368.B factory-2394.B factory-980.B firmware-881-u-boot-v1 firmware-kiev-2.112.B firmware-link-2348.B firmware-u-boot-v1 firmware-uboot_v2-1299.B master release-1011.B release-R16-1193.B release-R17-1412.B release-R18-1660.B release-R19-2046.B release-R20-2268.B stabilize2 test-982.B
2011-03-15 Diego Elio... Export symbols as it's done by xf86-input-evdev. 0.12.362.B 0.12.369.B 0.12.392.B 0.12.433.B 0.12.433.B109 0.12.433.B62 0.13.434.B 0.13.509.B
2011-03-10 Diego Elio... build-sys: use autotools build system derived from...
2011-03-03 Harald HoyerMakefile: make LIBDIR configurable 0.11.257.B 0.11.257.B90
2011-02-13 Dennis JaroschAdd missing thumb reset at state extraction
2011-02-13 Dennis JaroschFix event flood in tap handling
2011-02-13 Henrik RydbergSupport XINPUT 12
2010-10-21 Henrik Rydbergxf86-input-multitouch v1.0-rc2
2010-10-21 Henrik RydbergPackage as xf86-input-multitouch
2010-10-16 Henrik RydbergIncrease vscroll speed by a factor of two
2010-10-16 Henrik RydbergSupport palm detection for trackpads without width...
2010-10-16 Henrik RydbergTurn tapping on by default
2010-10-16 Henrik RydbergDo not grab by default
2010-10-16 Henrik RydbergAdjust thumb detection based on kernel touch width...
2010-10-16 Henrik RydbergEnable integrated button support for the Magic Trackpad
2010-10-12 Henrik RydbergRemove usage of deprecated xalloc/xfree
2010-10-12 Henrik RydbergRemove credits now found in the mtdev library
2010-10-12 Henrik RydbergUse a non-blocking example instead of blocking
2010-10-12 Henrik RydbergImprove error handling in mtouch open and close
2010-10-12 Henrik RydbergOnly check delayed gestures when queue is empty
2010-10-12 Henrik RydbergSame version, but using the mtdev library.
2010-06-21 Henrik RydbergSimplify event reading
2010-06-17 Henrik RydbergMove tapping parameter to memory.c
2010-06-17 Henrik RydbergMake MT_ABS_SIZE available for all kernel versions
2010-06-16 Henrik RydbergMultitouch 1.0-beta1
2010-06-16 Henrik RydbergAdd tapping logic
2010-06-16 Henrik RydbergCorrect mtdev API names
2010-06-16 Henrik RydbergIncrease stability against thumb and edge touches
2010-06-16 Henrik RydbergIncrease event buffer size
2010-06-16 Henrik RydbergControl grabbing by parameter
2010-06-16 Henrik Rydbergjanitor: Simplify gesture handling
2010-06-16 Henrik Rydbergjanitor: Simplify gesture tracing
2010-06-16 Henrik Rydbergrefactor: Replace hwdata by mtdev
2010-06-16 Henrik Rydbergrefactor: Introduce mtdev
2010-06-16 Henrik Rydbergrefactor: Use the bitmask_t type
2010-06-16 Henrik Rydbergrefactor: Simplify capabilities
2010-06-16 Henrik Rydbergrefactor: Generate code for ABS_MT mapping
2010-06-16 Henrik Rydbergrefactor: Move files
2010-05-16 Henrik RydbergAllow ABI_XINPUT versions greater than 7
2010-05-13 Henrik RydbergAdd rotation gesture
2010-05-13 Henrik RydbergAdd scale gesture
2010-05-13 Henrik RydbergHold movement while clicking
2010-05-13 Henrik RydbergDisable motion with resting thumbs
2010-05-13 Henrik RydbergAdd resting thumb detection to MTFinger
2010-05-13 Henrik RydbergRefactor parsor memory usage
2010-05-13 Henrik Rydbergjanitor: Split gesture code into memory refresh and...
2010-05-13 Henrik RydbergAdd convenience methods for distance to capability...
2010-05-13 Henrik RydbergIntroduce MTFinger structure
2010-05-13 Henrik Rydbergjanitor: Move min/max and dist functions up to common.h
2010-05-13 Henrik RydbergSimplify bit bookkeeping
2010-05-13 Henrik RydbergAdd a README
2010-04-19 Henrik RydbergIncrease touch/width signal-to-noise ratio
2010-04-18 Henrik RydbergOnly emit multi-finger button events for real button...
2010-04-18 Henrik RydbergHold MT data during pure button events
2010-04-18 Henrik RydbergFilter non-zero finger width events
2010-04-18 Henrik RydbergMake all movement computations work on pointing subset
2010-04-17 Henrik RydbergDo not reuse tracking ids after a no-touch event
2010-04-17 Henrik RydbergCorrectly report zero fingers
2010-04-15 Henrik RydbergReset scroll state on finger configuration change
2010-04-15 Henrik RydbergUnify detection of finger configuration changes
2010-04-15 Henrik RydbergReset accumulated movement at finger configuration...
2010-04-15 Henrik Rydbergjanitor: Use more common row/column names
2010-04-15 Henrik RydbergMultitouch 1.0-alpha2
2010-04-15 Henrik RydbergAdd memory debug convenience routines
2010-04-15 Henrik RydbergExtract moving fingers
2010-04-15 Arturo CastroExtract pointing fingers
2010-04-15 Henrik RydbergAdd constant clicking area to capabilities
2010-04-15 Henrik RydbergAdd integrated button property to capabilities
2010-04-15 Henrik RydbergAdditional device information
2010-04-15 Henrik RydbergDefine swipe gestures
2010-04-15 Henrik RydbergDefine swipe buttons
2010-04-15 Henrik RydbergBreak out scrolling code
2010-04-15 Arturo CastroDrop movement during gesture decay
2010-04-15 Henrik RydbergAdd a gesture credits section
2010-04-15 Arturo CastroDelay movement after a finger configuration change
2010-04-15 Henrik RydbergAdd robust position event filtering
2010-04-15 Henrik RydbergKeep logical buttons separate from the hardware ones
2010-04-15 Henrik RydbergOnly extract movement from identical finger configurations
2010-04-15 Henrik RydbergReorganize gesture code
2010-04-15 Henrik RydbergIntroduce Memory
2010-04-15 Henrik RydbergDo not sort HWState fingers
2010-04-15 Henrik RydbergAdd MTState debug output
2010-04-15 Henrik RydbergIntroduce the MTState
2010-04-15 Henrik RydbergRename State to HWState
2010-04-15 Arturo CastroReverse the order of the hscroll buttons
2010-04-15 Henrik RydbergUse the event source time instead of the arrival time
2010-04-15 Henrik RydbergThird time around (and use the next branch for collabor...
2010-04-15 Henrik RydbergMultitouch 1.0-alpha1
2010-03-21 Henrik RydbergCorrect double commit mistake
2010-03-21 Henrik RydbergAdd millisecond event times
2010-03-21 Henrik RydbergComply with MT syncronization protocol
2010-03-21 Henrik RydbergAdd support for the ABS_MT_PRESSURE event
2010-03-21 Henrik RydbergRemove unused min/max definitions
2010-03-21 Henrik RydbergMatcher: convert distance matrix to integer
2010-03-21 Henrik RydbergMatcher: support up to 32 fingers
2010-03-21 Henrik RydbergIntroduce convenience function for device dimensions
2010-02-02 Henrik Rydbergjanitor: remaining indentation fixed
2010-02-01 Henrik Rydbergjanitor: stick to kernel-style formatting
2010-02-01 Henrik Rydbergjanitor: match: stick to kernel-style formatting
2010-02-01 Henrik Rydbergbutton: simplify property mapping